Dark ll || Z.M

'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped.


50. Everyone's Gone.

Brook's Pov


I let go Liam. I hoped deep down Zayn would choose Liam, because he would probably be the most reliable, and with his brutal honestly I could only think of how entertaining the best man's speech would be. I smiled chattering to Liam, and Zayn's hands were on my waist. “I will be right back” he bent over and kissed my cheek, I nodded and happily spoke to Liam. “I get to see you in suit” I smirked, he laughed lightly, and took my hands. “Your happy now, aren't you?” he asked me, I nodded and engulfed him in a hug, “Never been happier” I spoke.


“Who is he on the phone too?” Liam pointed to Zayn through the window, I shrugged. “Maybe Louis?” I suggest, he frowned. “No... No I don't think so” he told me. I walked back into the house, and looked to Zayn, who turned to see me, he wiped away the frown he had and gave a gentle smile. “Who is that?” I whispered, he shook his head “No one” he told me, I raised my eyebrows and cocked my head to the side, “Really?” I asked him, clearly not believing him. “Really” he spoke, and kissed my forehead, “Yeah I am here” he spoke back into the phone, turning his back and leaving walking up the stairs.


Liam walked into the room, “Well?” he asked, I shrugged and sighed. “I don't know” I whispered. “He would tell me wouldn't he?... If it was something serious?” I asked him, he nodded slowly. Unsure. I feel like such an elastic band, I feel so stretched at one point like I am about to snap, but then I recede back to the loose band, and it was like that with Zayn. I was so close to snapping at points, when he would be mysterious and keep secrets. Then we would be together, and it would be loose and I would have room to breath. Now was not one of those times.


Minutes later Zayn came down the stairs, with his clothes on and his jacket on. “Going somewhere?” I called walking down the hall to him, he nodded. “I won't be long, you stay here” he spoke, trying to sweeten me up with his golden voice. “Where is it your going?” I cock my head, “Just out... out” he changed his mind mid sentence, Liam hung back leaning against the door frame. Zayn opened the door, “What are you up to?” I frowned at him, “Don't think the worst of me yet” he smirked, I didn't smirk back. “I thought we said no more secrets?” I asked him, “We did... this isn't a secret, you just don't need to know” he spoke leaving, after leaving a tender kiss on my skin.


Zayn's Pov


I arrived at the house that I was at only days before, I looked at it. Disgusted by it all. The thoughts that weren't processing in my head, only made me need to know more. I knew she had told me all she could, because it pained her to say more, but I knew he would tell me. With everyone saying how much like him I am, I knew he would be honest, and probably tell me all the things I didn't want hear, but needed to know. The door opened before and knocked and the ageing face before me was marked with lines.


I walked in, “Go on, in the kitchen” he spoke, I walked straight and sat down. He held out a whiskey bottle, I shook my head. “I know you don't want to be here” he told me, “No, now just tell me what I need to hear so I can go” I snapped, “Does she even know your here?” he smirked, I looked up at the man with my reflection looking right back at me. “No” I spoke, “So go a head” I snap.


“Her eyes Zayn... They were like pools of blue and she just was waiting for me to swim, tempting me” he spoke to me, “Her eyes are green” I snapped brutally at the words of him. His face was tight with anxiety, “She grew up, she changed” he spoke to me, “Don't sit there and act like you ever really knew her” I warn him. “I did though Zayn, I spent time with her long before you were even part of her life” he told me, a gleam of triumph in his eyes.


“Why her? … She was so young .. so.. so..” I struggled for the words, “Easy?” he smirked sinisterly, I stood up so we were even. “She wanted to be loved Zayn, she wanted to be touched” he snarled, “You tried to rape her” I yelled at him, “Oh is that was she told you?” he smirked, I stopped breathing momentarily. “She wouldn't lie... not to me, not about something like that” I defend the girl, who can't speak for herself. “Wouldn't she?” he asked me. And for a moment he had me questioning everything, I had ever learnt about Brook.


“Did you?” I asked him, “She kissed me, and then what's a guy to do when he is being led on?” he shrugged. The images roamed through my mind, of him touching her. Her leaning into kiss him, and his hands, hands that should only of ever been mine. “I tried more, yes... but I never would of raped her” he told me, “What did you try?” I demand to know, to know my my fiancée has done with my father. “I touched thigh, and reached higher and she didn't stop me.. she was wearing her uniform from school?... It always looked good... innocent” he smirked, not knowing he was doing it.


