Dark ll || Z.M

'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped.


48. Holding Onto The Past.

Brook's Pov


Sleeping in the arms of Zayn was perfect, but what was even more perfect was waking up in his arms. The intoxicating smell of his cologne drove me mad, I looked up at the tattooed angel that was sleeping before me, and I wanted it to stay like this. Then I looked around and saw the black walls from the bomb that had gone off days ago, I looked at the ruins around me. Then I looked down at myself, and I was a mess. All of the days event had been leading to me waking up happy in Zayn's arms, but now there wasn't a chance of that, not until it was all truly over.


“It's far to early for you to have that thinking face” Zayn mumbled opening his eyes, I smiled lightly at him and reach for his cheek, and I run my finger along the stubble he has been growing. “You need to shave” I smirk, “That's what your thinking so hard about?” he asked me, I shook my head laughing lightly, as he ran his soft fingertips up my spine, giving my goosebumps. “How are you feeling, after last night?” he asked me, I shrugged, “Things have been worse... right?” I asked, he nodded and kissed my forehead.


I would never forget the luring power he would always have over me, and with each touch he could pull me under, but pulled me back with his lips. I smiled at the thought of us. I smiled at thinking that we could have a future. Then I looked back to the damage around me, and I remember that in this house, in this world, things can change at any moment. We didn't know when they were going to change, we didn't know if we would still be here breathing this time next week. All I knew right in this moment, is that Zayn is mine and I am his, and we are one. Forever.


“I love you” I told him, he smiles at me a warm smile, one that I have missed from his lips. “and I you” he spoke, I smiled up at him and kissed him softly, but with enough hardness he knew every word uttered from my lips was true. “I think you should stop” he spoke, I smiled lightly and kissed him once more, I wanted to keep hold of the bitter-sweetness his lips offered. “I have … some things to do.. today” he spoke, in between his lips on mine. “Things?” I pull back, “What kind of things?” I asked him, he smiled and ignored my question.


My phone was on the coffee table, I reached for it and it was from Steve. “Who's texting you this early?” he asked me, “It's hardly early Zayn, its 12:30” I smiled, he ran his hand through my hair. “Who?” he encouraged, “Just Aria” I smiled, and put the phone down ignoring the text, I would reply later, when Zayn was out doing his “things”. “Can I come with you today?” I spoke, “No” he sat up, and leant back against the couch, “Why?” I asked him, he smirked at me. “Trust me” he kissed me softly, I smiled and nodded “I do” I told him.


“I am going to go and shower” Zayn stood up, “Join?” he asked me, I shook my head “No... I have things to do” I mock him, he smirked at me. It was this playful side of him that I rarely got to see, the side where he was vulnerable around me, and I smile wondering how long it can stay like this, until the next part of our storm drowns us. But I think positive, smiling at the shirtless boy with a ruthless mouth, and watch him walked away.


I walk into the kitchen and I smiled seeing Liam stood with a fresh pot of coffee. “How weird is this?” he asked me, I cocked my head “What?” I asked him. “Me, You and Zayn... Just the three of us, it doesn't right” he spoke, I nodded slightly in agreement. I had probably gotten far to use to the idea of it being the six of us. I got far to use to Louis sitting on the couch all day, watching the same old shows on repeat. I got to use to Niall and Liam sitting and the table, talking nonsense and laughing at each other, teasing. I got far to use to the one with mop of brown hair, and the green eyes that were as warm as a summer day, but with every step I took closer him the light went and the darkness came . I was too use to that.


“Maybe its for the best” I spoke, “You don't mean that” he smirked sipping his coffee. “I do” I spoke, he shook his head, “No... you don't” he laughed. “Louis called me and told me he was safe his about 18 miles north” Liam told me, “Thats.. that's great” I spoke. “It's okay... to miss them” Liam told me, “It's only been a day” I told him, he nodded. “I know, but you know you've been with us so long, it's going to be tough” he told me, I shook my head “It won't” I tell myself more than him.


“Really?... Louis won't be able to talk to us, he won't be able to have contact, you can't call him, or you'll both go to prison, we all will... you can't see him, not for a while anyway” he frowned, I part my lips to speak, but Liam cuts me off. “And Harry?... I hate to be the barer of bad news, but he isn't going to want to see you again, he loves you... and he knows you don't mean to hurt him, but he has been far to strong, for way to long... and I think you need to understand that he needs to move on, and you haven't been letting him” he told me, I looked down, the bitterness of Liam's words, struck me like lightening, and it didn't hurt because he was trying to make me feel bad, or because Harry had left, it hurt because I knew it was true.


