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'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped.


40. Brook 24 (Part Two.)


Brook's Pov


I walked down the cold street, feeling ever step get heavier as my eyes began to close, I was intoxicated by the dramatic amount of vodka I had consumed, was it vodka? I don't care to remember. I walked to the house that I knew was his, I knew wouldn't of moved. I thudded on the door, and a thin blonde girl opened the door, was that the same girl he had last time, or someone new. She looked half broken, I could see it her eyes. I know that look, I experience it myself often enough. “Hey” he spoke, “Steve, is he here?” I asked her, she nodded and opened the door, letting me go further in.


“In there” she pointed, and scurried up the wooden unfurnished stairs. “I knew it wouldn't take you long to come to your senses” he told me. “I haven't come to my senses, I came to talk to you” I told him, he turned around and threw his cigarette into the ash tray. “What about?” he asked me, I looked to the floor. “I don't really know” I told him, he laughed. “Go home Brook, we can talk when your sober” he spoke, “You don't get to turn away from me” I told him, “Sit down, I will get you a coffee” he told me, I cautiously sat down. Why wasn't he shouting, why didn't he have me by the throat.


I stood up not long after, and looked around the room. I saw pictures in a stand in the corner, I peered in, knowing I probably shouldn't. I opened the cabinet. I picked out two picture frames. I will never understand this. Steve was stood in a tux, with a woman in white, a white dress down to the floor. The look in his eyes, love. He loved this woman, I smiled at it, it was actually kind of sweet. The other picture, a girl with a little flower dress on, who was only about ten, stood with who looked like her mother, was blowing bubbles. This can't of been his family. Could it? I couldn't imagine Steve this way.


“Finished?” he asked me, I jumped and put the pictures down. “That was your wife and daughter wasn't it?” I asked him, he nodded slowly. Putting the drink in my hand. I looked over to the cabinet. “What happened?” I asked him. “I am like this for a reason you know, I am not just naturally cruel” he spoke, I nodded. “Cassie, that was my daughter's name, she was perfect... I like to think she would be a bit like you now” he smiled, a smile. Surely this isn't happening right now. “Like me?” I asked him, “Strong” he told me, “Had someone to love her” he spoke. “What about you wife?” I asked him, “She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, and when I lost them sic years ago... I didn't really see any point in trying to be nice” he spoke.


“I had no idea” I shook my head, “No one does” he spoke. “How did it happen?” I asked him. “A fire, set by a gang I owed a little bit of money too, my wife died in the house fire, it was my fault” he told me, I gasped. “You didn't know they were going to do it” I sighed. “I still shouldn't of gotten into that mess in the first place” he spoke, “What about Cassie?” I asked him, “They took, and I am trying to find her” he spoke, “That's why I am like this, I didn't choose it... I lost her mother, and now I have been trying to get your gang out of the way, so I can focus on this... but they want you... and so do I” he spoke, “How old would your daughter be?” I asked him, “16” he told me, “That's so young” I spoke like I was old myself. “Steve?” I asked him, he looked up at me. “Did you want me to help find your daughter?” I asked him, he nodded.


“Any girl Zayn brought back, was obviously going to be capable... and I was willing to do anything to save her” he spoke. “You know, I am someone's daughter too... imagine Cassie, what she would think... imagine everything that you have put me through... but on her” I spoke, he shook his head violently, “People change, I was a good guy Brook... but loosing Kate broke my heart.. then Cassie too?... It was a defensive thing” he spoke, “You have killed innocent people” I spoke, “I know, I go to sleep every night dreaming about that... all the people, all the blood on my hands” he looked away from me.


“You know, if you would of explained all of this in the first place... I would of helped you” I told him, he looked at me with wonder in his eyes. “You would of?” he asked me, I nodded slowly. “I will tell you something Steve... I lost a baby... I lost my girl or boy... mine and Zayn's little baby” my voice broke, “I know what you feel... and I know how hard it is... but if I could help anyone keep their child I would, because what we have been through... its the worst pain I have ever felt, being shot, stabbed, kicked and punch... don't even come close to it” I spoke, he sat down beside me. “I had no idea” he spoke.


Before I knew it I was sobbing, Steve was close to tears. Steve put an arm around me and pulled me to him, I cried into him. He held back his tears. “I know this is crazy” he read my mind, I laughed and sat up. “Will you leave Zayn alone, and the others if I help you find your daughter?” I asked him, “I won't go near them again” he spoke, “I will help” I told him. “I only ever hurt him because I wanted you, I wanted to get your help... they wouldn't suspect you” he told me, “There is other reasons too” I sighed. “You need them out the way so your gang can have the top spot, so you can make your money, and get your girls, and have the flash cars” I sighed, he nodded “There was that, I knew they'd stop me... but now all I care about is finding Cassie” he told me, “That should have been what you cared about all along” I told him, he nodded.


