Dark ll || Z.M

'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped.


68. I chose this life.

Brook's Pov


Waking up the next morning was different. I lay in bed with Harry, and his arms were heavy around me. Suddenly I felt lips against my neck, and I smiled. “Good morning to you too” I smiled at him, and rolled over so we were face to face under the white sheets. “Morning” he smiled at me, and kissed my lips, for a moment it was wondrous. Waking up in his arms, having his warm lips against mine, however then I am reminded of last night, and other lips that touched me over a cigarette bud, and my heart melts a little bit, and I feel sadder than before. He didn't seem to have missed me, if fact he seemed more interested in my marriage to Harry, then he was in me. Just me. Then I heard Harry say something, “What?” I asked not hearing, or listening. “I said, I have my suit fitting today” he told me, running a hand through my hair.


“That's today?” I asked him, and he hummed a yes, kissing me and then rolling out of bed. “What are you going to do today?” he asked me, “I don't know, I might call Hanna and tell her what a piece of work her boyfriend is” I wink at him, “No, it can wait until after the wedding, I don't want no more runnings with Dominic and his gangs of thugs” Harry told me, “What if she gets hurt though?” I asked sitting up slightly, propping myself up on my elbows, “Look, I know you care about her, but please for once can you put yourself first” he asked me, and kissed my forehead, “I do put myself first” I tell him, and he smirked at me, “No you don't, you like to make sure everyone else is fine, before you, well not anymore” he told me, “Look, I have to rush off, Liam should be waiting for me” he smiled and kissed me before leaving.


I got out of bed, showered and got dressed. I wasn't doing anything today, I was just going to go over wedding details, I had chosen my dress, and Trisha had helped. It was similar to the last one, and it still made me feel like I couldn't breath. Either way, I wondered what had happened to everyone last night, when I finally went back in after my brief meeting with Zayn. Josh had left, Cassie was no where to be seen. The only thing I could think of is that they “Mingled” with each other. However Hanna and Dominic weren't seen again either. I dried some dished and sorted out the house, for when the boys would be back. Niall and Louis were out doing god knows what, I never liked to ask anymore, at risk of what it could be. Obviously Harry had gone to get his suit fitting with Liam, so I was left alone for the day with my own piece of mind.


I sat down on the couch, and called up Cassie, but I got no response. I then called up Courtney considering she couldn't make it last night, I told her I would phone her with all the details. “Good morning” she gleamed, “Hey, you said to call you?” I asked her, and she hummed a bright yes. “Your in a very good mood” I laughed, “I am, you would love it here” she told me. Courtney was out of town, actually very far out of town, she was in Australia with her new Boyfriend Thomas, he was a lawyer, a family lawyer, he helped deicide a child's fate. He seemed like a good man from what I had heard of him, and Courtney really did deserve some good in her life. “I'm so jealous” I smirked, “Anyway, how was the party?” she asked me, “Zayn turned up” I told her, getting the big news out of the way.


“What?!” she almost shrieked down the phone, “Yeah, Harry invited him to the wedding, then I saw Zayn, we had a cigarette together and he left” I spoke, “Your fucking with me?!” she didn't believe me, “You know, I really wish I was” I chuckled, “That's it? He just left, he didn't even try and talk you out of it?” she asked, and I shook my head, “No, he just said “Have you given up on us?” and I just didn't know what to say, but it didn't matter, because I got called back inside, he kissed my cheek and left” I spoke, “Oh my god, and are you okay?” she asked, genuine concern in her voice, and I sighed softly, “You know I think... I think I am kind of better for it” I smiled softly, “Hanna and Dominic turned up too” I told her. She knew everything that had happened with Dominic, she had been brought up to speed, but then again, I couldn't really recall if she had ever had a run in with him before.