“The fact that she was in a school uniform should really of made you fucking stop” I snap at him. It bothered me more that he thought she was innocent, I can't imagine her being more innocent than what she was with me, but he would of seen the stage before that, and I could only imagine the little smirk that would be placed on her lips, and the hope she held in her eyes would only be amplified. “I didn't care... neither did she” he spoke, soon after he finished his glass of whiskey.


“Soon enough she moved my hand, and I pulled at her skirt... it was more on impulse” he explained, I could feel myself getting tense at the thought of any of this actually happened. I never asked Brook enough about her past, because the only thing I wanted to see was our future. “Her dad came in, and found us... I never saw her again until the other day” he spoke, I rolled my eyes. “She left me 27 texts and 14 voicemail, I didn't answer a single one... she was blaming herself, and thought she had done something wrong, she had though... she was the one who made the mistake of falling in love” he smirked, and poured another shot of whiskey.


“She wouldn't love someone like you” I spat, “Really, because she fell in love with you” he smirked at me. I knocked the whiskey out of his hand and it shattered on the floor, “I am nothing like you” I spat and grabbed him by the collar, “Really because about 15 years ago, this is exactly how I would of reacted” he spoke, I let him go looking at my hands that were clenched. “Get out Zayn, you clearly don't care what I say” he spoke, and brushed himself of. “I can't... I need to know one more thing” I asked him, “go ahead” he spoke. “Did you ever love her?” I asked him.


He laughed lightly, “I couldn't of, she was so young... and I … I knew he brother like it, he never liked her being with anyone” he spoke, “Why did you care what he brother thought?” I asked nervously, realising with each passing minute, we were getting more and more alike, not personality, but out story with Brook. “He knew people, and thought I did too, I had enough on my plate, and she didn't deserve to get hurt... she already had been” he spoke, and then I felt sorry for him.


Maybe part of him, a small part somewhere deep down inside that that hallow chest of his, he had a small beating heart that once or twice pumped for her. He did what I did, tried to save her from himself. Stop what was happening, before it had gone to far. However, I still didn't change my opinion much, he took advantage of a girl, who was young and fragile, and who wanted to believe that love was real, and he took that from her. “That's it?” he asked me, I nodded. I didn't want to know any more.


I turned around to leave, “Zayn?” he called, I looked back at him. “I hope this means we can move on” he spoke, I looked down. “I don't know...” I spoke, and shrugged. “Does she still play with her hair when she is nervous?” he asked me, and that sentence clarified it all. “No, we can't move on” I told him. The idea of him and Brook was a firm image I didn't want to imagine, though this man before me, seemed to have cared about her, he still used her, and broke her. The things he did to her were still bad, and the way he talked about her like she was some trash from the street that you would even look at twice. I still don't even believe that it happened that simply, the look on her face when she saw him, she was petrified, and that was only a look I had seen once before.


I left the house then, my mind full of unhealthy thoughts. Ones that taunted me, and ones that hurt me more and more the more I thought about them. I hated myself for not saving her from him. I took the long way home trying to wrap my head around it all, and thinking about what I was going to tell Brook. Instead I bumped into another old familiar face, but no confrontation is involved. “Zayn” he spoke lowly, and his hands were in his pocket. “Hey Steve” I replied, and I was calm. Then I heard him say her name, and I was sure I was going to loose it.


“Brook, told you?” he asked me, and I nod reluctantly. “Your going to let her help?” he asked me, I look down. I didn't know if I was going to. I did support her reasons for doing it, I just didn't understand why she would want to help him of all people? “I need to get home” moved passed him, “She told me about the miscarriage” he called down the road, and my body froze in shock. Why did she tell him something so personal to us. “She wouldn't tell you that, your just testing me” I snap at him, he shook his head “I wish I was” he spoke slowly.


“Are you trying to relate to me or something?” I almost yell walking back over to him, “Because this isn't the same thing, your daughter is missing... my daughter is dead” I yelled at him. “Dead” I whispered, “She said you thought it would be a girl” he whispered, “It?... A baby Steve it was a little baby” I snap at him. “I know what it feels like” he spoke, “You don't! … You'll find your daughter and get a happily ever after, I won't get to ever hold my little girl in my arms” I almost break, talking about the loss more openly with Steve than I ever have with Brook.


