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'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped.


13. I Missed This.

Brook's Pov


I woke up in the unfamiliar bedroom, it was the guest room. I remembered last night, the fights, the shouting and the kiss. I pulled back the covers, I was still in my clothes from yesterday. I walked down stairs, and I saw Niall, Liam and Harry in the living room. I walked straight to the kitchen, no one was in there luckily. I sighed and ran my fingers through my hair, 'Hiding?' I heard, I turned around and saw Zayn. I smiled lightly, I tried too. 'How are you?' he asked, I nodded 'Fine' I tell him, he walked closer and I turned my back to him, to grab a cup. Any excuse. I looked back to him staring at me, 'Are you alright?' I asked, he nodded.


This was awkward.


'So' he spoke, I laughed light. 'Stop this it doesn't need to like this' he smirked, I laughed 'I know' I nodded. 'So you and-..' I was cut off, by Liam walking into the room. This couldn't be more tense. I sighed and looked up to him, 'Hey' he walked passed Zayn, and grabbed the cup from my hand, making me smile. 'You doing anything today?' Zayn asked me, 'I am going to take my stuff from our-.. your room' I told him, 'So soon?' he asked, 'Yeah, I don't want to see anything else I am not suppose to' I spoke with out thinking, 'I can explain that' Zayn jumped in front of me, 'No its fine, I don't need to know' I told him, smiling. 'You don't understand' he whispered, 'Zayn, It's okay... really' I lied, and touched his arm reassuringly. He moved from me and walked out of the room.


I turned and smiled at Liam, 'You okay?' he asked, I nodded slowly. 'You sure?' he asked again, 'Liam, I said I am okay' I sighed, he walked over to me. 'You don't need to be so defensive' he whispered, 'I am sorry, its a lot to take in' I sighed and ran my fingers through my hair. 'Can you do me a favour?' I asked Liam, he nodded 'Don't tell the boy's about our kiss... I don't want any fights' I begged, he nodded and kissed my forehead, 'I know you don't want them to know, its fine, I will keep my mouth shut' he told me. 'Good' I spoke, and laughed lightly, 'Now you should really go and get changed, If you are going to meet up with Dominic and Riley, for the information' I tell him, he nodded.


'They can’t be as bad as Steve' I tried to joke, Liam was too serious. 'Steve was nothing. Not when you have those two to worry about, they are young, they don't have experience, but they do know what they are doing' he told me, I gulped. Dominic was about 22 with think black curls, not like Harry's his were better. Riley was younger 20, messy Brown hair similar to Louis's, but I had to say they both were good looking for bad guys. 'Don't worry' Liam smirked, and walked out of the room.


I sat down at the table, 'When will this end?!' I spoke to myself frustrated, 'Having troubles' I heard an Irish accent. 'Oh hey Ni' I smiled, 'What's wrong with my princess' he smiled sitting next to me. 'What's wrong?' I asked in disbelief, he smirked. 'I know you kissed Liam' he spoke, my heart fell. I turned to him, 'Niall I didn't kiss Liam' I lied, 'I heard you Brook, don't lie to me' he frowned, 'I-I am not..... Okay' I sighed, 'See' he smirked. 'Brook, will you go on a date with me?' he asked, 'What?' I jumped back a little shocked, 'Go on a date with me' he smiled, 'Niall, I don't know what you think you understand that I just broke up with your friend' I sighed.


'I hate to do this, go on a date with me or... Zayn might find out about you and Liam' he sighed, 'Niall?... Are you black mailing me?' I cocked my head to the side, 'Look it how you want' he smirked, 'Niall, what has gotten into you' I sighed. 'I am sick of being put to the bottom of this fucking gang, and the bottom of the guys you care about' he shouted, I stood up in fright, Niall was horrible when he was angry. It was something I had only ever seen once. He walked over to me, with a grin on his face, 'Niall...' I began, 'No Brook, so many times I have tried to get your attention, now I have it your not going anywhere' he spoke, I gasped as he pushed me up against the wall.


