Dark ll || Z.M

'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped.


12. Destroyed.

Brook's Pov


I woke up, and moved out of Zayn's arms. 'Morning' he mumbled sitting up in bed, 'Hey' I sighed. I rolled out of bed, and grabbed some clothes and got dressed. 'You don't change in front of friend' Zayn smirked, I laughed and rolled my eyes. 'Are we going to be telling the boys?' Zayn asked me, I sighed 'I think we kind of have too' I tell him, he nodded in agreement. I walked down stairs with Zayn, and into the kitchen.


All the boys were sat there, along with Perrie. I walked passed her and went to sit at the table, I sat next to Harry. 'Morning' he smiled lightly, I smiled back. But my eyes turned to Zayn, I looked to him and he wore a smile. He's acting better than expected. Already I am wondering if he is finding this easy. 'You alright?' I heard Harry's voice, 'Yeah I am fine' I tell him. 'Oh Brook I need to have a word with you' I heard, it was Liam. I nodded 'Now?' I asked him, he nodded and I stood up, seeing Zayn barley give me a second look.


I stood in the living room with Liam, 'What is it?' I asked him, 'My mum and dad' he began, 'Oh... what's wrong?' I asked him, 'They want to have lunch with us, in a few days, to discuss our pregnancy' he lowly chuckled, 'Oh, baby names I guess' I laughed, 'Oh nothing like that, well I hope not' he sighed, 'Well, my mum wants to start making wedding plans' he spoke, 'God this sounds like we are actually getting married' I laughed, 'Well that's not going to happen is it, your with Zayn' he smiled, I looked to the floor and tried to avoid his stare. He was going to find out sooner or later.


'Me and Zayn aren't exactly together any more' I sighed, and looked up at him, he laughed 'Right okay' he chuckled, 'I am serious Liam... We called it off last night' I sighed, he looked at me wide eyed. 'Why?' he asked me, 'We need to get to know each other again' I shrugged, 'that's his excuse?' he asked me, I sighed 'It was mutual Liam' I tell him, 'I am not getting involved' he sighed, 'We still don't tell him about this do we?' I asked, he shook his head 'No, he would still kill if I got you fake pregnant' he smirked, I laughed.


'Can we do the lunch in about a week, I kind of need to relax' I chuckled, he nodded and kissed my forehead. 'Sure' he smiled, I laughed and walked back into the kitchen to join the boys. All of them were sat around the table, including Perrie. 'Well Leo said they are low on members, if we get rid of a few then they are easy game' Perrie spoke, everyone was watching her and listening carefully. 'No, we can't do that, then he will attack us' Harry spoke, 'Yeah, we need to get someone to do that drugs thing' Zayn was frustrated.


I stood there, and Liam was soon stood next to me. 'I see you two are back' Perrie seethed, 'You missed me, I have that effect on people' I smirked right back. 'Enough' Zayn warned us both. 'Look the thing we have to think about it is-...' Zayn was cut off, 'You do the boxing matches for him' Perrie spoke, 'No' I spoke, 'Brook I am going to have to do it' he spoke, 'There must be some other way' I begged, 'No, that's one of his offers, he won't do so much damage if I box for him' Zayn spoke, 'What about you? You'll get hurt, Zayn it will be a set up' I spoke, 'Brook, I don't have a choice' he spoke.


'You said you wouldn't do it' I whispered, he stopped him self from answering. There was a heavy pounding at the front door, 'I will get it' I spoke, and left the room. I walked to the door, and before me was Riley and Dominic, 'Don't worry we aren't here to hurt you' Dominic spoke, 'We came to see the boys' Riley pushed passed me, and I was slightly shocked, soon enough I closed the door and followed them to the kitchen.


'Boys! Though about our offer?' Dominic spoke clapping his hands, 'Yes, that's just what we are discussing' Niall spoke, 'That's what I like to hear' He smiled and sat down at the end of the table. 'Your going to box for me son?' Dominic asked, Zayn nodded and I turned away not wanting to see the smug look on his face. 'And the drugs?' he asked, 'We are still working on it' Liam piped up, 'Oh dear, now that is a shame' Riley spoke from behind me a looming voice was all he was. 'Do we need to do something about it?' he asked, his words made my skin just crawl.


