Dark ll || Z.M

'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped.


26. Forgive Me.

Songs for this chapter

It is what it is - Life house.

Half A heart – One Directions

The Last Time – Gary Light foot and Taylor Swift.

Brook's Pov


I ran up the stairs as fast as my feet would take me, 'Brook slow down, what's going on?' He asked me, I threw things back into my bag. 'I am sorry but I need to go' I whispered to myself, I cried hard, things were so bad right now. I needed Zayn. I don't care what he has done, I don't care how much he wants me to go, I want to go and sit with him and have him tell me that he wouldn't let anyone hurt me again. 'Brook stop' Joe spoke and pulled my arm, 'What did my sister do?' he asked me, 'I told you, she waned me dead... and now … look I need to go' I shake with fear, 'Please don't' he begged, 'You don't need me here, you barely know me' I sighed, and grabbed my bag throwing it over my shoulder.


I walked down the stairs, 'I am sorry about the mess' I told Joe's mother, 'It's fine, is everything okay?' she asked me, I nodded 'I am going to have to go' I whispered, 'Oh so soon?' I heard Mia, I shook my head, 'Tell Joe I am sorry' I whispered again, my throat was sore from all the shouting and screaming that had been done in the passed 24 hours. I walked down the driveway, not looking around. I walked down the cold street, I thought about calling Zayn, maybe I should. He loves me right? Then the things he did entered my head again, 'Just do it!' I tell myself. I shake away the thought and I walk down the street, I find a bar and think maybe a drink will clear my mind.


I walked inside, and the smoke hit my face. The music was slow and sensual, and I sighed sitting down at the bar. 'What can I get you?' he asked me, I shrugged 'Anything' I told him, and he put a fruity number in front of me. I smiled a thank you his way, I didn't know what to say, I don't think anything was needed to be said. I looked at my phone, and Joe called me three times, I shook my head and ignore the calls. Then I saw I had a missed call, from Zayn. I stepped outside to the cold air and heard his slurred voice in the phone. 'Hey, I know you don't want to hear from me, but I’m at your grave... and I am little bit drunk... I am-..' it cut off, 'Why was he at my grave?' I whispered to myself. I tried to call back, but it was engaged. Shit.


I grabbed my bag and ran out of the bar, and walked the street. Finding my way back to the house that was once my home, I sighed and ran up the steps to the house, and banged on the door. 'Brook?' A shocked Liam opened the door, 'Where's Zayn?' I asked him, 'Out, he left before hand' he told me, 'Why are you back?' he asked me, 'I got a message from Zayn' I sighed and ran my fingers through my already messy hair. 'He was at my grave' I panic, 'Should you even care?' Liam asked me, I shook my head 'Probably not' I shook my head again, 'I need you to help me find him' I told him, he shook his head 'No, he can suffer the consequences himself this time' he told me, 'how could you say that?' I gasped. 'Come on in' Liam grabbed my arm, I yanked it away and through my bag at him, and ran, he shouted but didn't run after me.


I ran down to wear my grave was, I sighed as I reached there and no one was there. I went to my grave stone, that felt so weird to say. I looked on the floor and found an empty bottle of pills. This isn't good. Why was Zayn having anti- depressants. I felt tears prick my eyes as I stood up and looked around for someone, but the empty bottle lies still in my hand and I feel myself begin to fall. I stop myself, when I hear rustles in the bushes. 'Hello?' I asked, 'Brook?' I heard a broken voice, I knew that voice It was Zayn, I turned around completely and looked at the broken mess before me.


I run over to him, and throw the bottle. I grab his face, softly touching his cheeks with my small hands. I run my fingers softly through his hair, 'I am so sorry' I whispered, and pushed my forehead against his. His hands touched my waist, and he put them under my shirt, though his hands were cold, the warm feeling was nice to me. I smiled so lightly it couldn't be seen, 'You had me worried' I whispered, 'Don't leave me again' he croaked, I sighed and shook my head 'I am here for how ever long you want me' I shook my head, and kissed his cheek. 'I want you forever' he spoke, 'Then that's how long you got me for' I smiled at him, he pulled me tightly to his chest. 'I hated this' he whispered, 'I hate the way I made you feel' he sighed.


'Zayn stop, what's done is done' I whispered, 'Just no more lies' I pulled away, 'I won't' he told me. He sat down and pulled me with him, 'Stay here with me' he begged, I nodded. 'Why did you do that?' I asked him, and took the bottle of pills from the floor, 'I was stupid' he whispered, 'Was it because of me?' I asked him, he nodded and I let the guilt swallow me. 'Don't look qt me like that, it wasn't suppose happen' he shuddered, 'I am sorry you felt like there was no other out' I told him, 'I wasn't trying to fucking kill myself' he snapped, 'I just didn't want to feel anything for a while' he told me with sombre eyes.


'I am here now, just don't push me away' I told him, he nodded and put an arm over my shoulder. 'Did Harry fuck you like I did?' he asked me, his dirty mouth still made me flush 'Zayn...' I warned, 'I was just asking, did he know you like it when …' he stopped and demonstrated, running his fingers along my collar bone, I smiled and bit my lip, 'Or when I did this?' he asked me, and ran one hand over my thigh, and brushed across my crotch, 'Did he know you liked the teasing the best?' he asked me, I turned to face him. I clasped my legs together to try and top the tingles he was giving me, I touched his jaw the way he liked it, and kissed his lips softly, he wanted more but the taste of the whiskey on his breath put me off, though the vibrant taste of him was so much more intoxicated.