'You know I wouldn't hurt you, but for god sake Brook.... your going a date with me' he told me, 'What happened to you?' I whispered, 'I grew up' he snapped. 'Come on... One more date, for old times sake?' he spoke with a smirk, his fingertips brushing my cheek. 'Please Niall, things are complicated enough as it is' I begged him, 'Then they can't get much worse' he whispered, 'Niall' I begged him again, 'Brook, I am not asking you to marry me... just one date' he whispered, he dropped his hands from my face. 'What if I say no?' I spoke, 'That isn't one of your choices' he spoke, 'Niall stop this, its not you' I whispered, 'You clearly don't know me any more, I mean of course you don't you pay attention to everyone but me... just get to know me again' he spoke.


'Fine, let's go then' I spoke, he nodded. I walked down the corridor, and he tried to grab me. 'You were mine first remember that' he spoke, 'I will never be yours again' I snapped. This reminded me of all those times, I use to tell Zayn I would never be his. Things seemed so much easier then. They seemed easier when I thought my parents were dead, when I never knew Zayn. When I was with Niall in that summer, that is when things seemed to be okay, but being with Niall now, I just wonder what went so wrong. Was it all me?


'Where are you two off?' I heard Harry ask, I turned. 'A date' Niall smiled proudly, like I was some prize. I shook my head, and sent Harry apologetic eyes. I walked out of the house we a dominating Niall, 'Where too Princess?' he smirked, saying the name he called me all those years ago. 'You choose, you will anyway' I sighed, 'Try not to look to depressed about being out with me' he spoke. 'What ever happened to Courtney... you know when you saved her from Logan? I thought you two had a thing' I asked him, 'No, what made you think that?' he snapped, 'You liked her' I tell him, 'No, look... I don't even know where she is any more, so it doesn't matter, can you just shut up and let me take you on this fucking date' he snapped, I shut up. Maybe I should try and find Courtney?


Zayn's Pov


I walked down the stairs. I was sat with Liam and Louis in the living room, watching the TV. I sighed and looked to my phone, Perrie was upstairs and Brook and Niall were missing. 'Where is she?' I asked, they knew who I meant, 'I don't know, not seen her' Louis shrugged. Harry walked in, 'She's on a date with Niall' he growled, 'What?' Me, Liam and Louis all snapped. 'Yeah, great isn't it?!' he sarcastically spat. I rolled my eyes, clenched my fists. 'I am going out' Liam growled and stormed out, I stood up and marched up the stairs. My next actions were just from anger.


I stormed into Perrie's room, and she jumped seeing me. 'Be my girlfriend' I snapped, 'What?' she smirked, 'Don't fucking question it okay?! Just yes or no' I growled, 'Yes' she laughed. 'Why now?' she asked, 'Just leave it okay' I frowned, and clenched my fists. 'I'm your girlfriend... its my job to care' she smirked, and walked over putting her hands on mine, they were like Brook's. Fuck Brook was one of a kind. 'So can we...' she pulled me close, 'Not in the mood' I pushed her away from me.


Brook's Pov


Later that day.


I had been out for hours with Niall, my feet were sore from walking. At first it started off terrible, then it was okay, and now it was like old times. He held some candy floss from the fair we had been too, and I began to sneak parts into my mouth. 'I can see you doing it you know' he laughed, 'You can't' I smirked. I missed this, being 18. 'I am sorry about before' you weren't listening so you needed too' he spoke, 'Its alright' he spoke, 'No its not, I lost my temper... I just... you were forgetting me again' he sighed, I lifted his chin 'How could anyone forget you' I smirked, he laughed. 'You used to shine so bright, and I have watched you fade away and done nothing about it' he spoke.


