Dark ll || Z.M

'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped.


46. First Time In Forever.

Brook's Pov


Me and Zayn arrived at the hospital and walked up to Niall's room. I smiled and looked him, “I told you he would be okay” he told me, I nodded at him. We opened the door Niall's room, and he was sat up. He looked pale, I sighed but smiled at him. “You idiot” I laughed and ran over to him hugging him lightly, “Miss me?” he asked, I nodded and pulled back from him, “I thought you were going to die” I spoke tears in my eyes.


“Well your not getting rid of me that easily” he told me, I nodded and held his hand. “Where's Harry?” he asked, “He just got on a flight” I heard Zayn, I looked down but smiled at Niall. “I didn't think he was leaving yet” he spoke, “No one did” Liam spoke. “Can we talk about someone else?” I asked, letting go of Niall's hand, everyone mumbled a yes. “Touched a nerve?” Niall asked, “I just don't want to talk about it” I told him, he nodded slowly.


“What are we all going to do now then?” Louis asked, everyone gathered around the bed. “Is this is?” Niall asked, “Are we done for another adventure?” he asked. I smiled at him, “Well?” Zayn asked us all, “It feels like we are all breaking up with each other” Liam laughed, I smirked at him laughing. “No, we are just done with this adventure” I spoke looking at all the boys. “Harry is gone already, I mean... we are all moving on at the minute, and maybe that’s a good thing, we forget about everything that has happened” I spoke, they all nodded.


“Its weird isn't it?” Zayn asked, “It all being over, I mean we might still have Dominic and Riley on our backs, but that isn't going to bother any one now” he spoke, I laughed lightly. “No more of everyone doing stupid things to save me” I spoke, “We would all do it again” Liam smiled at me, “I don't think I ever thanked you boys for saving Brook” Zayn spoke, and grabbed my hand, I looked up at him smiling.


We spent about five more hours at the hospital laughing and joking with Niall, and the others. I feel like for the first time in forever, I was a normal girl with her boyfriend. I sat on Zayn's lap with his arms around me, as he laughed loudly at something Liam said. I looked around at the damage I had caused, Niall was half alive, Louis and Zayn's friendship would never be the same, Liam held some things against Zayn, and one very important person in our life was missing. Though damaged, some how we were all still laughing, I smile at the boys around me. The boys that have saved me.


I then felt my phone ringing in my pocket, I saw it was Harry, he must have landed. “Excuse me” I spoke to everyone and went into the corridor. “Harry” I spoke, “Hey” he seemed to smile. “Niall's woke up” I smiled, “Really? Thats... Thats great” he told me, I smiled. “You landed safely?” I asked him, he hummed a yes. “Good” I spoke. “Sorry I kissed you” he told me, I sighed “It's okay” I spoke, “Did you tell Zayn?” he asked worry in voice, “No, he said he didn't want to know” I spoke, he was silent like he was processing the information.


“What time is it over there?” I asked, “In New York it is 4:44am” he spoke, “Five hours difference” I spoke, “Yeah, its going to take some getting use to... a lot of getting use too” he spoke, I nodded and hummed a yes. “Well I will let you go then, go and get some sleep” I told him, “You don't have to let me go” he spoke, I didn't know in what context he meant that in. I didn't mind either way, “I won't” I smiled, “Goodnight Brook” he told me, I smiled “Goodnight Harry” I told him, and hung the phone up.


I walked back in the room, “Harry has landed safely” I spoke, they all nodded and Zayn looked down pursing his lips. I went over and lifted his chin up, and kissed him. “I'm yours” I remind him, “Your mine” he repeated back to me, convincing himself. I smiled at looked at him, I looked back to Niall who was lay on the bed.

“I hate to be rude but do we mind if we leave, I am really tired” I asked Niall, he shook his head. “I understand” he spoke, “Well, I guess I will see you soon” I spoke standing up. I walked over to him and hugged him tightly, “Thank you for saving me” I spoke, he laughed and hugged me back harder. “I would do it again” he smiled as I pulled back, “Well you won't have too” I spoke, he nodded and kissed my cheek, “Go” he told me.


I walked over to Zayn and took his hand. I smiled at him, “Let's go?” I asked him, he nodded and walked out of the room with me and down the corridor. We got out to the car, and I got inside sitting down I felt Zayn's hand on my thigh, “I love you” he whispered to me, I smiled and kissed him. “I love you” I told him, he smiled and started the car. I looked down to my phone and saw I had a new text, it was from Joe.


I hadn't spoken to Joe since he came round crying about his sister. I felt guilty knowing what had happened to her, and for not telling him. I had to protect Louis though, and I wasn't willing to let Louis go down for murder. The text simply said “Hey, can we talk?” it was never going to be good when that was said. I had a feeling that the evening that had turned our rather perfect, was about to be ruined. I looked to Zayn, I know he would hate me to see given this was meant to be our fresh start. “What?” Zayn asked as I stared, he smirked. I laughed and shook my head, “Nothing” I whispered.