“She brought him?” she asked, “Yeah, he pretended not to know me” I rolled my eyes, “Did you tell her?” she asked me, “Harry wants me to wait until after the wedding, Dominic is the reason Zayn turned up, I think they are working together” I spoke, “Everyone knows everyone in this world, don't they?” she rolled her eyes, and I nodded and mumbled a “I know” . “Where is Harry now?” she asked me, “Getting his suit fitted” I smiled lightly, “Are you nervous?” he asked me, “I don't know, kind of but, I feel ready now” I spoke, “Maybe this one can go better than the last one” she chuckled, “Here's hoping” I smiled. “Look, I have to go, Thomas is taking me out” she smiled, “Okay, make sure you bring him to the wedding, I still need to meet him” I giggled and she was laughing, “Okay, I will call you when I am back” she told me, and I nodded and hung up the phone.


I tried to call Cassie again but I was still getting no answer. I am stuck for things to do, part of me wants to sit and giggle at what happened last night with Zayn. I feel so stupid for wanting to remember it and hold on to it, but it was the first form of real life contact with him for nearly six months, and as soon as he touched me, it was like withdrawal symptoms I had from his touch, disappeared, a little bit like he was still my drug, and it was a familiar taste that I still loved. I knew I would always be addicted to him, and it was something I couldn't get rid of. I was pulled for teenage thoughts and fantasises, by a loud thud at the door. I stood up and walked to answer it, looked through the peep hole, I saw it was Steve. I opened up the door, and I gave a warm smile, but his eyes were red with cold blood, and his hand held a silver pistol.


“You said you would look out for her” he slurred with a gun in his hand, and he moved quickly and wrapped an arm around my throat, and the gun pointed to my head. Dragging me inside, and closing the door shut. “Steve what are you talking about?” I cried, shocked at this turn of events. “Last night, Cas didn't come home...” he paused to clear his dry throat. “I got a phone call... Dominic, he took her, finishing his friends father's work, yeah, you heard, it was his father who killed my wife!” he shouted at me, “I could hear her in the back ground screaming” he whispered in my ear, with a shaky hand with the gun to my head. He turned us to face the mirror in the hall, so he could see my face and I could see his. “I heard her begging for me to help her!” he then yelled making me squirm under his heavy arms, “You promised you would look after her!” he yelled at me.


“I did-.. I didn't know she would go missing again, I didn't know they would be there” I yelled and cried as the gun pushed hard against my skull, “She isn't missing you bitch, she is dead! You lied to me, you made me trust you” he shouted, “I'm sorry” I whispered, and he threw me to the ground, making me bang the corner of my head and blood dripped softly down my cheek. “Sorry isn't going to bring her back!” he yelled at me. “Dominic killed my daughter, whilst I was on the phone to him, he killed her! I couldn't stop her, and it is your fault, if you stayed with her, if you hadn't let her wander of then she would still be here!” he shouted, “I am sorry” I cried, now in morn for the friend I had just lost. It was my fault. “I am not going to kill you” he lowered he voice to me, and knelt beside me, grabbing my chin forcing me to look at him, and I try to move. Wasn't I just such a fool to think that he could of changed. “Not yet... When everything is perfect, when everyone is happy, that's when you'll get it” he told me, and threw me back to the floor.


“Steve” I tried to call, he turned around and looked at me with no pity in his eyes. “She... She loved you so much” I whispered, and he looked down, and I think a tear left his eyes. “You know, I am not even mad at Dominic, I am more fucked off with you, she trusted you, so did I... I should never get a good girl to do a bad man's work” he rolled his eyes, and walked away with the gun and one of my whiskey bottles from the side, and he left. I struggled to sit up, and I wiped the blood that was rolling down my cheek, I pulled my self up, and I sat on the third step up. I didn't care that I was in pain, or that I was bleeding. My friend had died. Once again at the hands of Dominic, and I wondered, Hanna, would she be safe with him. I was struck with an overwhelming feeling of guilt, and I wouldn't loose another friend at the hands of him.


