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'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped.


16. Hey Doll.

Little bit of a filler chapter, but its got loads of drama! :) Like, Comment and FAVOURITE!!!


Brook's Pov


I woke up the next morning, and mascara stained the fluffy white pillows. I was hoping I would wake up and it would all of been some kind of sick dream, and I would open my eyes to see Zayn. That didn't happen. I was met by pushed back curls, and a sleepy face. 'Morning' I smiled, 'Morning love' Harry's eyes were still closed, but his lips moved. I pulled back the covers and got out of them, 'What are we going to do today?' I asked Harry, 'I was thinking plan where we go from here' he spoke, 'What?' I asked, 'Well, we are an hour away from the boys, we can go on a holiday or something' he spoke, I smiled 'Where would we go?' I asked him, 'I think somewhere like Greece' he smiled, finally his eyes opened. 'Harry Styles are you asking me to run away with you?' I laughed, he smiled 'Your the one who asked me to whisk you away' he teased, I laughed.


'You'd seriously take me to Greece?' I asked him, he nodded 'Of course, anywhere you would want to go?' he asked me, 'Venice' I smiled, 'You want to go, we can do that?' he sat up, 'Harry no, Greece will be enough' I smiled. 'Well, you'll need to buy some new clothes' he spoke, 'Why?' I asked him, 'Because, you know you'll need shorts and stuff' he spoke, 'Well if you get dressed, we can shop and book the holiday' I smiled, he nodded and got out of bed, 'Thank you for giving me a chance, I really mean it Brook' he smiled, and kissed my cheek, 'Go on, get dressed' I sighed.


I sat down on the bed, I looked at my phone and looked at all the missed calls. I sighed, and blinked back the tears. I saw one from Zayn, but it was from nights ago, the night when I ran of and saw him with Perrie. He left a voice mail, I battled with myself to listen to it, should I? Before I could tell myself no, I had already answered it. 'Hey, its me.. I screwed up Brook, big time... but... look here goes.. The first time I met you, I knew it was true, that I would love you forever and that's what I will do, you just still don't know what you do to me, you don't have a clue, and looking to your eyes makes it all worth while and I-..' End of message.


I thought I would be out of tears by now, just one left my eye. 'Brook!' I heard Harry, I stood up and wiped my tears. 'Come on slow poke' he joked, I tried to smile, but it didn't work. 'You alright love?' he asked stepping towards me, 'Yeah, still a little shaky I guess' I shrugged, Harry pulled me to his chest, giving me a warm hug. 'I need to breath' I laughed, he smirked and let me go, 'Go and get ready, your going to have fun today' he smiled, I laughed and walked out of the room looking back at a smiling Harry. This might be the best choice I have made in a while.


Zayn's Pov


I hadn't moved from bedroom, there were two empty bottles of whiskey on the floor. I knew this would happen someday, I knew that it would all come out. I did such a good job hiding it though. I didn't think she would flip out, I thought she would realise I loved her, maybe I didn't love her enough. I didn't exactly stop her from running away did I? I wonder where Harry dropped her off. I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen, all of the boys were stood there, each of them staring at me. 'What?' I growled, 'What? Really?' Liam spoke.


I brushed past him, and he yanked me back grabbing me by my shirt. 'You fucked everything up' he snapped, 'What are you going to do? Kick me out of my own house?' I torment, 'Are you not even the least bit concerned about where she has gone too?' Liam growled, 'Harry wouldn't of left her some place he didn't know she was safe' I spoke, I was not going to show emotion to him, not him of all people. 'You don't know?... He has gone with her man' Louis spoke, I turned my head and was now noticing Harry's presence, he didn't have one. 'What do you mean he has gone with her?' I snapped at them, 'He drove off with her, and he isn't coming back' Niall spoke.


