Dark ll || Z.M

'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped.


10. Goodnight Friend.

Brook's Pov


We got back that night, and for majority of the time I was quiet. We all sat there in the living in silence. 'Well is anyone going to explain what is going on?' I asked them all, they all looked at each other uneasily. I was confused by it all. 'Well you know you were taken by Riley' Liam spoke, I nodded. 'We had a run in with Dominic, he said we took to long with the drugs thing' he continued, 'But we got the money' I tell Liam. 'You thought that was stop him?' I heard Niall's voice, I nodded weakly.


'Well you have to give the money back then' I sighed to Liam, 'No, but they are expecting pictures soon' Liam smirked, baby scans. I laughed, a joke only me and Liam got, it brightened my mood. 'How did you know where to find us?' I asked them, 'I called them before hand, I still had my phone' Perrie spoke, 'Well if you hadn't suggested to follow them-..' I trailed of, and could feel myself getting frustrated by it all. 'I think we need to all calm down' Harry whispered, I rolled my eyes, why was he so calm?


'Well, if you hadn't of ran of with that boy!' Perrie stood up to contradict me, 'Your just looking for any excuse to make me look like the bad guy?!' I shouted at her, 'Well with your track record' she snapped, 'What's that suppose to mean?' I frowned, 'You've cheated on Zayn before, why would that make him think you won't do it again' she snapped at me, the boys all watched in awe as she ripped me to shreds. 'Your twisting all of this onto me? If you hadn't of stuck your nose into my relationship then we wouldn't be here!' I yelled at her.


'Oh your trying to blame me?' she called me out, 'Yes, that's exactly what your doing!' I shouted, 'I am not the one, meeting up with boys whilst my boyfriends worried sick looking for me' she seethed her words, I rolled my eyes as she got closer, her taller figure over me. 'You don't know anything' I whispered, 'I know that you think you can get away with this, you keep getting these boys into more and more danger, I put my life on the line for you today, and my friend Leo is helping to, don't make me fucking regret it' she snapped at me.


'I didn't ask for your help did I?' I asked her, 'No, but you've got it' she sent a glare, 'You know, I knew you were going to be trouble Perrie, you making everything seem like my fault' I tell her, 'No, it is your fault' she snapped, 'How? Your the one that felt the need to tell me about MY boyfriend and the one that followed me, and the one that made us follow Riley! Tell me please how this is my fault!' I shouted, 'You gave me a reason to do all that' she frowned. 'You were rather cosy with that boy' she smirked evilly.


I could see all the boys judging me, their stares gave it away. 'You all think the same as her don't you?' I gasped, stepping back. Zayn just looked to the floor, leaning against the door frame. Harry and Niall avoided my stares and Liam stood up. 'You know not to run off and I suppose you don have a record for causing us trouble' he was brutally honest, and normally that was a good thing, but I didn't want him to this that. 'You don't see what she is doing to you?!' I shout, running my fingers through my hair. Perrie stood with a smirk 'what exactly am I doing?' she asked, 'Your turning them all against me' I yell. 'Don't be stupid Brook' Zayn's voice warned.


'If you all think the same, then how about you all just fuck off. You know what Perrie, have Zayn he clearly likes you a hell of a lot more than me, but you hurt him and your a dead fucking girl' I snap the last part in her ear. I go to walk out of the room, and Zayn grabs my arm. 'Don't fucking touch me' I shout ripping my arm from his grip. I marched up the stairs, there was one person I wanted to talk to and he wasn't here. The one person who would normally make me smile. Louis.


I got to mine and Zayn's room. I slammed the door and locked it. I pulled out my phone, I don't care about Zayn wanting me to stay away from Louis. Three rings and his voice was in the phone. 'Brook?' he whispered in a tired voice, I forgot about the time difference. 'Hey Lou' I sniffled, I was crying a little bit. 'Are you okay? What's happened?' Panic prone in his voice, 'So much, how are you?' I asked him, 'I am good, not dead yet' I could tell he was smirking, I laughed a little. 'I miss you already' I tell him, 'Me too' he agreed.


For the next half an hour, I forgot why I was even sad. 'Well thank you for listening to me cry for a while' I tell him, 'Any time' he chuckled, 'You stay safe yeah?' I tell him, he smirked 'I will, you don't go getting your self in trouble, if you need any more crying sessions come to me' he laughed, I giggled and agreed 'I love you' I smiled, 'Love you too, bye' he hung up, and I was a little bit too disappointed, since when did Louis make me feel better than Zayn.


I pulled out a jumper and some shorts, and unlocked the door, nothing was heard expect the TV down stairs. I walked to the bathroom, and I am sure the all heard me. I closed the bathroom door, and hopped into the shower. I let the hot water rush over me, and ran it trough my hair.