I looked back down to my phone and hesitate to reply, “Hi” I say back. Waiting for the reply I tap my fingers nervously, I don't get one. We arrive at home, and Zayn leaves me to shower. I change and lie down on our bed, then my phone calls. “Hello?” I asked, “Brook?... It's Joe” he spoke. “Hey” I smiled lightly, he was silent on the end of the phone, “We need to talk” he seemed to be hurting, I sighed and looked around the room. “I can't at the minute” I spoke. “You have too, meet me at the park in half an hour” he spoke, “Joe, I said I can't” I told him. “You meet me or I tell the police about Louis and how my sister really died” he snapped, and hung with the phone.


I shook my head putting the phone down. I stood up and threw on a pair of jeans. Zayn was going to get out of the shower and I would be gone, he would think the worst. However I know he wouldn't let me go, so I called Louis. He answered, “Hey?” he asked slightly dazed, “Come home get your things and run” I rushed over my words, “Whoa, slow down” he spoke, “Louis, Joe knows” I told him, trying to slide on my shoes. “How?!” he was suddenly panicked. “I don't know, I am going to meet him now” I spoke, “On your own?” Louis asked, I hummed a yes. “No, what he tries to hurt you” he sighed, “He wouldn't, look I am going” I told him, “You run” I told him and hung up the phone.


I walked down the stairs, “Brook?” I heard Zayn yell, “Shit” I mumbled and turned around. He stood at the top of the stairs with just a towel hanging from his hips. “Where are you going?” he asked walking down the stairs, “I just have to sort something out...” I trail of and pull my coat on. “that doesn't answer the question” he frowned. “Look, I am doing that closing old doors thing, trust me okay?” I asked him, “You make it difficult” he sighed. “I am going to be okay, okay?” I reached for his face and touched his cheek softly.


“Please, don't be doing anything stupid” he spoke, “Don't try and follow me?” I asked him, he nodded slowly. “If your not back in an hour, I will find you” he spoke, I nodded and kissed him softly. “Thank you for trusting me” I spoke, he smiled and kissed my forehead, “Be safe” he told me, and I zipped up my coat. “I always am” I kissed him. I opened the door and looked back at him getting a weak smile from him, I gave him one back and closed the door. Taking a step outside it was odd, because Zayn trusted me enough to let me go. He let me go. Why is he letting me go? Why aren't we arguing? Why is he letting me go?!


I walked down the street and sighed. I got to the small park which is the one I hoped he meant. I stood there for a good five minutes in the cold. Just waiting for him to turn up, I heard footsteps behind me as the wind whipped me harshly. “I didn't think you would show” he spoke, I shudder. I felt so comfortable around Joe in the past, but now, now I didn't like being around him. “I wasn't going too” I told him, turning around. “How long have you known?” I asked him, “Not long enough” he spoke. “I couldn't let you know, Louis would of gone to-..” he cut me off, “No.. I am talking now” he snapped.


Zayn's Pov


I heard three heavy knocks at the door. I jogged over expecting it to be Brook, but to my disappointment it was Louis. “Dude” I gasped as he pushed passed me almost knocking me over. “What is going on?” I asked him following him up the stairs, as he grabbed bags and packed his stuff into them. “Louis!” I shouted, “Stop!” I shouted again, and he rolled his eyes looking me dead in the eyes, “I need to leave” he told me, throwing shirts into his bags. “What is happening around here, first Brook running of you now? What is going on?” I asked, thinking the worst, what if she is running away with him. No, she wouldn't - I shook my head.


“She left?” Louis stopped, “She has gone to meet Joe” he told me. Joe? That was the fucking guy she went and stayed with when I kicked her out the other week, it felt like that was a life time ago. “Why is she seeing him?” I spat, “because I killed Mia, she was his sister, and-.. and I didn't think he would find out and Brook lied for him” he spoke nervously still packing, “He is going to be so fucking mad” Louis shook, “No... she can't be alone with him, not if he is mad... I mean you fucking killed his sister is going to be so mad at her for lying to him” I panicked and rushed down the stairs and out the door.


Brook's Pov


“You lied to me” he whispered shaking his head, “It wasn't out of choice” I spoke, “It was though! You chose to lie! You let me come to you and cry! You let me cry to you about my dead sister, who your friend killed” he spoke, I reached for him, “What was it like then?” he snapped, “Louis didn't mean to do, Mia had been pushing us around for far too long” I spoke, “So he just killed her?!” he yelled, “No, he didn't … well did but he wasn't planning on doing it, she was saying to him... about me and various things and he lost it” I spoke, “Just for a split second” I whispered.