I sat there then, discussing tactics with Steve. Beneath the many layers he had, he was funny, and caring. The outer shell of him was still mostly in my vision, and the horrid things he had done to me I never could forgive, I couldn't be his friend, but I could be his alliance. I could help save his daughters life, if she still had one. He flicked on the TV, and I felt myself daze watching it, “Can I sleep?” I asked him, he nodded and got my a blanket, “Please don't kill me whilst I sleep?” I yawned, “I won't” he smirked, and walked out leaving me to sleep away the Morning. It was 8:45 when I fell asleep. Then 2:06 when I woke up.


I pushed the sheets back off me, and walked into what looked like the kitchen. “Aspirin?” Steve asked me, I nodded slowly. “Did earlier today, actually happen or...” I trailed off, cut of by a laugh “It happened” he smiled. I nodded, “You think maybe we could like sort this out in like a week, because I need to sort some things out before I can just go away with you” I told him, he nodded and smiled. “I have waited six years, I can wait another week” he told me, I nodded and thanked him. I took the aspirin, had a coffee and was out of the door.


The bright light hit my face, and I thought about the time I had left. I thought about where I would spend the remaining hours I had left. I thought about going to see Courtney, saying sorry for everything that I had put her through, but I knew that would be a far to easy way to end, so I thought a little bit harder. I could go to Jack, Dominic, Riley, my parents... any one who I have encountered over the last year. “Perrie” I whispered. I would go and see her. I would tell her to leave us alone, let us be. I don't know if she would like that very much.


I guessed she would still be at the house, packing up her things to leave. I walked inside, and it was quite. I saw that Perrie was sat in the living room, she had a bottle of brandy in one hand. “I knew you'd be here soon enough” she slurred, “Don't worry, I will out of your way soon” she stood up and put the bottle down on the table. I sighed and looked at her, “You just want to be loved, don't you?” I asked her, she laughed. “Why do you get him?” she asked me, I looked down. “WHY?” she shouted, and I looked up at her. “I am a good person Brook, you don't think that but I am, you know?” she spoke.


“Perrie, I don't know what you expect me to say... I won't feel sorry for you, you have been trying to break me and Zayn up since day one, I won't forgive you for trying to steal him” I spoke, “Steal him?... He isn't a fucking object” she yelled, I sighed. “I know” I told her, “Then stop treating him like one, you treat him like crap Brook!... and he is somehow still in love with you” she spoke, lowering her voice at the end. “I can't help that” I spoke, “Why doesn't anyone like me Brook?” she asked me, “You don't know that... you can't just go looking for love Perrie, it finds you” I spoke, I sighed and looked at her.


“I just wanted someone to want me, I hoped Zayn would” she spoke. “You know, he would of if you weren't here” she spoke. “I use to be a stripper Brook” she confessed, I was still reeling from every other confession that had been said by me or heard by me, another didn't help. “I danced every night in my underwear for a group of men, that threw money at me... private shows that made me feel loved... the men wanting me, that got me what I needed” she spoke, “Perrie, you don't need to take your clothes of to be loved... you beautiful, your intelligent” I told her, she laughed, “How come its only you who sees that?” she sighed.


“I still want to help, with Steve and Dominic” she spoke, “You don't have to any more, I sorted it out” I told her, she sighed and looked down. “I am going to get my things and leave, you don't need me here” she spoke, standing up to leave. As she walked passed me, “You know...” she began as we stood 1 metre apart, backs facing. “I thought I loved him” she told me, “I thought, if I could get rid of you, he could love me” she spoke. I sighed, “The hardest part of letting someone go, is trying to convince yourself you don't love them” I told her, “You know that better than anyone don't you?” she snapped, I looked down. Harry.


“Yeah, I do” I told her, she sighed. “I will be gone within the hour, good luck with Zayn...” she trailed off. I couldn't tell if we made any progress there or not. “I could of made him happy” she told me, “You weren't with him long” I snapped, defensive. “How long were you with Harry before you told him you loved him?” she asked me, I looked down and away from her. “It only takes a minute to fall in love” she spoke, I looked down. “I feel guilty enough, with out you” I told her, she turned to face me. “I could of made him happy remember that” she spoke and walked up the stairs.


I knew in a few hours I would have to be at the hospital and I would be with Niall, I would have to brace myself. I looked at the half empty bottle of brandy on the table, and reached for it throwing the burning liquid down my throat. Zayn told me I could get drunk. I sighed into myself, and rolled my eyes laying into the couch, hearing the rolling of wheels on a suitcase, and the slamming of a door. I was alone, and I felt better. I had closed old doors and opened new ones. “5 hours” I told myself, until I had to be at the hospital, and then Zayn could have his twenty four hours of madness.




Omg, Steve Baby! I CAN'T COPE. ZAYN IS GOING TO FLIP HIS SHIT! Lov you all... comment and sya what you think Zayn should do in is MAD 24 HOURS.

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