I heard the bathroom door open, and I stood still. 'Its only me' I heard Zayn deep voice, I felt too revealed around him. 'I will be done soon, you can have it then' I tell him in barely a whisper, 'I wanted to talk to you, somewhere you couldn't run' he spoke. 'What did you want?' I asked him. 'What's happening with us Brook' he asked me, 'I don't know, do you--... do you still love me?' I asked him wrapping my arms around myself, even though their was a curtain between us. Only a curtain.


Suddenly that curtain was pulled back, and I turned my back to Zayn. He stepped into the shower, all his clothes lay scatted on the floor, he pulled the curtain back. 'Don't hide from me' he begged, and put his hands around me. 'I just don't know what to do any more Zayn' I whispered, he kissed my neck softly my back pressed to his front. 'I love you so much' he spoke. 'I don't love Perrie' he whispered, I hated the way her name fell from his lips with such ease. 'I can't stand to see you around her' I confessed.


'I just don't know where to go from here Zayn, its been a week and I already feel drained' I tell him, her turns me to face him, and his plants a hard but passionate kiss onto my lips. 'I want to make you alright, I have just forgotten how to' he whispered against my lips. 'First things, agree with your girlfriend, not the other girl' I tell him, he chuckled. 'Your so jealous of her' he smiled, 'Would you really let her have me?' he asked me, My heart dropped a little bit. 'I don't know, then I would off, I was so mad at you' I tell him.


'You wouldn't now' he asked, I shook my head 'You know I can't stay mad at you for long' I smirked, he laughed lightly. 'I er... I called Louis' I confessed, the mood changed quickly. 'I told you not too' he frowned, 'I am sorry, I needed someone' I whispered, 'You have me' he replied flatly, 'I didn't an hour ago, lets face it I haven't had you for quiet some time now' I told him. 'I know' he replied, I put my arms on his shoulder, and ran my fingers through his now wet hair. 'What are we doing Zayn?' I asked him, my forehead against his, 'I'm trying to love you' he whispered, 'You shouldn't have to try' I tell him, 'I didn't mean it like that' he replied.


I sighed and kissed his lips. I forgot what its like to have him touch me, have him moan my name. 'Fuck me Zayn' I begged him, 'How can you go from sad to horny?' he dirty mouth make me laugh, he pushed me back a little against the wall, that made me gasp because of the coldness. He attacked my lips, with his. I smiled lightly, as he slipped to fingertips into me, I moaned his name softly. I felt him smile against my neck, he kissed me softly, but I knew he was leaving his mark.


'Fuck Brook' he moaned, as I felt him get hard against my leg. 'I love you' I told him, he pulled his fingers away and I sighed, 'Jump' he ordered, I did as I was told and this time he pushed me even further back, I moaned his name repeatedly. 'Zayn' I whispered, 'Please' I begged. He thrusted into me, and I gasped, the feeling was euphoric. 'Your fucking tight' Zayn growled, Lust showing his dark eyes. As his thrusts became more intense, he took my over the edge.


We stood there for a moment, gaining our breath. 'I missed that' he whispered, all I did was nod. 'We have to talk don't we?' he asked me, I nodded. 'Finish your shower, then come to bed' he told me, I nodded and kissed him once more, I had a feeling we wouldn’t talk we would fight, he smiled and jumped out the shower. I finished my shower and walked out of the bathroom, my feet took me to the bedroom where Zayn was lay in bed.


I smiled lightly at him. 'You know maybe we can try and fix this?' he whispered, the talking started fast, I went and sat down on the bed, I sat cross legged behind Zayn. 'I just wonder what changed' he spoke, 'I think we know' I sighed. 'I don't want to have to get to know you again, it took long enough for you to fuck me before' he spoke, I sighed but blushed. 'I don't want to feel paranoid when ever your around her' I didn't say her name, he knew who I meant. 'You don't need too, she isn't anything too me' he turned to me.


'I just… the way she looks at you Zayn, its the way I look at you' I whispered and turned my face from him, 'I don't care how she looks at me' he told me, 'I think your convincing yourself, more than me' I whispered, 'You don't understand Brook' he was getting angry. 'I love you so much, I wouldn't put up with you if I didn't, your bitchy your moody and your so bloody stubborn! Your everything I thought I hated in a girl, but your so beautiful, and your smart, funny, and that out numbers it all, you think I would put up with it all if I didn't love you!' he shouted. It was rare Zayn confessed his feeling like this.


