Dark ll || Z.M

'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped.


51. Forgetting.

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Brook's Pov


I came down the stairs to see what my life should have been like every day for the past year. Zayn was stood in the kitchen, trying to make breakfast, I smirk as he swears at the pan for burning the food. I laughed and walked forward, he turned and smiled. “I was going to bring you breakfast in bed but fuck it” he smirked, and threw the spatula down. “It was a nice thought” I laughed at him and kissed him sweetly.


“Sit down” he told me point to the table, he pulled out an envelope and sat down opposite me. “Now, I have a surprise” he spoke, I smirked. “What do you mean?” I asked him, “When I went out and didn't tell you where I was going?...” he trailed of, I nod for him to continue. “I went and bought you something” he spoke, “Zayn, you didn't have to” I shook my head for him, reached across to touch his hands. “I wanted to” he squeezed my hand.


“You've been hurt. You've been fucked around, you've helped and cared for a lot of people your fucking shouldn't off, me being one of them, but everyone spat it back in your face. So screw them all, your so much better than anyone I know, so smile... and just fucking take what I got you” he smirked, I laughed lightly smiling warmly at the boy I was so desperately in love with, and the boy who I couldn't wait to spend forever with. Zayn then pushed the envelope in front of me.


I took a deep breath and opened it, smiling as I did so. Inside was pictures, and more pictures. They were of a wonderful country house, with field around it. The rooms were large and bright, with fireplaces, and bare walls. “These are nice... but I don't understand” I smirk up at him, and he laughed. “I bought you a house” he told me, I smirked “This one?” I asked him, he nodded and smiled at me flashing his teeth. “Why did you buy me a house you fool” I smile and lean over the table to kiss him.


“A new start, a new house” he spoke, “It's in your name, so its yours, everything... every brick is yours” he told me, “You didn't need to do this” I spoke, “Do you like it?” he asked me, and I nodded. “It's perfect... so are you” I told him, he smiled at me and stood up. “When shall we move in?” he asked me, “Any time” I told him, “Now?” he asked me, I nodded slowly and unsure. I didn't know if I was ready to leave this house behind, because day by day people were leaving this house, and I didn't know I could leave it yet.


Zayn came and stood behind my chair, and bent down to kiss my neck. “Should we pack?” he asked me, I shook my head and stood up putting the pictures down in the envelope. “Why?... Is something wrong?” he asked softly, grabbing my face. I took his hands, and lowered them. “Everything is perfect... and I just think, everything is going to fast... not with us... just leaving everything behind is hard, and I think we should wait a while before we leave this house” I told him, he nodded and sighed.


“I mean we haven't just had bad times here... there have been plenty of good times too” I spoke, and he nodded slowly. “Let's not rush” I spoke, and he kissed my forehead. “I have waited a year I can wait a few more weeks” he spoke. “After the wedding” I told him, he cocked his head “We move into that house after the wedding, then we start as husband and wife in that new house” he told me, I nodded “Exactly” I spoke and lace my arms around his neck, planting and everlasting kiss.


“I am going to see Niall today” Zayn told me, I nodded slowly. “You going to come?” he asked, I shook my head. “I am going to clean this place up its a mess, and then call Liam find out where he got too” I told him, he nodded and moved from beneath me, as if the mention where Liam is knocked him sick, “There's something your not telling me” I state, and he snapped his head to me, “Why do you think that?” he asked, “Because I know you Zayn Malik” I smirk, trying to keep light.


“Don't be mad at me, I told him not to” he defended himself straight away, I suddenly went from happy to concerned. “What is it? What's Liam done?” I asked, “It's what he's doing” he told me, “And what would that be?” I frowned, “He couldn't get anyone to do the drugs, so he is doing it himself” Zayn told me, and now my smile was completely gone, nothing was going to make me feel worse than that. I was silent.


“Brook” Zayn spoke cautiously, I shook my head. “Just go and see Niall” I told him, and sighed. “No, not if your mad at me” he spoke, “I am not mad at you, please go” I begged him to go. “No, you are... I know you Brook...” he mocked my earlier statement. “This is exactly why I didn't tell you” he spoke, I looked to him. “I am not mad at anyone... Liam should of told me, he shouldn't be doing it on his own...” I told him, he sighed. “Call him, try and convince him, considering we are staying in this place, one more piece of the past won't hurt right?” he seemed to snap.