“What about you?” I asked Liam, he looked confused. “What about me?” he asked, “You must feel something.... after everything we've been through?” I sighed. “I feel a lot of things” he spoke, “Tell me” I spoke, he shook his head. “Liam, I am trying to move on.. to move on I need to know... everything” I told him, he took on final mouthful of his coffee and it almost spilled over. “How do you think I feel?” he asked me, “I don't know, that's why I am asking... you always surprise me... so do it again” I smile at him.


“I hated you... I hated having to lie to my friends about you being dead, I hated using you... when I blackmailed you to sleep with me. I couldn't understand why it was I helped you in the first place, it didn't make sense, it never did... even now I am still a bit confused about it all” he sunk in his words, they oozed of his lips like literature, like the words of an artist. He continued, “I thought maybe if I could help someone... then it would make up for all the shit in my past... and it would make things better” he spoke, “And did it?” I asked him, he smiled and nodded lightly.


“You made things better for me, and I remember kissing you when you ran off, because I knew you needed me, but I don't … I don't think you understand how much I needed you... you make me better, and when I am around you, that's the kind of person I want to be... better” he told me, “And then when you choose Harry to save you instead of me... that really hurt” he spoke, “It wasn't a matter of pick me I am better, I just … I don't I thought we had something” he spoke, “Then I got mad, and you got mad, and we both lost our way for a while... but if we didn't loose our way then I wouldn't of realised...” he spoke, I shook my head. “Please don't say what I think your going to say” I begged him.


“I love you Brook...” he spoke, I sighed a little, he didn't wait for a response. “But... I am not IN love with you” he spoke, and I smiled lightly. “You did it again” I spoke, he smirked “What did I do?” he asked, “You surprised me” I told him, he laughed. “Come here” he told me, I laughed and hugged him tightly. “I love you too” I smiled, this was becoming slowly more and more perfect, like all the puzzle pieces were finally fitting together. It was like slowly the mist that had been covering my head this entire time was going to finally leave me alone.


“I am going to get going” Zayn popped his head around the door, and I let go of Liam. “Er... something I should know?” Zayn asked me, “Just closed old door” I told him, he smiled and came into the kitchen, and he kissed me. I smiled and kissed him back, “Go... do your “things” or whatever” I told him, he smiled lightly at me, and I laughed as he walked out, “Only Brook Green could change Zayn Malik and then do it again” Liam nudged me, I smiled at him.


The bang of the door closing, told me he was gone. “I was... going to start packing today” Liam spoke, “Packing?... Why?” I asked him, “I think its time I move out, let you and Zayn finally have your life together” he told me, “You don't have to you know?” I asked him, he nodded “I want to, I think I need a fresh start too” he told me, I nodded. “Help me pack?” he asked, I nodded. “What are we going to do about Niall?” I asked him, “I spoke to him last night, he said he would be okay to come along with me” he spoke, I nodded.


“I can't believe how different things were this time last year” I spoke, “This time last year, I was living in a motel and I had barley seen my parents and I hadn't met you” he told me, “What about you?” he asked me, “This time last year, my parents were dead, I was a virgin, I had never loved anyone, I had never got shot, and I had never been introduced to the wonders of Zayn” I spoke, he laughed. “Would you change it?” he asked me, I thought about it. I thought about all the good times, and all the bad. I though about the people I had hurt, and the people who hurt. Then I only had to think about one person, and I know I wouldn't of changed a thing. I shook my head ,”No... Nothing at all” I spoke, he smiled at me, “I would renamed our child” Liam laughed.


I smiled at him, “Your idea was George” I spoke, he laughed lightly. “Your coming to the wedding right?” I asked, “Ours?” he smirked, “I thought we called that off” he smiled, I laughed lightly. “You know what I mean... will you come?” I asked him, he nodded “Of course, I am expecting a dance with the Bride” he told me, I laughed lightly. “You'll get one” I told him, and he smiled down at me, I felt tears in my eyes. “Now I remember why I don't have heart to hearts with you” I laughed wiping a loose happy tear, “Come on” he told me and we walked up stairs to his room.


I began to pack things into the boxes lay across his room. I smiled lightly as we laughed at memories we shared over the passed few months, over the small arguments, the big disasters and the painful make ups. Somehow after everything, we were still laughing. It felt good to laugh, and it felt so good to breath for first time in months, things were coming together, I was going to marry Zayn, and I was going to get the happily ever after we had fought so hard for. “I will be back in a minute, I have some stuff down in the living room” he told me, I nodded and continue to fold clothes into a bag.


After about ten minutes Liam came back up. He wasn't happy, he wasn't smiling like he was before. “Hey” I smiled, hoping he was just thinking about something, like a world of his own that couldn't come in and destroy this world that was slowly being fixed. “What's wrong?” I stood up, and I saw he had a phone in his hand. My phone. “Liam?” I began to whisper, lowering my phone. “Steve was calling you” he spoke low and threatening, I didn't know what to do. So instinct took over, and like an animal being hunted, I watched and I stepped around the beast that wanted me dead.


