Dark ll || Z.M

'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped.


34. He Is Back.

Brook's Pov


After half an hour of sitting in there talking to Louis, it was time to call it to an end. “Thank you for doing this” he told me, “I know you didn't want to hurt me” I whispered, “Please don't try and make me feel better” he laughed, “I won't, you still have a lot of making up to do” I told him, “I will until the day I die” he whispered. “Me and Zayn are getting married” I confessed, “What?” he asked me, I sighed “I didn't know how to tell you” I whispered, “I am so happy for you” he sighed, “Try not to sound it” I chuckled, “I won't be able to go” I knew he was frowning. “You can't?” I asked, “I could be in prison, and I doubt Zayn would want me there” he pouts.


“It's my wedding too... your coming” I smiled down the phone, “Don't do it out of pity” he told me, I laughed “I should get going Louis, Zayn is probably angry enough, stick to the story yeah?” I asked him, he hummed a yes. “Bye Louis” I hung up the phone. I stood up and braced myself to go inside. As I opened the door Liam was stood with a cigarette under the tree, he smirked at me. “You've got balls” he laughed, I sighed. “On a scale of one to ten how pissed is he?” I asked him, “Eleven” he muttered stomping on the cigarette. “Where is he?” I asked, “In your room” he told me.


I turned my back and walked inside, I took a deep breath and prepared myself. I walked straight up the stairs, and to our bedroom. I knocked lightly on the door, I stepped inside and Zayn was stood looking out the window with his back to me. I sat down on the bed, with my back facing him. After minutes of silence, Zayn spoke first. “Are you going to tell me what your sorry for?” he spoke, “I called Louis, told him to use the story I did” I mumble, “Only you can forgive your almost murder” he shook his head. “I couldn't let him get sent down, Zayn he was your friend” I told him.


“Not after what he did to you” he spoke, “Zayn, I let it go, why won't you” I stood up and faced him. Zayn slowly turned around with a pained look in his eyes. “Why?” he asked me, I nodded. “I blame myself, I let them all move in here, I let them become close to you, do you understand now? If I hadn't of took a leaf out of your book, and been nice, this never would of happened” he snapped, “It's not your fault, you did what was right” I defended him as he wasn't defending himself. “Brook stop making excuses for me!” he shouted, “You didn't know what Louis was going to do” I told him, “But I could of stopped it” he whispered, turning away from me again.


I stood behind him on my tiptoes, and kissed his jaw bone. “Don't blame yourself... please... look he isn't here any more is he? I just wasn't letting him get sent down, because you know... he is like family to us. Though he tried to hurt me, he didn't... a lot of the time he made me feel a lot better... I am glad he killed her, because that is one less problem from our list” I whispered to him, “I love you” I told him, “Nothing is going to change that, you can't always save me from everything” I remind him, “I want to” he whispered, and turned around to face me, kissing my forehead and wrapped his arms around me.


“I still think its ridiculous that your bailing him out of this” he told me, “I know you do, but you know its the right thing to do” I whispered to him. “Stop being right for two minutes please” he spoke, and let me go laughing. “I think you should go and help Harry pack” Zayn spoke, I cocked my head. “Really?” I asked him, he looked at me with a sideways smirk. “Yeah, he's your friend and I know your going to miss him, you might as well spend sometime with him, I mean... I have you for the rest of my life” he kissed me, and charmed his way to my heart. Again.


“Go on, I have something to sort out anyway” he told me, I sent him a worried glance. “Nothing like that” he shook his head and held open the door, “When you come back can we go out somewhere, just me and you?” I asked him, he nodded and kissed me again. “Anywhere you like” he told me, I smiled and let him wonder down the stairs. I walked to Harry's room, and knocked on the door. He opened it with a grin. “Your back then” he smiled and opened the door fully for me to come in, I smiled lightly. Looking inside the floor was covered in clothes and two large suitcases lay on the bed.


“Where would you like me to start?” I asked him, he pointed over to the shelves that had pictures on and other bits and bobs. I smiled looking at an old picture of the five boys, I would of killed to known those boys. They must have been the jerks in the summer that broke the girls hearts in the summer of 09. I would probably of been one of them. “I like this one” I told him putting it in the black suitcase. “Things were so easy then” he smirked, “Yeah, I remember that summer” I spoke, “Yeah?” Harry asked folding a shirt, “Me and Niall were dating, and it was so perfect” I smirked and put down the next picture, “You really loved us all didn't you?” he asked me, “When I say it, I mean it” I laughed and put the next thing in the case.