I turned my back on them, and paced. 'He wouldn't do that, not to me' I try to convince myself, 'You know he is in love with her' Liam spoke, 'Your one to talk' Niall spoke to Liam, 'What's that suppose to mean?' Liam snapped, 'I know you are in love with her too, your so bad at hiding it' Niall crossed his arms, 'You can tell mate' Louis joined in, 'Look, it clearly doesn't matter, she doesn't like me back... it was always going to be in between Zayn and Harry wasn't it?' he growled, 'It's always going to be you that lets her down, and I pick up the pieces' Liam spoke to me.


'I am going to get this drug thing out of the way, then I am gone' Liam frowned, 'Your just going to leave?' Niall asked, 'Yeah, I was staying so she was safe, now Harry is looking after her' Liam spoke, 'Where are they even going to go?' Louis asked, 'I don't know, he will make sure she is safe though' Niall spoke up, I looked in the eyes of them all. 'Don't expect us to feel sorry for you Malik, you brought this on yourself, you used her, and now you have lost her!' Liam confronted me, 'You guys don't believe I love her?' I asked them, 'No, we know you love her, I just don't you love her half as much as you have convinced yourself' Louis spoke.


I looked back and forth between the boys, before Liam walked out. 'Would she answer if I called her?' I asked them, they shook there head, 'No, she wouldn't' Niall spoke and turned around to continue looking through the laptop on the side. I looked to Louis, 'You'll get nothing from me' he spoke and walked passed me.


I looked around, and heard the door thud. I walked over and opened it, 'What do you want?' I snapped, 'Just some friendly conversation' he smiled, 'Get out, you have what you fucking want' I growled. 'Now Zayn, calm down' Dominic walked in. 'Where's the lovely Brook, not glued to your hip?' he tormented, 'She left' I heard, it was Liam. 'What do you want Dominic' I heard Liam walk towards us, 'Your boxing matches, I have a tester for you tonight' he spoke to me, I sighed. 'and what about the drugs?' he spoke, 'If Brook isn't here, then where is she?' he asked.


'I will do the drugs alone' Liam spoke, standing tall. 'No, you can't its a two man job,Zayn... go with him' Dominic spoke, 'No, I will take Louis or Niall' Liam spoke, 'Oh I am guessing there's some tension in the room' he spoke sarcastically, 'You two go together, or I will make sure you don't see Brook again' he spoke, 'You don't even know where she is' I growled, 'You don't think I know people' he warned, I sighed and looked at Liam. 'For Brook' I whispered, 'Well I wouldn’t' for you would I'? he spat back. 'Great, Monday it is.... and Zayn your boxing match tonight, here is the address' he spoke handing me a slip of paper.


'You have a strong competitor tonight, so bring it on twice as hard' he patted my back but I shrugged him off, 'See you there man, don't let me down' he said trying to be my friend. I slammed the door hard as he left, 'You get in my way when we have to smuggle then I promise you, you won't see anything every again' Liam boomed, I pushed hard at his chest 'Are telling me you have never made a mistake?' I growled, 'No, I am saying I haven't fucked up like you have, stay out of my way, and I will stay out of yours' Liam growled, 'Fine by me' I snapped right back.


Brook's Pov


'Harry!' I called when I was dressed, I found him in the little kitchen we had and he was siring some tea for us but he had a phone against his ear. 'I don't know, its going to be risky he's a grade 9 and I am 11... he could get hurt' he spoke, with a little chuckle at the end. 'Really?... I haven't done it officially in a year, I might be rusty its more of a anger out let now' he told the person down the phone, what was he one about? 'I can make it tonight, but I have a friend with me and she can't get hurt...' he trailed off, was he talking about me? 'You'll have Jay look after her?' he spoke, 'hmm... he will defiantly?' he questions, 'Okay, eight I will be there, text me the information' he agreed, but to what?