'It's not your job to keep me happy' I tell him, 'I know, but your my best friend... and I should have been there' he spoke. I smiled, 'You know what I missed all the silly nicknames' I smirked, 'Princess?' he smiled, I nodded 'You were my gumdrop at one point' I laughed, he smirked 'That was embarrassing' he blushed. 'Come on let's get home, before there is a man hunt out for us' I smiled and linked arms with him. 'We are friends again yeah?' he asked, I nodded. 'Just tell me you don't have like a crush on me please, I don't need that' I begged him, 'That ship sailed years ago' he laughed, I gasped fake offended.


Niall's Pov


Yes, she's my best friend. Sometimes we have problems, Sometimes we fight. Then sometimes we fight. Some times I know everything, and so does she. And we love each other always.


Brook's Pov


We got home, and I saw everyone sat in the living room. 'Hey guys' Niall greeted going to sit down, I smiled 'How are you?' I smiled at the boys, 'Fine, how was your date?' Louis said a little bit sourly. 'It wasn't really a date, just two friends' Niall smirked at me, saving me. 'Yeah, we just hung out' I smiled. 'Oh cool' Louis spoke. 'Where is everyone?' I asked, 'Liam is out, Zayn is in the kitchen, Harry is upstairs' Louis told me, 'Have you even moved from this couch?' I chuckled, 'No, and I don't plan on' he sighed, I rolled my eyes and smiled.


I walked into the kitchen. I stopped seeing Perrie with her hands all over Zayn, have I stepped into a parallel universe. 'Oh hey Brook' Perrie smirked, I looked down and went to walk away. 'Brook wait, can we talk?' I heard Zayn, I stopped 'Perrie leave' Zayn ordered, and she toddled off in her red dress. I stood there in a silence with him. 'I didn't think you would move on so fast' I whispered to him a shaky breath leaving too. 'Well you didn't give me much off at choice' he replied, 'Its you who was in the wrong' Zayn sighed to me, 'Why because I went out with Niall?' I snapped, 'No because of the way you look at Liam!' he yelled, I went quite. 'The way you look at him... that's how you should look at me' he replied softly, I looked anywhere but in his eyes, or I knew I would break.


'Is it so wrong for me to want to be happy?' I whispered, 'No... at least' he paused and took a breath, 'At least we can't hurt each other any more' he whispered, 'This is more than just a break isn't it?' I asked him, 'The way we are going, we will be lucky if we'll be talking to each other in a month' he spoke. There was another silence, 'Does he make you smile?' he asked me, 'Zayn don-..' he stopped me walking towards me, limiting my space. My back hit the kitchen side, and his body was against mine. 'Does he make you smile?' he encouraged, looking like his heart was on the floor around us. 'Well he doesn't make me cry' I dryly reply.


Three bangs came from the hallway. 'What the fuck are you doing here?' I heard, I looked to Zayn with sad eyes, he nodded telling me it was okay to go and check it out. I don't know why I still needed his approval. 'Harry what's going on-.. Josh' I whispered, he smiled at me. 'Brook tell him to leave' Harry was shaking with anger, I saw the vein in his neck pumping viscously. 'Josh, you should probably go' I walked to him, Harry pulled me back. 'Don't go near him' he low raspy voice was in my ear. 'He won't hurt me' I told him, 'Well given his history I don't exactly trust him' he growled.


'Josh, what are you doing here?' I asked him, 'I needed to speak to everyone, tell them I am sorry' he spoke, 'Your not forgiven, now go' Harry snapped. Zayn stood watching the events unfold, soon enough we were joined by Louis and Niall. 'You have a lot of nerve showing up here after everything you have done, I am sick of seeing her hurt, your not coming back here to use her again, you have had too many chances!' Harry shouted, why was he being so protective. 'Harry that's enough' I whispered, 'NO BROOK, STOP DEFENDING HIM!' He yelled, I shuddered back. 'You have three seconds to leave or I swear to god, I will fucking kill you' Harry growled, he looked so threatening.