“At least you know where she is” he spoke, and then my heart fell a little bit for Steve. “Look, I am sorry for you okay, but dragging Brook back into this... your guilt tripping her” I state the simple face she hadn't looked at, “I just want to find my daughter, wouldn't you if you had the chance?” he asked me, I looked down from him. “What makes you think that Brook could even help you?” I asked him, and he shrugged his shoulders. “She is determined, and she wouldn't give up like the rest of the world” he spoke, “It's because she is fucking stupid” I told him, he smirked lightly.


“Let her do it, you can't hold her forever” he spoke, and went to walk away but turned around. “I am sorry for your loss though Zayn, I don't do this emotional shit but I know what its like to loose everything and everyone at once” he told me, I nodded his way. Shit. “We will both do it” I called to him, he turned around and smiled. “You too?” he asked me, “I can't trust you alone with Brook, can I?” I smirk lightly, at the man I would of killed 20 minutes ago. “You probably can't” he admitted, I nodded and turned to walk away.


I admired that man in a strange kind of way. By no means I liked him, I would never. However he had a lot of shit in his life, and through one disaster after the next he went on. Though he might of ruined my life a couple of hundred times, I know why he did it. I walked home, and stepped through the now tired door. “Zayn?” I heard, and stood at the top of the stairs was the women I was going to spend the rest of my life with. I smiled up at her, “Come here” I told her, and she pattered lightly down the stairs.


“Where did you go?” she asked cautiously, like she didn't want to know the answer. “I went to see my dad” I spoke.


Brook's Pov.


I processing this information slowly. “Your dad?” I asked him, he nodded. “He told me he would tell me what happened between you too fully” he explained, and I knew the moment he looked into my eyes now, he would look at me differently. “He only told me, how you two ended, not how you started” he spoke, I nodded slowly. “What is it?” he asked reaching for my cheeks, “You think that I am... different, and that I was a slut for going for him” I spoke, he lifted up my chin. “I would never think that, he manipulated you... you weren't at fault” he spoke, and pulled me into him.


“But please... don't ever kiss my dad again” he whispered as I joke, and like string pulling at my lips, they curve into a smile. “There is it” he smirked, and kissing my happy lips. “I also saw Steve” he spoke, “Zayn what did you do?” I drop his hands, “Why do you always think the worst of me?” he laughed, “I don't, I am just saying” I defend. “I told him we would help” he spoke, I stepped back and smirked. “We?” I asked him, he nodded “It's probably really going to test my patience, and really going to wind me up a lot... but I am going to do it for you” he spoke, and grabbed my hands, taking both my small in his one large.


“Thank you” I told him, he smiled and kissed me softly. “I know its going to be hard for you, but I really do appreciate the gesture” he told me. Then a low cough was heard, and I turned to look up and Liam was there. Suitcases in his hand. “Your going?” I asked him, he nodded slowly. “I thought we were all going to have one more night?” I asked him again, letting go and Zayn. “We were, but I just think its wiser if you two spend some well needed time together” he told us, and I smiled lightly at him.


Zayn and Liam hugged, “I will text you the details of the wedding” Zayn spoke, “Your also coming shopping with me at some point for suit” I told him, and he laughed wrapping me in a hug. “I hope you know what your getting yourself into” Zayn spoke, seemingly referring to something I had no clue about. I looked between the two boys, “I'm not being stupid don't worry” Liam laughed, trying to ease me. “Its a big world out there” I warned him, “This is like a son leaving home” Zayn commented, I smirk up at him.


Liam left then, with out so much more as a goodbye. “Everyone is gone” I spoke, he nodded slowly. “It's weird isn't it?” he asked me, I nodded back at him. “I am going to make a drink do you want one?” I asked him, and walked into the kitchen with him following me. “You told Steve about the miscarriage” he spoke, and I turned around quickly to him. “I was drunk Zayn, and I was scared and lonely and I didn't know what else to--..” he cut me of, by pressing his lips against mine. “I don't care” he spoke, and I pulled back.


“You don't?” I asked him, he shook his head. “It made me understand him more, and he understands me, we understand each other a little bit more now” he spoke, I nodded unsure. “Your a changed man Zayn, please stay like this” I spoke, he nodded and kissed me again. “I am only this nice with you” he spoke, I laughed lightly. “I missed this” I spoke, he nodded. “When no one is around us, we seem to work” he acknowledged, I nodded back at him putting my arms around his neck, “Kiss me?” I asked him, he smirked “Every chance” he laughed.



Well, that wasn't that dramatic as you all thought. It's going to get a lot more dramatic soon! :D

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