I was silent I didn't know what to say. 'You can't expect me to just have you come back here and be completely fine, its been a week Brook, I have had a week to fall back in love with you, before hand it only took a day, so what I am trying to figure out is, why don't I feel like I did before?!' he spoke, 'So you don't love me?' I croak, 'No-.. Fuck Brook I didn't mean that, I just-... why is it so much harder this time around' he was frustrated, he sat down on the bed and I didn't know how to react. The boy I gave my heart to just told me, he doesn't feel the same way any more. 'Say something, anything' he whispered. 'Do you need to get to know me again?' I asked him, 'What do you mean?' he asked me. 'Do you need to like, redo... learn who I am' I whispered.


'I didn't forget you Brook' he whispered, 'That's how it feels...' I whispered, he turned to me. 'What do we do?' he asked, 'Should we just call it quits' I asked him, and turned so he couldn't see me cry. 'You mean break up?' he stuttered, I nodded. 'Is that what you want?' he asked me, I shook my head and dried my eyes 'No, not at all, I just... you can't be someone’s girlfriend, or fiancée if you don't know them' I whispered, 'I do know you' he tried to touch my hand, he gripped it tight. That made it worse, 'You said you didn't know me any more, Zayn why don't you get to know me' I tell him, 'So friends' he asked me, I nodded 'And when you get to know me again, then we can try again... I just can't keep thinking things are okay, because we both know they are not' I tell him.


He nodded, and I am sure he was crying. I turned to look at him, no tear left his eyes, but they were red and puffy. The engagement ring I wore around my neck, on a chain was taken off. He watched my movement, 'You give it back to me when your ready' I tell him, and put it in his hand, and I closed his hand for him. 'You can keep it, because your still mine' he told me, I laughed a little and wiped my eyes. 'No, you need it, I don't want to wear it if we aren't together' I tell him, he nodded and put it in his side draw.


'This doesn't mean, we date other people because we tried that' he told me, I shook my head 'I don't know, just see what happens okay, lets wait until this drug business is over and we get the information from Leo, and sort it out then okay?' I asked him, 'That could be months' he told me, 'I know, that months to learn how to love me again' I smiled, and held his hand, he smiled 'Come ere' he told me. I moved, 'Kiss me, once more?' he begged me, I nodded and kissed him. 'Are you telling me I can't do that when ever I want now?' he asked, I sighed and laughed 'No, you can't I tell him, 'Not even this' he asked tracing fingertips up my thigh, I shiver and smile 'No' I whispered, a shaky breath, 'and not this...' he spoke and kissed my sweet spot, I moaned lightly. 'Defiantly not' I whisper.


'This is going to be tough' he whispered, 'Very' I agree. I moved from him, 'I will move out too' I tell him, 'No, that's too far, I still need to keep you safe... friend' he smirked, I laughed at him. 'Okay, what about rooms' I asked him, 'Tonight just stay with me, please' he begged, 'Okay' I nodded, I pulled back the covers of our.. Zayn's bed. 'Can we like, cuddle?' Zayn asked like a five year old, making me smile. 'Its the last night for a while so sure' I smiled, and his arms were around me and it felt like old times, I do love him of course I do. I just, don't want him to think he has to love me. 'Cuddling is nothing, not compared to me fucking you senseless in the shower' he smirked in my ear, I laughed. 'Goodnight friend' he smiled, 'Good night' I giggled.


And I suppose you could say I fell asleep in the arms of my best friend.




Next time in dark:


'He's single, its all to play for' Perrie snapped at me, 'You stay away from him' I whispered, so the boys couldn't hear me in the other room. 'Why should I? He's single, I am single... it could work' she smirked, 'I told you back off' I yelled, 'Oh princess, your not going to tell me what to do' she smirked, 'You fucking touch him, and I swear to god your dead' I tell her, 'You and what army?' she teased.



'Josh?! Were you even going to tell me!?' Zayn yelled in my face, 'I didn't think you needed to know' I defended myself, 'Calm down man' Harry tried to calm Zayn, 'Don't fucking touch me' he snapped. 'Brook your so stupid! After everything he did to you, to the boys, to me, to us! You welcome him back with fucking open arms!' he shouted, 'Zayn I did-..' Liam cut me off, 'How the fuck is he still alive?' Liam asked me. 'He won't be alive for fucking long' Zayn growled, 'Don't please' I begged him, 'and you wonder why its so hard to fucking love you!' he stormed out of the room, leaving a smirking Perrie.




Don't hate me guys, its all part of the plan. Do we like Bad Perrie? I do I think she's great! <3 I love her in real life though she's so nice, and I love Zerrie! But for the purpose of this fanfic, Zook all the way!!

Please, like comment and favourite. I love when you comment because I love knowing what you think about it all, so please do COMMENT EVERYONE! <3 I LOVE YOU ALL !!




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