'We are sorting it out' Harry spoke up, 'Well sorting it out isn't going to help me now is it, I need it doing on Monday, and its Thursday now, four days' Dominic spoke. 'I will do it' I spoke, 'Great' Riley smiled, 'No, Brook shut up' Zayn spoke, 'If she want to she can' he spoke, I looked to Liam who looked at me with worried eyes. 'Would you like to take someone?' Dominic asked me, I looked at all the faces and they all shook their heads. 'Your not going' Zayn told me, 'Yeah, I agree' I heard Harry speak, 'Brook don't be stupid' Niall whispered to me.


'Yeah' I nodded, 'Who are you taking?' Perrie smirked. Zayn, was a definite no he would just take it all too far, and too serious. Niall would just distract me and we would mess it up, I couldn't bring Harry I don't think I can be alone with him just yet, not for that long anyway. 'Liam?' I asked looking to him, 'This is ridiculous' I heard Zayn speak, Liam nodded lightly at me. 'Then you'll leave us alone right?' I asked, 'Of course, I am a man of my word' Dominic sent a sickly sweet smile my way.


'Then fine, I will do it Monday' I tell him, 'Okay, I will give Liam the details' he spoke, 'Lovely catching up, we should do it again sometime' Dominic spoke, I sighed and looked to the floor. 'Its such a shame she didn't choose you Zayn, be careful your lady might start looking else where' Riley patted Zayn's back, 'She's not my lady' he spoke, the words stung a little bit but I knew they were true. 'What?' everyone asked, 'That's one way to tell them Zayn' I mumbled, 'They were going to find out anyway' he spoke, 'We broke up last night' Zayn spoke, not making eye contact. 'So your a single lady?' Dominic smirked, 'Fuck off ' I snapped at him. 'See you soon princess' he spoke, 'Only he calls me princess' I pointed to Niall, everyone looked confused, but Niall smiled at me lightly. Then they left.


'So you two Broke up?' Harry asked breaking the silence, I nodded looking at Zayn. 'Why?' he asked, 'Keep your nose out of it Styles' Zayn snapped. 'Why did you just agree to that?' Zayn spoke, 'Someone had to do it, it got rid of him didn't it?' I snapped, 'So your not really doing it?' he asked, 'Oh No I am' I told him, he sighed and ran his fingertips. 'Is this because I am boxing' he asked me, 'No' I lie, it was. It 100% was. My phone began to go off, it was lying in the centre of the table. Before I could look, Perrie took it. 'Who's Josh?' she asked, sending a smirk my way. 'Josh?' Zayn's eyes flashing with anger.


'Josh' I nodded, 'It can't be, he's fucking dead' Zayn yelled, 'No, he isn't' I told him. 'That's who you met up with' Zayn whispered, realisation hitting him. 'Josh?! Were you even going to tell me!?' Zayn yelled in my face, 'I didn't think you needed to know' I defended myself, 'Calm down man' Harry tried to calm Zayn, 'Don't fucking touch me' he snapped. 'Brook your so stupid! After everything he did to you, to the boys, to me, to us! You welcome him back with fucking open arms!' he shouted, 'Zayn I did-..' Liam cut me off, 'How the fuck is he still alive?' Liam asked me. 'He won't be alive for fucking long' Zayn growled, 'Don't please' I begged him, 'and you wonder why its so hard to fucking love you!' he stormed out of the room, leaving a smirking Perrie..


I stood there, and Liam went to comfort me. I shook my head, 'No, don't' I turned and walked out of the room and straight into the living room. Zayn had stomped up the stairs to his room, like the child he is. I sat in the living room, and took a deep breath in. The door opened and in walked Perrie, fucking brilliant. 'I am sorry about you and Zayn' she tiptoed in, 'Like fuck you are' I snapped, ''I might try him out' she giggled, 'You don't lay a finger on him' I growled, 'He's single, its all to play for' Perrie snapped at me, 'You stay away from him' I whispered, so the boys couldn't hear me in the other room. 'Why should I? He's single, I am single... it could work' she smirked, 'I told you back off' I yelled, 'Oh princess, your not going to tell me what to do' she smirked, 'You fucking touch him, and I swear to god your dead' I tell her, 'You and what army?' she teased.