'We should get you home' I told him and stood up tugging him with me, I smiled at him and he stumbled. 'Where did I find you?' he asked me, I shrugged. 'Why do I deserve you?' he touched my cheek. 'Come on' I whispered, 'Let's go' I told him, he held my hand. 'Does this mean we are...' he trailed off, still slightly drink and high. 'Only if you promise not to do this again, and no more lies, you tell me now everything you ever did that I deserve to know about' I told him, he stopped in his tracks, 'Is there something else?' I asked, 'Can I tell you when I am sober' he asked me, that numb feeling took over. He had more? There was more things about him that I didn't know.


'Please don't worry' he touched my arm, I shook my head. 'Its difficult to' I let out a nervous chuckle. 'Can we go?' he said, nodded and we walked. We walked home slowly walking, when we reached the front door. Liam opened it before we even got there, 'You found him then?' he snapped, 'Yeah no thanks to you' I send a a fake smile his way. Me and Zayn walked up the stairs when we got inside, and we walked passed Harry, he sent me a worried stare but I shook my head telling him it was fine. Zayn sat down on the bed taking off his shirt and throwing it on the floor lying there with his shirt of and tight jeans on, he took a deep breath and said my name, I knew he was falling asleep, his whispers soon faded into soft snores.


'Brook' I heard, I turned and saw Harry. I walked out of the room with him and closed the door behind me. 'I didn't think we would be seeing you for some time' he spoke, 'Yeah, me neither' I sighed. 'Louis has gone now' Harry told me, I nodded. 'Zayn told you to leave didn't he?' Harry asked as we walked into his room, and I sat down on his bed. 'Yeah, I did but I found him in a bad state and you know... I just knew I wouldn't be able to tell him no again' I sighed, 'So what then?' Harry spoke, 'I am giving him one more chance' I sat up and looked at him, his eyes now lost the soft green they once held. 'Are you fucking mad?' he asked me.


'Harry I know that its-..' he cut me off, 'Your stupid' he rolled his eyes. 'I am not even going to try and talk you out of it because you'll just end up doing this same shit over and over again!' he shouted at me, 'It will be different this time' I whispered, 'Different how? How is it going to be different!' he boomed, 'Harry I know your not happy about this but please try and be supportive, its hard enough as it is' I snapped, 'A relationship shouldn't be hard, it should be easy' he spoke, 'you want me to support something that I can't stand, because I hate the idea of him being able to hurt you again' he told me.


'Harry you don't need to look after me' I told him, 'Well someone does' he replied dryly. 'I know your only trying to look out for me but Zayn needs me and I hate to say it but I really do need him' I whispered, 'Do you ever just get that feeling that when someone is away for so long, you find it hard to breath with out them there?' I asked him, he nodded. 'Every second your gone it gets a little harder' he whispered back to me, 'Harry, you need to move on' I told him, 'You can't expect me to when every time you hurt him or he hurts you, you come running to me with your legs wide open!' he shouted, then paused when he realised what he said. 'I am going to say you were just angry' I replied hurt by his words.


'You know its true, that's why your not mad' he whispered, 'You run to me every time and Brook... I can't keep thinking that your going to choose me, because you have chosen him so many times, that I just hate him... I can't stand him, I care more about you than any other fucking person on the god damn planet' he spat with venom, 'I keep thinking your going to leave him for good one day then I remember he is fucking god's gift isn't he?!' he hissed. 'Please Harry... I don't want to do this' I begged him, 'Your going to get hurt again Brook' he warned me, 'and that's my choice' I snapped at him.


'Will you miss if I leave?' he whispered, two fists against the wall. 'Don't talk like that...' I whispered, 'Would you miss me?' he asked me, 'I would' I tell him, 'then don't let me go' he whispered, 'I really don't want to' I tell him. 'Then kiss me?' he asked me, 'Harry' I tell him, 'No Brook please... .kiss me' he cried, puffy red eyes. Did it hurt him this much? Did I break him like Zayn Broke me. 'Harry I can't kiss you' I tell him, his bottom lip quivers and his eyes dry.


'Then please let me go' he whispered, 'I don't think I want to' I tell him, 'You don't want to be with me, but you don't want me to be with someone else! … Just let me be happy!' he shouted, 'I am so sorry' I whispered, 'Then this is the last time, the last time you ever hurt me, the last time I say that its always been you... I won't hurt you any more... and you won't hurt me' he whispered, 'You never hurt me' I told him, 'Which is why am better for you... but if you want him to break you again then go ahead because I can't fight for you any more its hurting me so much Brook... and I don't think I can do it any more' he told me.


I didn't realise I had hurt him this much. I hate forced him to feel this way, I hoped he would always be there with me, and for me. I couldn't expect him to stay single could I. I had to let him be happy, even if it wasn't with me. 'I am going to go out' he whispered, 'Please don't leave because of me' I whispered, 'I am leaving for me, just for a few hours... please don't blame yourself' he told me, 'Its my fault' I whispered and dried my eyes. The curly boy left then, I didn't know when I would see him again.


I just wish I didn't let him walk out, because I couldn't forgive myself for what was about to happen to him. Please Forgive Me?



I am seriously considering doing something drastic to this story now, and I don't know if you would like it or not, I have thought about it for a while. But I still want it to be surprise, so tell me what YOU think should happen to Harry. What you think will happen next.

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