I got to the end of the first now clean white shelve. There was tiny paper plane silver necklace. I hung it from my hand, and tangled it around my fingers. “This is beautiful” I spoke, Harry came and stood behind me and took one hand playing with the chain. “My mum gave it to me when I was about seven” he explained, taking it from my hand. “She told me that if I couldn't reach my dreams, I would have to fly to them” he told me, and I smiled as I imagined a small seven year old boy smiling wide. “I got my dream” he whispered, I looked to him “Yeah? What was it?” I asked. “You” he told me. I turned around with pouted lips, “Me?” I trembled.


“I wanted a friendship that I could keep hold of until the end, I wanted to love and loose, I wanted someone like you, and somewhere along the line I was lucky enough to find you... then help you be happy” he told me, standing behind me and putting the chain on my neck. “Now I need a new dream” he spoke, I turned to him and hugged him tightly. “Thank you” I smiled and kissed his cheek. I sighed and wiped a tear, “Have you chosen a new dream?” I asked him, he shrugged. “No, I am going to see what America brings to me” he spoke and I smiled, “I am sure you'll you get your dream” I whispered.


“Come on then” he told me, “Let's get this done” he spoke. I nodded and smiled helping him fold his endless clothing range of black skinny jeans, thirty black tops and band shirts. Then one pair of brown boots, and black shoes. “I think you need some new clothes” I teased, “No, I don't” he laughed. Three bangs at the door were heard. “I will get it, think the boys have gone out” Harry spoke, “No you carry on I will get us a drink whilst I am down there” I told him, and pondered down the stairs.


As I answered the door, a crying blue eyed boy was there. “Brook, can I come in?” Joe asked, I sighed. I knew he had heard about his sister, and I knew I was going to have to lie to the boy who helped me in my hour of need. “Joe, are you okay?” I ushered him forwards. “Do you want a drink?” I asked him, “I just need a friend” he told me. “Come on, go in there” I told him to go inside the living room. Harry came heavy footed down the stairs. I closed the living room door. “It;s Mia's brother” I whispered, he rolled his eyes and ran his finger through his hair, “What are we going to do?” he asked me, “You carry on packing, I will try and clam him down” I spoke, he nodded. “Don't say anything stupid” he warned me, I shook my head and walked back into the living room.


“Hey” I whispered, “You know about Mia then?” I asked him, he nodded “H-How do you know?” he asked me, I shrugged “The police came around to talk to me, a friend of mine use to date her” I explained, “Oh” was all he said. “It just happened so fast you know” he shook, “I am so sorry, it shouldn't have happened to anyone, I may not of liked her but you don't deserve this” I told him, and put an arm around him. “I just don't know who would of done it, she didn't have anyone not like her, everyone did” he spoke, well I would disagree but best not when I have her crying brother on my couch. “I miss her” he cried into me, “I know you do” I cooed, and held him feeling guilty that I knew the truth and knowing that he would probably hate me.


Another knock came from the door and I sighed “Excuse me a minute” I stood up and went to the door. I stepped forward and opened it, the site that befell against my feet brought tears to my eyes and a knock to my stomach. “Miss me?” his low voice rang, “Your... Your not … Dead?” I whispered, and he shook his head with that vindictive smirk. “Riley and Dominic aren't your biggest worry, I have knocked them down a peg and took them under my wing” he smirked, I shook my head and took a deep breath, “Where did you go?” I shook, “Your not the only one that can do a little disappearing act” he smirked, “Tell Zayn to give me a call yeah?” he asked me, I shook my head and pushed his chest. “Leave us alone” I snapped at him, and pushed him out of the house. I reached up to slap the dirty old man's face.


He grabbed my wrist and silence fell. He took my fragile hand and looked at the small diamond that lay upon it, “This is a pretty thing. Am I invited?” he asked me, I yanked my hand back. “Congratulations darling, when shall I save the date for?” he asked me, I slapped him. He looked up at me and grabbed my face tightly, “You try anything like that again, and you won't be having a wedding... you haven't changed a bit, you still think your strong enough to beat me... now tell Zayn I do wish him luck” he spoke dropping me and walking away. “Luck with what?!” I shout, “Getting rid of me this time... Good luck with saving you” he called back and walked forward. Steve was back and this time he wasn't letting go with out a fight. Steve was alive and breathing, and he would do anything so I wasn't. The only thing now was, what had Zayn gone to sort out this afternoon.









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