“Don't try and cause a fight Zayn” I snap back at him, “We are having a lovely morning so far, go and see Niall, I will speak to Liam, and then we forget this conversation happened, deal?” I spoke, “We make to many deals” he spoke, “Deal?” I repeat with authority, he nodded and kissed my cheek, leaving before we could argue any more. Since when did we leave like this, with no fuss. It was since we learnt we don't want to loose each other.


I rushed to the living room to find my phone. I called the number four times before I got an answer. Liam's tired voice spoke, “Brook?” he mumbled, “Your such a dick!” I shouted, “What?” he was dazed, “Your doing that drug thing on your own” I snap, he hummed a yes. “You understand if you get caught your going to prison for life!” I shout, “Brook, would you stop worrying” he asked me, “How are you so calm” I yell, “Because it will be okay” he spoke, “You don't know that” I almost yell again, but take a deep breath.


“Call it off” I tell him, he laughed. “I am serious” I spoke sternly, “I know, that's why I am laughing” he spoke in such an obnoxious voice, I rolled my eyes. “You promised me nothing stupid” I told him, “I am doing this for you” he replied. “Don't you dare try to pin this on me” I told me, he was smirking and I could tell. “I am going to be fine Brook, besides I need a little adventure of my own... I don't need your permission Brook, I am doing it, end of” Liam smirked, I roll my eyes for the final time. “I am sick and tired of people being hurt because of me... at least this time if you get hurt I won't be blaming myself” I snap at him and hang up the phone.


Zayn's Pov


I arrive at the hospital and think about me and Brook. We do make far to many deals, and its the deals that keep our relationship sweet. It should be natural that we find common ground, or a compromise, instead we had to search for it and keep on digging for something that I am not even sure is there any more. I walked into the hospital room to find Niall smirking at a pretty nurse, I wouldn't put it passed him to flirt in a death situation. The girl was pretty short brown hair and bluey-green eyes that were simple.


“Hey man” I spoke, and the nurse scurried off. “Pulling?” I smirk at him, he nodded and laughed. “What's up man?” Niall asked and I sat down next to him. “I am going to give you some money to get a place, and sort yourself out” I told him, “You don't have to” he told me. “I want to, you know its nice having a friend that doesn't constantly hit on my girlfriend” I smiled he laughed. “How's Brook?” he asked me, “She is good, at the moment she is screaming at Liam down the phone” I chuckle softly, “What did he do?” Niall asked, “The drugs, he is going to do them on his own” I explained.


“I didn't think he would actually go through with it” Niall spoke up, “You knew?” I frown. “No, he had mentioned he would do it no one else would, but I thought he would just be bluffing” he sighed. “Liam doesn't bluff” I spoke, he nodded in agreement. “Something bothering you?” Niall asked me, “I don't know” I told him, “Come on, talk to me” Niall spoke, and it was like being a teen age girl in movie talking about boy problems.


“I asked Brook to move into a new house with me, and she doesn't want to go” I told him, “Ouch” he spoke. “That's really fucking helpful, thanks” I rolled my eyes. “You know what I mean” Niall spoke, “She isn't going to adjust as easy, she has had a lot of changes in the past few months, and change scares her” he spoke, and I understood what he was trying to say. “I am trying to make us move on though” I explain, “She had a lot of history with that house, and a lot of memories and emotions stored there, she doesn't want to let go to quick” Niall told me.


“How do you know all this, and I don't? She is meant to be my fiancée” I sighed, and he smiled lightly. “I have known her for longer” Niall spoke. “She just needs time” he told me. “Time is one thing we are running out of” I told him, “What do you mean by that?” Niall asked ,I looked to him and shook my head softly. “Nothing” I whispered, “Zayn...” Niall frowned, “Look, Me and Brook can work, we all know that... but the longer we live in the past the more time that we spend there... the chances of us breaking again are more likely” I told him.


“How is Louis?” he asked me, “You know he left right?” I asked him, he nodded slowly. “I wondered if he called?” he asked, I shook my head. “We know he is okay though, he is a few miles north last time he contacted us” I explained, he nodded slowly. “We are all done with this gang then?” Niall asked, “I think its about time we all grew up” Zayn spoke. “Grow up?” Niall smirked, “Yeah... I mean we have had some good times, but I don't want to end up like Steve in my 30's and still hoping for revenge” I told him, he nodded in agreement.