“Yeah... and in that split second my sister died” he whispered at me, “After the things he did... you still tried to protect him” he spoke. “I know its stupid but he is my friend! I couldn't let him go down for a stupid mistake he made” I told him, “His mistake, ruined my life” he spoke, “I am sorry for what he did” I spoke, “Sorry won't bring my sister back” he trembled, “I know” I whispered looking down, “I called the police” he whispered. I looked up at him with worried eyes, “You said you wouldn't if I came here” I told him.


“I guess we are both liars” he spoke, I nodded slowly. “You've probably already called him and told him to run” he spoke, I nodded. “They won't catch him, but everyone needed to know what he did” he spoke, I nodded slowly. “They don't have any evidence anyway” he spoke, “I wish I could take back what he did, but I can't... and I know you won't forgive me, you don't have too... but please, call of the search for Louis” I spoke, he shook his head.


“Why would I do that?” he grabbed my arm and yanked me towards him, so our bodies touched. “I'm not on to say an eye for an eye... so he goes to prison or goes on the run I don't care... and I never want to see you ever again” he told me, “Get off me” I snapped at him, yanking my arm away from him. “I wish you would have told me” he whispered.


My phone went off in my pocket. I answered it, “Hello?” I asked, seeing Joe pace the floor in front of me. “Where are you?” it was Zayn and we was panicked. “It's not been an hour yet” I frown, “Where are you?” he ignored me, I sighed/ “The park” I spoke, “I will be there in two minutes, don't move” he ordered me, and he hung up the phone. “Zayn?” he asked me, I nodded slowly. “I suggest you tell Louis to leave now, the police will be around there in about ten minutes” he spoke, “Get him out of there” he told me, how did he hold so much sympathy for the boy that killed his sister.


“Brook, come on” I heard Zayn yell from the edge of the park, I turned my head and went to walk away. “I am sorry for everything Joe” I whispered, “I don't want to hear it” he spoke. I sighed and left running over to Zayn, “We need to get home now” I spoke, “Why?” he asked, checking me over for cuts and bruises. “Because the police are getting there soon, and I am pretty sure Louis won't be gone yet” I spoke, he nodded slowly and took my hand. We ran home, in the rain that was joined by lightening. Why didn't he use the car?


We got back to the house, drenched. “Louis?” I yelled as I barged through the doors, he came thundering down the stairs and jumped into him hugging him. “I need to go” he panicked, I nodded and let go and sniffled. Louis fumbled to find his things he had left around the living room, “W-Where are you going to go?” I stuttered, “A hotel for the night” he rushed around, Zayn helped him throw more things into a bag. Zayn got out his wallet and threw money at Louis, “Get your self somewhere safe” he told him, Louis smiled at him and thanked him.


Three loud bangs came from the front door, flashing blue lights were outside, and loud piercing sirens. ”Leave through the back door, there is an alley and it will lead you down to the main street, keep your head down” Zayn spoke. “Zayn answer the door... tell them we just got back from a date or something like that” I told him, he nodded and hugged Louis lightly, “I forgive you” Zayn mumbled, and it was wonderful to here. Zayn went to open the door, “Stay safe, call me” I spoke, “I am sorry I dragged you into this” he whispered into my neck as we hugged.


“It's fine, now go” I spoke, practically shoving him away. “Thank you Brook” he spoke, I smiled and hugged him once more, my wet hair sticking to him. “I will call” he spoke. “Now go and lie for me again” he whispered, I nodded and watched him run of into the dark. “Brook?”I heard Zayn shout, I snapped back into the real world. I ran over to the front door, “What is i-.. Oh hello?” I act surprised seeing four officers at my door.


“I am sorry to interrupt your evening, but we need to know if you have seen a Louis Tomlinson tonight?” asked the officer, “No, I am sorry I haven't... we've only just got back ourselves” I smiled at Zayn softly, and wrapped my arms around him, “I can see that” he spoke looking at us, “Well Louis isn't here, so … was that all?” Zayn asked, “Do you know where he is?” he asked us, I shook my head, “When did you last see him?” the other officer asked, “Yesterday” Zayn spoke, “We were visiting a friend in hospital” he spoke, I nodded in agreement. “Well sorry for wasting your time” he spoke, and they let us go.


I took a deep breath and walked into the living room with Zayn, I lay in his arms. “Things get better from here don't they?” I asked him, he nodded and stroked my head. “I hope so” he mumbled and ran fingertips down my spine. “Your shivering” he told me, pulling the blanket from the back of the couch and covering us, “Just stay with me Zayn” I begged him, he nodded and hugged me back harder, “I won't ever let you go” he whispered, and kissed me softly letting me fall asleep in his arms which felt like the first time in forever.



Your all so amazing, thank you for reminding me your there. I love reading comments so tell what you like and don't, and what you want to happen.


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