'Josh go' I warned, 'No' he refused. And that was it. Harry was on top of him, throwing punches like an angry bear. 'Harry stop!' I shouted, Harry through punch after punch. Then Josh started fight back, there was no doubt Harry was stronger but I knew Josh would do some damage. I looked to Zayn, Niall and Louis. 'Don't just stand there!' I shout, 'Josh deserves it' Louis smirked, Zayn nodded too. The door then opened and in walked Liam. 'WHAT THE FUCK?!' He shouted, and ripped Harry right from Josh, tearing them like Velcro. Harry fought in Liam's arms, 'You know what, your piece of fucking shit... if Brook wasn't here, I wouldn't of hesitated to snap your fucking neck' Harry threw words instead of punches.


'Josh you should go' I stepped forward, 'I will call you' I tell him. Then he left. I looked to Harry, I took a hand to his cheek and wiped blood that was dripping from his lip. 'Go and sit in there, I will fix you up' I told him, he scowled at Liam and ripped his arms from Liam and walked into the living room. 'Zayn!' Perrie called, he looked to me but I just looked the other way, and I heard his feet lead him. 'Ni can you get the first aid kit, Louis a towel' I told them, they nodded and left. I ran over to Liam, and he hugged me tightly. 'Thank you' I whispered into his chest, 'Your date, how was it?' he asked, 'It wasn't a date' I chuckled, 'Good' he seemed to be less tense.


Louis and Niall gave me the things, and I walked into the living room. Harry was sat on the coffee table, head in hands. 'You need to calm down' I spoke and his bright green eyes looked at me, I smiled lightly at him and he shook his head. 'I am sorry, I just... I am all over the show at the minute' he told me. I knelt down in front of him. I lifted his face to the light, and his jaw line was predominate. 'He packed quiet the punch' I sighed, his lip was busted he had a black eye and a nose bleed. I sorted out his nose, and his eyes. That left his lip. I took the wipe, 'You know when this is all over, I am going to be a trained nurse' I smirked, he laughed a little.


'This will sting' I told him, he nodded. I wiped his lip, and it glistened from the wetness of the wipe. I sighed, and brushed my fingertips over his lip. 'You need to stop getting hurt for me, you do it too much' I sighed, thinking about the time he took the bullet for me and we were in that fire and I almost died in his arms. 'Take off your shirt' I told him, he nodded and lifted. He revealed his torso, I sighed seeing bruises, I traced my fingertips over them, and he didn't move he just watched all of my movement, there was a single cut on his chest. I wiped it quickly, 'You know one day, you need to tell what all of those tattoo's mean' I smiled and ran my fingertips over the butterfly on his torso.


'When all of this is over, I will, each and every one' he smiled, and laughed. I put my hand over his heart, 'I can feel your heart beat, its fast' I smiled, he laughed 'It only beats that fast when your around me' he whispered. I smiled lightly and looked up at him, 'Its so hard to be around everyone at the moment Harry, you get that right?' I spoke, 'Since when was it hard to be around me?' he smirked, 'Not you personally' I tell him. 'Maybe we can start again too?' I asked him, he nodded 'Yeah... Hi, I am Harry' he held a hand for me to shake, I laughed and took my fingertips from his chest. 'Hi, I am Brook' I smiled, and shook his hand.


We both stared at our hands, and I laughed then it went to a smile. Our fingertips soon intertwined, and we both gave a small smile, both still staring at our hands. 'I wouldn't mind you staying in my room tonight?' he asked, I smiled 'Okay' I nodded looking into his eyes. The door soon opened, It was Liam, 'Not interrupting am I?' he asked, I pulled my hand away and grabbed the first aid kit, 'Nope, nothing' I sighed, Harry tried to keep a smile. 'See you later' I smiled. 'We need to talk, about the drugs' Liam spoke, 'Oh yeah?' I asked walking with him. 'Yeah, I have the information its not too good' he spoke.




She's got them all fighting for her. So I had feels for each boy tonight, so there's a bit of everyone now. Again do not worry remember this is a ZAYN MALIK fanfic! <3 LIKE, COMMENT AND FAVOURITE.



#biall (it will only ever be a friendship)






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