I with Niall then. We compared our relationship with Brook. I should have been mad, and I should of got jealous. However the things she did now, were the things she did back then. The same little things, they way she twirled her hair when she got tired, or rolled her eyed when she was annoyed. Brook hadn't changed. The things that she has been through put her too the test, they pushed her and pushed her, but she still didn't change. Niall told me the story of her first time cliff diving, I never would of let her do it, but he did and though she could of died she didn't. I told him about the first time I met her, and he rolled his eyes and said, “That's terrible” but he laughed.


Brook's Pov


I had calmed down. I had. I hadn't. I was still so mad a Liam. I was sick of people telling me they were doing things for me, I didn't ask them too. I began to tidy up, putting all the old bottles out and doing dishes. This house hadn't been cleaned in a while, because of everything that had happened. I looked around and was happy with it. I sat down at the table with a glass of orange juice in front of me, and I picked up my phone.


I knew Zayn wouldn't be back for a while. I called Harry. Just to see how he was doing. Nothing more and nothing less, Zayn knew I would. He had to trust me. Three rings and he answered, “Brook? Hey” Harry spoke confused. “Hi” I sighed and smile hearing his warm voice, “What's wrong?” he asked me, “Why does something have to be wrong?” I asked him, “I just thought with you calling me, something would of happened that's all” he seemed to shrug. “No, nothing... I just wanted to see how you were” I explained.


“I am good thanks, I am back at home now with my mum” he spoke, “That's great” I told him, he hummed a yes.


“What about you?” he asks me, “How are you?” he asked, I smile. “I am good” I tell him, he let out a breath. “How's America treating you?” I ask, “It's good” he spoke. “Harry is there something wrong?” I asked him, “No... well... I just didn't expect you to be calling me” he told me, “I told you I would” I spoke, “Yeah, but... Brook you know I love you, and I just want you to be happy and you won't be happy with Zayn if your still making the effort with me” he spoke.


“This is the first time I have called” I defend, “I know, but you shouldn't off” he told me. “Harry, you can't just shut me out” I told him. “I know that, and that's not what I am doing. I am giving you space okay?” he frowned, I shook my head. “I don't need space, you know what I need?” I asked him, “What?” he whispered, “I need every single fucking person to stop thinking they know what is best for me! Only I know what I need, I don't need Liam risking his live for me, I didn't need Niall to take that bullet for me, I don't need Zayn trying to make me forget everyone, and you know I really don't need you fucking pushing me away” I snap at him, and I feel like tears will fall at any minute.


Then silence is on the phone. “Sorry, but I can't do it” Harry spoke, “I do need space” he whispered and I sighed. “So what you just going to pretend like I didn't exist?” I shout at him down the phone, “Brook...” he began, “You know excuse me for thinking you were different, your just like everyone else, you gave up...” I yell, “I didn't give up... there was just nothing to fight for” he told me, “So you not going to give me away now?” I asked him, “I didn't say that” he defends.


“I won't call” I sighed in defeat, “Just text me so I know your safe” I whispered. “Thank you” he told me, “The next time I am going to call you is when you need to be here for the wedding” I told him, he hummed and sad yes. “Goodbye” I sigh, just waiting to hear his low voice once more that softens my ears, but I don't, I hear a shaky breath and he hangs up. Nothing, not even so much as a goodbye. He couldn't say goodbye, because this time he couldn't kiss me.


After wallowing in my own self pity for a while, Zayn arrived home. “Brook?” he called, “In here” I tell him as he walked down the hall to me. “Hey” I give a weak smile. “You okay?” He asked, and I nod slowly. “How are things with Liam?” he asked, brushing a strand of hair from my face, “Not good, how's Niall?” I asked him, “Really good actually, we talked about you” he told me, “Me?” I ask, he nodded. “We shared stories” he spoke, opening up a bottle of beer from the fridge.


“Nice work cleaning” he spoke, and sipped his beer walking over and kissing me softly, “What else have you done today?” he asked, I looked at him and his sweet face. Seeing Zayn happy was enough to make me forget everything else, I loved him this way. I loved him anyway. However when he smiled it burnt his name into my soul, and it was all I needed. “Nothing, I have nothing” I tell him, forgetting the conversation with Harry.


If Harry was forgetting, I was forgetting, and if I was forgetting Zayn was forgetting. We were all forgetting.



Little bit of a filler chapter. But some good stuff coming soon. :)

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