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'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped.


4. I choose her.

Brook's Pov


Zayn. Zayn. Wait. No. Caleb. I am talking to Caleb. We sat down at a booth in the corner, now he closed up shop. We sat that laughing, on the fifth bottle of wine. 'So your boyfriend?.... What would he do if he saw us now' he asked me, 'You don't want to know' I spoke, sipping some more of the beverage in front of me. 'Come on' I stood up placing my glass down and stumbling a little. 'What?' Caleb asked, 'Me. You. To a club' I spoke, and he laughed. 'Lead the way' he chuckled.


We hailed a taxi and I walked over to the other side of the car, 'Where to?' the man asked us, 'The nearest night club' I spoke to him, more like slurred. We drove, and I couldn't help but think about Zayn now. Perrie would be with him, and then. No. I need to stop thinking like that. We got out of the Taxi after paying the man. We found the club entrance and went straight inside.


We stumbled to the bar, and ordered something a lot stronger than wine. 'So do you do this with everyone then, wine them, then take them out' I asked him, sipping the cherry favoured drink. 'Not all of them' he winked, I laughed. 'I like your smile' he blushed, 'I like yours too' I return the smile. 'Your boyfriends' he began, 'Boyfriends?' I asked, 'Yes, you seem to have five' he laughed. 'What about them?' I chuckled, 'When are then going to come looking for you?' he asked me, I shrugged 'I don't know, I am trying to ignore them' I spoke, 'So what do we do now?' he asked, 'We dance, drink, and hit the next bar' I smiled at him.


Zayn's Pov


I sat down on the couch, how could she embarrass me like that, in front of him. 'Something tells me your girlfriend is the jealous kind' Perrie chuckled, sitting down next to me. 'What gave it away?' I asked her, snarling through my words. 'Look why don't we go out and find her, its been three hours I am sure she has calmed down' she told me, placing a warm hand on my back. 'I don't want her to think she can get away with doing shit like this' I snapped at Perrie, she moved her hand. 'I think maybe you need to prove to her then, come on I will help you find her' she smiled.


I stood up with her, she was right this was getting way out of hand. I just needed to talk to her. 'I will ring the resturant make sure they are still there' Perrie spoke, I nodded. I saw Harry walking to me, 'Don't do anything stupid' he warned me, 'What makes you think I would?' I snarl, 'Just, remember she is annoyed, and probably drunk, she won't think when she speaks' he spoke to me, 'You make it sound like you know her better than I do' I snap, 'No, I just know how annoyed she is' he spoke, 'What do you mean?' I asked him.


'Whilst you were off with Perrie, who you have barely known a day, she was waiting for you to come home and spend time with her, she is fucking in love with you Zayn and you just... don't seem to be as in love with her, I would kill for her to love me Zayn, and you know that... but she loves you, and for some god unknown reason, after all this shit she still does, so start making an effort, don't loose her again' Harry snapped at me, his words were harsh and unexpected. 'I do love her' I whispered, 'Try showing it' he nudged passed me.


I stood there for a minute, 'So there not at the restaurant' Perrie began, 'What, where the fuck are they?' I asked loudly, 'The manager said they had a bit to drink, then went to some clubs... at the minute they are at Kyles?... Ever been?' she asked me, I nodded and grabbed my car keys. We got in the car, and I swear I ran so many red lights. I hated this. The idea of Brook drunk with someone else was something that I was not happy thinking about. Especially this Caleb dude, I mean who even was he? She knew him a few hours, now she loves him. 'Your angry?' Perrie smirked, 'no... I am not angry' I clench my fists.


We got into the club straight away, my eyes scanned for the shocking red dress she was wearing. I groaned in frustration when I couldn't find her. 'I found her' Perrie pointed to a girl stood on the bar top, two bottles in her hands, and swaying to the music, and a group of people around her. She laughed loudly, as she stumbled a little, her heels almost falling beneath her. 'There's Caleb' Perrie pointing again, to the boy who was staring hungrily at Brook.


I walked over there, and grabbed the boy by his collar. 'What the fuck man?' he asked me, 'Why are you letting her fucking up there, they are animals' I yelled at him, 'She wanted to, she is having fun' he giggled looking up at her. As the song finished and I dropped the boy, I ran over to Brook who was getting down from the bar. I held a hand for her to find, she gripped and jumped down. 'Well than-... Zayn?' she slurred, still looking beautiful.


'W-What are you doing here?' she stuttered getting her balance back, 'Taking you home, come on' I pulled at arm, but she yanked it back. 'No. Zayn stop. I am having fun, and if you want to be grumpy and ruin that, then just go' she snapped at me, taking a gulp from the bottle in her hand. 'Brook, you shouldn't be out like this' I snapped back at her, 'Well tough, It's my choice, what are y-...' she stopped and looked past my shoulder, and rolled her eyes and laughed and clapped her hands.