I stood up and cleaned my self up. I saw Louis had left his car here, meaning they took Niall's. So I took his keys, my jacket and phone. Then I made Hanna tell me her address. I needed to tell her what Dominic was like, I wasn't going to let her get hurt. Though I could loose her friendship, I couldn't let her get hurt, she needed to know what she was getting into. I practically whipped out every code of the road, and made up my own. I didn't know why it was such a rush, maybe so I could get back before Harry turned back up. Or maybe because I was so much in fear for Hanna, that I needed get this done as soon as possible. No. It was both. Harry didn't want me to do this, but he needed to understand. I had to.


I pulled up outside, and rather large block of flats. I saw that Dominic's car wasn't anywhere in the parking lot. I walk into the building, and see the elevator is out of order, so I ran up the stairs to the fifth floor, and looked for room E12. I banged at the door, and innocently Hanna opened, the door, looking like the perfect little house wife, a blue apron tied around her waist, and her hair pulled into a bun, and a gleaming white smile. “In a rush?” she smirked, “Is Dominic here?” I said breathlessly, and she shook her head. “No he left about a half hour ago, something to do with work, why?” she asked, “Can I come in, I need to tell you something” I sighed, and she nodded, her smile faded knowing that I wouldn't be this panicked if it was nothing, she opened the door for me fully, put a pot of tea of the stove. “Oh sweetie your going to need something stronger than that” I told her, and she sat down, frowning a little. Looking worried.


“What is it?” she asked blissfully unaware that this perfect little lie she had been living, was about to come crashing down. “It's Dominic, he isn't who you think he is” I sighed, and she smirked “Is that a prank?” she asked, I reached over and grasp her hands, and shook my head. “No” I whispered, “What do you mean, he isn't who I think?” she asked me. And I explain the story. I tell her how the night they met, was the night he had tried to kill me and I had to fake my death. I explained about the horrible things he had done to people, and how he had hurt the boys that had been keeping me safe. How he blackmailed. The drug smuggling. The lot. She looked so close to breaking point at the end, I dared not to tell her the last thing. “I feel sick” she covered her mouth, with tears running down her pretty face. “There's is one more thing” I whispered, and she stood up flinging her arms in the air, “What more could there possibly be?!” she shouted.


“Last night, where was Dominic?” I asked her, “He said had to go to the office, that's why we left early” she cried, “He wasn't there was he?” she asked, and I shook my head, standing up, getting ready to catch her. “Where was he?” she asked her voice cracking. “He was with Cassie, his father had something to do with Steve's family getting killed and kidnapped... He finished the job” I whispered, “What do you mean?” she asked, wrapping her arms around herself. “He killed Cassie last night” I whispered, and my own tears began to fall. From anger, sadness, pain and hurt. However right now, the girl in front of me, needed me more than my own selfish tears did. She crumbled to the floor, and sobbed. I walked over to her, and wrapped my arms around her. “I am so sorry” I whispered to her.


“How was I so stupid, I let him into my life, and I just...” she couldn't finish her sentence for crying. “It's okay” I whispered. “He isn't like that with me Brook” she looked to me, her bright blue eyes lit with salty tears. “He treats me right, he makes me happy” she cried. “Honey, I know.. I know, but he is dangerous, he is a bad person” she spoke, “You stayed with Zayn for a long time before you realised he wasn't good, tell me did it hurt you this much?” she asked, and I brushed her hair back from her face, “Zayn wasn't all bad, he didn't do what Dominic did” I told her, “What am I suppose to do?” she asked me, “I don't know sweetie, I want to tell you to run away and stay as far away from him as possible, but I know better than anyone saying goodbye to someone you love is the hardest thing you'll ever have to do, I am not going to force you to break up with him” I tell her.