'Girls?' I heard, I looked up to see Louis. I turned my back, wait. Louis? I looked back around, 'Aren't you a sight for sore eyes' I smiled, and ran over to him. I hugged him tightly burying my face into his neck. 'I've only been gone a few days' he smirked, I laughed and pulled back. 'Wouldn't want to interrupt your moment' Perrie walked passed us. 'Everything alright?' he asked me, I shook my head. 'No... Everything is a mess' I whispered and he hugged me again. 'Why are you back?' I asked him, pulling back. 'I knew you would need me, and besides I am not going to dig up the past William will get what's coming to him, you needed me more' he spoke.


'Louis, you don't know how good it feels to hear you say that' I smiled and let him go. 'I'm not with Zayn any more' I tell him, 'What?' he asked, 'We broke up, he needs to get to know me again' I tell him. 'I am sorry to hear that' he sighed, 'and I am going drug smuggling with Liam' I told him, he laughed 'Why so drastic?' he smirked, 'I did it to piss Zayn off' I whispered, he laughed 'You never learn' he looked down at him, with light blue eyes. 'Did it work, did it piss him of?' he asked, 'Very much so' I told him, 'Good work' he laughed.


'Josh isn't dead either' I tell him, 'Really?' he gasped, I nodded. 'I met up with him, he said he was sorry' I explained, 'Cause a sorry makes all of his shit okay' he snapped, not at me but just at the thought. 'Yeah, its a long story' I tell him. 'Come on' he told me, 'What?' I asked him, 'I am taking you away from this world for a while, you need to be a normal 18 year old girl for a change' he told me, I smiled at him. I grabbed my shoes, and picked up my keys. 'Don't wait up!' I shouted, 'Where are you going?' I heard, Zayn turned up at the top of the stairs spotted Louis groaned and turned around.


I walked out of the house with Louis. 'You know this is nice, why didn't we do this before?' he asked me, 'I don't know, I suppose we have always just been so busy me with Zayn you with the gang, and lets face it we didn't have the best start' I told him, laughing at the memory. Louis began to blush and grin, 'What is it?' I smirked, 'Do you want the honest answer?' he asked, I nodded 'I am thinking of that time where we were alone in the kitchen, you were shouting and then we just kissed and it was... kind of like... perfect' he blushed, I smiled 'I remember that, then the living room' I winked, 'Oh the blow job?' he smirked, 'Lou' I moaned.


The rest of that day way pretty perfect, I had fun with Louis. I felt almost normal, the most normal I have felt in a long time. 'Are you staying?' I asked Louis, he nodded 'I am not going anywhere' he smiled. We walked back to the house it was about 7:30. I walked straight in laughing with Louis. We walked into the living room, and almost instantly he was attacked with a hug by Niall. I loved how close they were. I smiled and let go of Louis's hand, that I had been holding, I went and sat with Harry. 'Where's Zayn?' Louis asked, I noticed Perrie was missing too. 'Upstairs' Liam mumbled, 'Oh right' he spoke. 'What about Perrie?' I asked, 'With him' Liam answered again. I didn't show any signs of jealously, but if she was in the room right now, I wouldn't stop myself from throwing slap at her cheeks.


'You okay?' Harry cupped my chin, I turned to him and nodded. 'You know if you want to talk about the Zayn thing, I am here right' he asked, I nodded and smiled at him. 'I know, but I will be okay' I told him, hugging him lightly. 'You know, I like this, no drama thing' I speak, everyone laughed 'Don't get too use to it' Liam smirked my way. I stood up and got some drinks, taking them to the boys. 'I am going to shower, I will be back in a bit' I tell them, they all nod.


I went up the stairs, and went to mine and Zayn's room, in which I desperately needed to move out of. I saw the door was open a crack. 'Zayn its not wrong any more' I heard her voice, Perrie. 'I can't Perrie you don't get it' he spoke, at least he wasn't agreeing with her. 'Then make me get it Zayn' she whispered to him, I peered around the corner and I could see her reaching for Zayn. 'I said!....' he yelled, grabbing her and pushing her against the wall, 'No' he whispered against her neck, and then I looked way...