“W-Why...” he cut me off, “You know why” he dominated me with his loud booming voice, “I don't know what you mean” I lie, “You don't know what I mean?! How about I mean you made a deal with him, your actually going to help that freak?!” he yelled at me, “You going to help the man, that has been trying to kill, you, me, Zayn and and everything good in your life” he shouted, “You don't understand” I whispered, “I understand... I understand just fine” he spoke quietly again, but this tie through gritted teeth.


“You need to tell Zayn” he told me, “I will... I am just trying to figure out how” I stood up, “You shouldn't off agreed in the first place” he snapped, “I felt sorry for the guy, his daughter has been taken from him... and he lost his wife... I wanted to help” I spoke, “You shouldn't have to” he told me, “I know how he feels, to loose a baby... the one thing that is truly yours... and he could still save her... I couldn't save my... Look, I am not asking your permission, or Zayn's... and I going to help him, if you like it or not... you won't be here to stop me anyway” I told him, and walked out of the room.

Zayn's Pov


I walked down to the bare place where I was meeting Spencer. Spencer was a friend from way back, she actually made something of herself, unlike myself and many other of the drop outs. Spencer agreed to show me a house out in the country, about five minutes from the town but it was peaceful. We got in her car, and drove down. There was lakes and streams, and open fields where imagined taking her and walking out late with her, and maybe even one day a couple of kids laughing as we chase them in the late summer afternoon.


“That one, there” she pointed taking the corner in. “Its... amazing” I spoke. She smiled and nodded in complete agreement. I saw the rough bricked exterior, and I saw how it was uneven in places, and even a little broken, but it added to the charm. I smile as I get out of the car, and I see the soft flowers around the foot of the house, which are make the house look brighter. The stones of the floor outside are grey and brown, and they are dusty but they make the fog seem to clear. Spencer opened the door.


Walking inside we wee greeted to solid oak flooring that was cold to the touch, but the eyes it worked wonders on. The ceiling was high, and the stairwell was directly in front. To left was was a living room, and inside a wood burning fire, though room was small it was cosy and homelike, just what me and Brook needed. The walls were open brick, and I had a feeing Brook would love the rustic look it had. Through there was a kitchen, and a dining room, and a conservatory at the back, which I saw me and Brook sitting in, in years to come with our first born sat on her lap as we look at the stars.


Upstairs there is five bedrooms, two small, one that would make a great work room for study ext, that I would never use but the option would be there. I smiled and looked as I saw the master bedroom, and I saw nights with Brook in the cream and white room, with the large queen size bed, and the dark brown wood flooring that her skin would touch, whilst I touched her. I looked at the walls, and I thought of the sounds she would make and they would reverb perfectly. A small fire was in here also, and a white cream soft rug in front which we would lay on and watch the world pass us by, and this room with an bathroom so big, I imagine taking her in the shower, and covering her with my hands, because thought the world can't see, she can... and she is mine.


“I will take it” I spoke, and smiled at Spencer. “You don't want her to see it first?” she asked, I smiled once more and shook my head “No, I think she will love... including the furniture right?” I asked, she nodded and smiled. “I want it” I told her, “Still the same the old Zayn, he gets what he wants” she smirked, “When don't I?” I asked her, she laughed. “The paper work is in my car” she smiled, and we walked outside, I signed what was needed then she gave me the keys.


I looked at the front of the house, and the flowers and the floor. I realised, I was the house. I was uneven and broken, but the flowers were Brook, she made me better, like the flowers made the house better. I smiled and called her phone, she didn't answer first time so I called again, I then got a response, and Liam answered her phone. “Hey” I spoke, slightly confused. “Hi” he sighed, “Brook?” I asked him, he hummed something. “Look man, you should get home, she needs to tell you something” he was serious, “What?... She's not like... with anyone else or anything right?” I whispered, as the thoughts that I held in that house for our future slowly disappear.


“No...” he sighed, “Liam, what is it?” I frown. “It's Steve okay. She has made a deal with him... I don't know when, and I am still trying to figure out why, but you need to talk some sense into her, because she sure as hell won't be listening to me” Liam snapped, I nodded and hummed an “Okay” before hanging up the phone, “Spencer, can you drive me home?” I asked her rushing my words, “You are home” she smiled, I shook my head “You know what I mean” I spoke, she nodded sensing the urgency in my voice, I don't understand why she has done this why can't we go one day with out trouble. I want a future, but its like she is holding on to the past.




Liam... and Brook... omg.. no.... my heart. Ow.

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I must also say the ending is coming together very nicely. ILYSM

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