He hung the phone up and sighed, 'Harry?' I spoke, he jumped and turned around 'Oh hey Brook' he smiled, 'You going to tell me what that was about?' I asked him, taking one of the cups of tea. 'I... Er... Don't be mad okay?' he spoke, 'Harry what have you just agreed to?' I lowered my voice, 'Tonight, there is this match and my friend's competitor has just dropped out so he asked if I can fill in for his friend and I said I would' he spoke, 'What kind of match?' I asked him, 'Promise you won't be mad' he whispered walking towards me picking up my hands, 'I won't be mad, now tell me' I ordered, 'Boxing' he spoke softly.


I ripped my hands from his, 'Your not serious?!' I yelled, 'You said you wouldn't be mad' he told me, 'Harry!' I shouted, 'Look I won't get hurt, the guy I am against is two leagues below' he spoke, 'That's not the point, you saw how I was when Za-.. when he went to fight, I don't want you too... I don't like it' I begged him, 'I can't let him down, he has been a good friend to me' he spoke, 'Harry, please...' I whispered, 'Nothing is going to happen' he reassured me, 'Harry, Za-.. He was always so mad when he boxed and it scared me, and when he stopped that's when he changed... and it was better. I don't want to see you box and change, change to something I don't like' I told him, 'I am not Zayn' he spoke, his name Broke my heart, I tried to stop myself from saying it.


I looked down, he would never be Zayn. I don't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing. I don't know if it was good, because he wouldn't hurt me and make me feel hurt every ten minutes, and he would make me sad, or cry, but then I don't know if it would be bad because I would never feel how I felt when I was with Zayn, the passion, the intensity, the feeling of pure love, would I ever be able to feel that with Harry?


'I am still taking you out for the day' he spoke, 'How many fights do you have to do?' I asked him, 'Just this one for now, until his fighter is better' he spoke, I sighed 'Does that mean we aren't running away?' I asked him, he touched him cheek with his fingertips, 'It means that I am doing a friend a favour then I am all yours' he spoke, 'So lets not make those holiday bookings today' I told him, 'You think I will let you down don't you?' he asked me, I shook my head 'I am just waiting to see if you do' I told him, he shook his head and hugged me, if he would of hugged me minutes ago when I came down “happy” then, I would of gladly held him back, but now, I couldn't find the strength to lift my arms to him.


If that argument would have been with Zayn. One of us would of said something hurtful, and the other would have stormed out. With Harry is wasn't like that, we talked about. Well... we sort of did. No we didn't at all, he told me he was doing it and that was the end of it. At least with Zayn I would see the flash in his eyes of considering it, even though he didn't initially I knew eventually he would agree with me. I don't think Harry would.


The day was spent with shopping Harry trying to make me laugh, and there would be moments when I would forget what was wrong, and forget what happened yesterday. Then it all came flushing back, and for a few minutes I would feel like I was sinking. Then I would be happy again, well “Happy”. Seeing Harry thinking I was happy, that was good enough to make me smile. His constant smile, and reminder of safety made me feel okay.


I looked around the shop with Harry, and he was stood talking to a woman. I didn't know the woman, but I walked over there and stood next to him. The woman had a little girl with her, curly brown hair and green eyes. She looked much like Harry, did get this girl pregnant or something. The way he smiled at the child, seemed to confirm all my suspicions. The way that her baggy cardigan hung over her little arms, and she tugged at Harry's baggy shirt made them look identical. She has the same smile, with the dimples popping. She giggled when he picked her up in his large arms.


'This is Brook' he told the little girl, 'This is Sydney' he smiled at me. 'I-Is she yours?' I asked him, he chuckled and looked to the mother of the child, Harry laughed and so did the woman. 'You've got the wrong end' he smirked, 'Oh?' I raised an eyebrow, 'Who am I Sydney?' Harry asked the little girl, 'Uncle Harry' she smiled proud of her self. I sighed and blushed, 'Your Harry's sister?' I laughed, she nodded 'Yeah, I am Gemma' she smiled, 'Your daughter is lovely' I smiled crouching down to Sydney. 'How old are you?' I smiled lightly at the little girl, '4, but I am nearly 5' she giggled, her dimples growing.