...Because as his lips crashed on hers I couldn't bare it.


I ran down the stairs, and grabbed my shoes putting them on. I ran into the living room with tears down my face, 'What happened?' Niall asked reaching for me, 'Don't' I begged him. I grabbed my phone and keys from the table, 'Don't follow me … I-I want to be alone' I sobbed, 'Brook just-..' but I didn't catch the end of Louis's sentence, because I already slammed the door shut and was running away.


Running away, that's all I seem to be good at. Maybe that is why he doesn’t love me. Or maybe I am not pretty enough? Maybe its everything I do, like he said I am bitchy. I went to a small field, I remember Liam taking me here when I was in hiding. He wanted to get my out of the house and it was a sweet gesture. But now I am sat here on the broken old bench. I realise, I should of brought a coat. I looked at my phone, and everyone was calling me. I even had one from Zayn. I put my phone away. I sat there for what felt like hours, until I ran out of tears. Then I felt a warm familiar hand on my shoulder. 'I thought I would find you here' I looked up to the Brown eyes of my hero.


Zayn's Pov


'No Perrie, I can't' I pushed myself from her trying to catch my breath from making out with her, 'Why?' she whispered buttoning up her shirt, 'Because I love Brook, that shouldn't of happened!' he shouted, 'I don't even know what I am doing with you, when I should be stopping her going out with Louis' I growled, 'No, she's not your responsibility any more' Perrie snapped, 'You don't get it, I am in love with her for gods sake!' I shouted, punching the wall in frustration, all I could think about was her hand touching my, Brooks. Her small fragile hand covering mine, trying to calm me down and it working instantly, 'I've fucked up' I whispered. 'Perrie can you get out' I begged her, 'You'll need me before I need you' she smirked, 'Highly unlikely' I spoke.


I pulled out my phone, once she had left the room, I called Brook for the second time that night. Straight to voice mail, I will leave a message.


'Hey, its me.. I screwed up Brook, big time... but... look here goes.. The first time I met you, I knew it was true, that I would love you forever and that's what I will do, you just still don't know what you do to me, you don't have a clue, and looking to your eyes makes it all worth while and I-..'


Three beeps told me I had ran out of time. I walked down the stairs, luckily Perrie had gone to bed. I went into the living and Harry and Niall... and Louis were sat there. 'When did you get back?' I snapped, 'About an hour and a bit ago' Louis shrugged, 'Where's Brook?' I asked him, 'She's not here' Louis spoke flatly. 'Well where is she?' I asked, 'She ran out crying' Niall spoke, 'Crying, why?' I asked again, 'More than likely something you did' Harry snapped, he didn't half get moody when Brook was upset. 'I haven't even saw her' … that doesn't mean she didn't see you... my sub-conscience spoke, 'Did she go upstairs?' I panic, they nod. 'Shit...' I whispered, 'She went to get some clothes from your room' Niall told me, 'Fuck!' I shout.


'I need to find her' I sighed, 'No need, Liam has it covered' Harry send a scowl my way. 'What's your problem?' I squared up to Harry, he stood up. 'I am really getting sick of this tough man act, strop acting like anything every hurts you!' he shouted, 'Of course it all hurts me' I groaned, 'Well show it, because I am sick and tired of seeing you hurt that girl! Brook deserves so much better, someone to try her tears and not make her cry more!' he shouted again, 'I am trying' I tell him, 'Try harder, she is constantly smiling Zayn, and she's smiling like she has never been hurt, one day you'll break her and not get her back' he told me. He sighed 'Life is short Zayn. That's something we all know. Time goes fast, there's no reply or rewind, so make the most of your time with her, because I would... and your just fucking it up for the rest of us who could make her happy' he told me.


With that he walked off, 'He's right' Niall spoke, 'Don't break her any more Zayn, we might not be able to fix her again' Niall spoke and walked out, I looked to Louis hoping my old friend might have some words for me. 'You've lost her this time mate' he shook his head, 'Its only a break' I whispered, 'Yeah? Then don't go and kiss Perrie.. cause you know she'll tell the whole fucking world' Louis told me, I rolled my eyes. 'I fucked up big time' I sighed, 'Yeah, and we aren't helping you fix it' he spoke.