“But really, I say get away from all of it. Me and Dominic. Your such a good person, and your not involved with the gangs, and the fighting yet, and let me tell you, if you get involved, there isn't a going back , you won't have a normal life, you don't do marriage, or children... You don't get that life with this life..” I paused and wiped my eyes, as Hanna looked up at me, like I was her mother telling her what do. “If you stay with Dominic, willingly or unwillingly you won't get out, and this is enough to drive a sane person crazy, and I don't want this for you... This life is full of pain and hurt, and you can't run from it, because when you try and run you get pulled back and you get scared, you can't sleep, and your own mind puts you against yourself” I tell her. “I don't want to stay with him, but I don't want to leave you behind” she told me.


“You want my advice?” I asked her, and she smiled as best she could with watery eyes, and I smiled back. “Pack a bag, take some money and go... You don't have to be like this” I told her, “I don't want to loose you again” she cried, and I cried back at her myself. “I found you once, I will find you again” I smiled at her, “This we are breaking up” she giggled. Even at utter heart ache, she still made me laugh. “You know I wouldn't say leave, unless I had too” I told her, she nodded. We stood up stumbling slightly. “You can still have a normal life, and that is what you deserve, you should have to like me, it isn't a life I would choose for anyone” I told her, and I laughed. “You see if I would of listened to you, when you said stay away from Zayn Malik, we be in this mess” I smiled, “See I told you I was right” she smiled. I hugged her tightly, “Call me when your safe” I told her, and she hummed a yes, “I don't want to say goodbye” she cried a little, “It's not goodbye, I will see you again” I tell her, “Send me wedding photos” she tells me.


“What do I do if Dominic comes home before I am gone?” she asked me, “Act like everything is normal, and call me, I will come over” I told her, and she smiled at me. “I don't you to get hurt” she told me, “He won't hurt me, Believe me, I'm his secrete weapon which he will never be allowed to use” I told her, and she nodded. “Go, before I cry again” she told me, and I let out a soft giggle. I left then, walking down the stairs slowly. I got into Louis car outside, and I sat there for a minute with my hands on the steering wheel. Sucking in a breath, I let it out, and I cried. I had lost two friends today. Both at the hands of Dominic. The day he dies will be the day I can finally breath a little easier. I wiped my blurred eyes, and drove home.


Getting home I saw the cars were all back outside. I sighed, and got out of the car, waking into the house. I heard voices in the kitchen. I walked in with no emotion on my face, I pulled a glass out of the cupboard. One chilled bottle of vodka from the fridge. I saw the boys all stare at me, “Darling, Is everything okay?” Harry asked me, standing up. I turned to face with the glass in my hand, and he saw my puffy red eyes. “No” I shook my head, looking to the floor. “Fuck, no everything isn't okay?!” I yelled, I wasn't angry at him or anyone else, I was sad. I saw all the boys stand up and they formed a semi-circle around me. “What happened?” Niall asked. I sniffled and tears filled my eyes. “Cassie's dead” I whispered, and covered my mouth and closed my eyes. “What?” Louis whispered, “Cassie is fucking dead!” I shouted, and threw the glass onto the floor, it shattering into a thousand pieces.


“I didn't want this life!” I shouted, putting my hands either side of my head, and I cried. “I didn't want people to die, and get hurt because of me” I whispered. “I promising you now” I stepped forward to the boys, “If Dominic isn't dead by the end of next year, I am going to fucking kill him myself” I snarled, “If he touches any of you, he's dead” I spoke, and they all looked so shocked. I hadn't killed anyone, and I didn't think I ever could but right now as hot blood boiled through my veins, If someone handed me a gun, I would push it against his skull. “We all chose this life, and we can't get out of it, but if there a way, it's to kill to the reason we are staying” I spoke, and l stood on the glass it cracking beneath my boots, I took the bottle off the side. “Darling?” Harry called, I turned around, I looked up to him. The boys all looked between each other, “We're in” Niall smirked at me, and I smiled softly, still turning to walk up the stairs. Dominic. Your mine.  



I feel so bad for Brook. And Hanna. Do you think Brook should blame her self for Cassie's death? And omg when did Brook get so bad ass - Oh yeah, when she deicided she wasn't going to loose anyone else. I love this side of Brook. 6 Chapters to go. 

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