'You brought her' she laughed loudly, drunkly. 'Brook please' I go to grab her hand, but she pulls it away. 'Why don't you just go back to her, and leave me alone... go and have some fun, I am sure she just swimming for you' she whispered to me, walking past, but I hold her back. 'What the fuck has gotten into you' I snap, and a giggled parts from her lips 'About Seven bottles of vodka, four bottles of wine' she laughed, 'Now, if you'll excuse me, you two should have some “Alone time”' she mocked.


'That went well' Perrie commented, 'Shut up' I snap at her. 'Your going?' she asked me, 'Please. I am leaving her here with him, and with her being so drunk' I frowned. I walked over to where Brook was now sat, and sat beside her. 'Do you not understand go away?' she raised an eye brow, she was annoyingly cocky when she was drunk. 'I do, but you need someone sober... you'll need me eventually' I sighed. 'Where's the oh so wonderful Perrie?' she mocked, 'I am here' Perrie spoke joining us, I mentally slap myself, how did this even happen?


Brook scowled, a look that was so foreign on her face, but right now she needed it. 'Caleb, can we move on?' she asked him, he smiled and nodded at her. He took her hand, and rage flew right over me, but Brook was already mad, she didn't need another reason.




We have been following them for a good four hours. 'Zayn, Brook isn't coming, can we go' Perrie snapped at me, 'No! Look, you can go, here... go and get a taxi' I snapped and handed her cash. 'See you' she smiled, that was simple. 'Brook, we can get waffles!' Caleb shouted, was this guy seven? 'Nooo' she dragged out the “o”. Then she sat down in the middle of the road, 'Brook! Your going to get your self killed!' I shouted at her. 'I've been dead before' she giggled at her own joke, but to me it was just a brutal reminder.


I picked her up, and she was dazed. 'Look, we should go home now' I whispered, she nodded finally agreeing. 'Really?' I asked, 'Ye...' she slurred, and toddled over to Caleb. 'I am going home, daddy says its time' she giggled pointing to me, he pulled out something and gave it to her, she smiled and hugged him tightly, that knot in my stomach was back. 'Brook' I sternly warn, 'Com-ing' she spoke childishly.


We stumbled through the front door at about 3:35am. Brook giggling the whole time, I sat her on the couch, 'Stay here why I go and get you a drink' I told her, she nodded. I made sure the front door was locked. I grabbed her a drink and saw a note on the side from Perrie.



Harry said he would wait up for you guys, there's something he said he needed to say?



I frowned and put it down, taking the water to Brook, who was lay asleep on the couch. I smiled and put a blanket over her, and smiled down at her. 'I love you' I whispered. 'You back then' Harry spoke, making me jump. 'Yeah, be quiet she has just fell asleep' I told him and stood up. We stood over her, behind the couch. I could tell he was thinking something. 'Go on say what your thinking' I sighed.


'You don't deserve her' he blurted, 'I know' I whispered back. 'Why does she love you?' he asked me, staring at her lovingly something I was use to now. 'I don't know' I replied, 'Can I be honest?' he asked, I nodded a my best friend who was clearly in love with my girlfriend. 'When I found out she was dead, I was kind of relieved, I mean... I couldn't of been in love with my best friends girlfriend then' he spoke, 'You wish she was dead?' I spoke, calmly but the anger was there. 'No. I just wish I didn't love her' he whispered, and it broke my heart a little.


'I am so sorry Zayn' he spoke, 'Its cool, I am use to people loving her by now' I sighed. He smiled, 'The day I met her, I said I wouldn't like her' he told me, I laughed 'That worked out well' I laughed. 'How are you so okay with me?' he asked me, 'Because she chose me' I whispered, he sighed 'Oh' was all he said. 'But... she does need you... she wouldn't stay with me if it weren't for you' I spoke, he smiled lightly, 'Your there when I am not, you make her smile when I can't... your her best friend, and she wouldn't change that... neither would I... because I know you won't hurt her like I do' I sighed, to look at the girl before me.


'What was it you needed to tell me, Perrie said there was something?' I asked him, he stood up straight, 'It can wait, its fine' he sighed, and looked at me. 'You sure?' I asked, and he nodded 'Yeah, its fine' he spoke, but his tone didn't reassure me. 'I am going to go bed, look after her Malik' he winked at me, 'and you look after her too' I replied, 'I am never going to leave her' Harry smiled at me, making me me laugh. I know he loves her. That hurts. But. I know he won't break her, like I do. I know he won't change her. I know he will be there for her, which is more than what I can say for myself at the moment.


But she chose me. I need to remember that. All of the other offers Liam, Louis, Harry, Josh... she chose me. Perrie wasn't going to change that. Though her charms might beat me, I love Brook and that won't change. She chose me, so I chose her.




Bit of a filler chapter, but got some serious drama coming soon.


#goodperrie or #Badperrie


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