Then that sinking feeling came back. Thinking of how that could have been me and Zayn. 'Brook?' Harry put a hand on my back, I came back to reality. 'Well, you two should come over for lunch, I would love to tell you some great stories about Harry' she laughed, I smiled and nodded, 'Tomorrow for tea, come around' she told us, I looked Harry. It was clear to me already, he was choosing when we were going to make plans. 'Yeah, I will call you, see you sis' he smiled, 'and you little girl!' he picked up Sydney and spun her around, it was a cute thing to see a soft side of him, 'Make sure you extra naughty for mummy' he kissed her cheek, 'Harry' Gemma scowled, I laughed 'Bye Bye Brook' she smiled at me, 'good bye' I smiled at her as she ran over to her mum.


Me and Harry left the store, 'Your good with kids I see' I laughed, 'Just her' he spoke back. 'Does your sister know about your fighting?' I whispered softly, he sighed 'Can we not talk about it?' he begged, 'I was just asking' I whispered looking down. 'We should probably get you some food and then get going to the match anyway' he spoke, 'Your not going to eat?' I asked him, 'No, not before a big match' he spoke, 'I thought you said it was a simple match not a big one' I scowl, 'Brook, you don't have to read into everything I say' he sighed, I looked to the floor.


We grabbed a burger for me, but I just picked at it. 'You want half?' I tried to tempt Harry, maybe if he ate he couldn't fight. 'No thank you' he smiled lightly and drove down to the address he was given. 'Promise me you won't go running off' he spoke, 'You clearly don't know me' I teased, he laughed a little 'I am serious, I don't want you going missing, stay with me until the fight then Jay is going to stay with you' he spoke, I nodded and sighed 'I am sorry, I know we were trying to get away from this, it won't be too much longer now' he told me and held my hand tightly.


We arrived at the fight, and the sight was familiar to that first match I went to with Zayn. The sent of alcohol and smoke filling my nostrils. I sighed and kept hold of Harry's hand. 'Don't wander off' he told me, leaving me with two people. 'Hey' I spoke, 'I'm Jay and this is Luke' he smiled, I nodded shook hands with them. 'Your staying with me tonight, hope that is okay?' Jay spoke, I smiled lightly, he looked so out of place here. He reminded me of Logan. The boy that I worked with who was sweet and innocent, not the boy who turned against me His brown hair that was swept back, and a cute face, 'That's alright' I grin.


'So you seen Harry fight before?' Luke asked me, I shook my head and he sighed 'You've been missing out' he smiled. 'His fighter though is good tonight, he hasn't lost a match' Jay spoke, which knocked my stomach. 'Will Harry get hurt?' I asked him, 'I don't know its quiet an equal match' Jay spoke, 'He told me he was two levels better' I whispered, 'Well the other guy has been improving' he spoke, I gulped 'Don't worry Harry is good' Jay patted my back reassuringly.


'Brook, can I have a word' I heard Harry speak, I turned and nodded. 'What's wrong?' I asked, 'The fight might get messy tonight, so when I tell you go, you go okay?' he spoke, 'Why? Harry you said this was nothing!... Why is it going to get messy?' I asked him, stomping my foot like a child, he rubbed the back of his neck and sighed looking around. 'Harry!' I shouted at him, I heard mumbles behind me but didn't look. 'Harry! Tell me now' I ordered, knowing he was keeping something from me.


'The person I am fighting, I know him.... and so do you' he whispered, I looked at him wide eyed, 'Who is it?' I asked him, 'It's me' I heard, I took a pinching breath and my heart went tight. I clenched my fists, thinking it would keep me together, I turned around and saw him. There before me, I can't even keep away from him for one day. 'I swear I didn't know' Harry whispered, putting a hand on the bottom of my back. 'Z-Zayn' I stuttered, 'Hey Doll' he let out a smirk.


That line Zayn says just gets me! Little bit of a filler chapter, but its got loads of drama! :) Like, Comment and FAVOURITE!!!

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