Brook's Pov


'How did you know where I was' I whispered, 'I knew you would come here, you did before when you were sad' Liam sat down next to me. I rolled my eyes, and looked away from him. 'Tell me what happened then' he asked, 'Perrie was kissing Zayn' I spoke, 'Oh' was all he said. 'I thought he would wait at least a week' I sighed, 'He always did work fast' he told me, I nodded 'Thanks' I said sarcastically. 'You know, the world may seem so against you right now... but it will work out one day, soon this will be over, then you'll never have to see us again' he spoke. 'I want to see you' I whispered, 'Just me?' he smirked, 'Maybe Harry... Louis... Niall' I spoke, 'Not Perrie?' he smirked, I nudged him lightly.


'Maybe this isn't about your happy ending, maybe its about the story' he whispered to me, I smiled, 'Well can it hurry up and fucking end' I wiped my tears. 'Nope, you don't want that' he told me, 'Why not?' I asked. 'Because, your so young and you have your whole life ahead of you, and I swear to god Brook your so amazing, and you amaze me everyday' he smiled at me, 'I think that's one of the nicest things you've every said to me' I lightly smiled. 'You know what, I think Zayn doesn't know what he's missing' he whispered, I looked to him in the moonlight and it bounced off him.


'Liam, was I stupid to think Zayn could only love me' I asked him, 'Not stupid, just hopeful' he sighed and stroked my cheek. 'I am tired of hurting Liam' I cried, he pulled me into his chest. 'I am tired of putting on a smile, I just want to be okay again , when will I be okay?' I asked, 'I don't know darling' he whispered. 'If I hadn't of been such a slut, I wouldn't be here' I told him, 'Your not a slut, he made you fall in love, its what he does' he whispered, I sighed and looked at him in the darkness. 'Liam, will I ever feel anything again?' I asked him, 'Your just a little bit broken, nothing a few good times won't fix' he smirked, 'When do I get those good times?' I asked him, he smiled.


'Can I be honest' he whispered standing up taking me with him so we were face to face, I nodded. 'I would have left months ago if it weren't for you, I would have gone back home and not have taken a second look... but because you were here, you became my reason to wake up in the morning... just seeing you smile made me realise I made the right choice to stay' Liam smiled, 'Really?' I asked, 'Its only been you' he confessed, I smiled and wrapped my arms around him. 'I think part of me will always be waiting for you' he sighed, and smiled, 'Liam, your so perfect' I tell him. 'Tell me I am not waiting around on something that may never happen?' he sighed, 'I don't know, all I know is at the moment in time. I am here with you and it feels right' I smiled, and he put his hands either side of my face, 'Can I kiss you?' he whispered, I nodded slowly my lips partly open.


He leant down and kissed me. It was... perfect. His lips were soft and warm, and everything felt good, no pain, no nothing, it was right. I felt safe, I felt a warm feeling inside me. I pulled back and smiled, but then I needed to make one point clear. 'I am not single, but I am not taken, I am simply on reserve for who wants my heart, and for who deserves my heart' I tell him, he nodded and intertwined his fingers with mine. 'Let's get you home' he whispered and we walked home, in a comfortable silence. Liam Payne, when did you join in on the game to win my heart?


Liam's pov.


I took Brook up to bed. 'Is she okay?' I heard when standing in the kitchen, I looked to see Zayn. 'She's fine no thanks to you' I spoke harshly. I wasn't telling him about the kiss, that was Brook's choice. I love her' he whispered, 'You didn't love her! You just didn't want to be alone, or maybe she wasn't good enough for your ego, or maybe she made you feel better about your miserable life, but you didn't love her... you destroyed her' I snapped. 'You destroyed her, and I am picking up the pieces, your still a monster Zayn... you always have been and you always will be' I snapped and walked away.



Well that got emotional, don't worry again all you Zook lovers. I swear this is for a good reason. I feel so bad on Zayn, they are all turning against him. (Think about what Brook said about Perrie, "your turning them all against me") HINT HINT <------------ ILY all, keep commenting lovelies :) xx

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