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'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped.


39. Brook 24 (Part One.)

Brook's Pov


I was still so unsure about this, I don't understand how he would be willing to let me do this. But for some mad reason I said yes. I agreed to go mad for 24 hours. Zayn was still stood opposite me, “Go” he nudged me. I nodded unsure, and tumbled a bit leaving. I saw him run his hand threw his hair, a tell- tale sign that proved he was stressed about this whole thing. I walked towards the exit, turning around stealing one final glance from him, I sighed and turned my back taking a breath leaving the hospital.


I stepped outside. I felt a rush. I felt free. It was 4am. I had until 4am tomorrow. I knew what ever I did now, he would forgive. But, that didn't mean I would do anything bad. I thought back about everything, I was going to do four things that I knew Zayn wouldn't want me to do. I was going to see four people he would hate me seeing, but it is what I need to do. I need closure, and I need to make him see I am serious about us. I sighed and walked down the street, scrolling through my contacts. The first person I was going to see was Trisha. I was going to make her see how much she hurt he son, and how much I love him, I want to prove her wrong, I am not like her and she is not like me.


I stopped first at the liquor store on the corner, I stepped in and took a bottle of vodka from the shelve, paid and left. I walked the street desperately sucking each drop of the alcohol that would come out of the bottle. I walked down the street, and the signs were puzzled. I sighed and rolled my eyes jumping over a stone, and smiling to myself. I disregarded the bottle on the street. I walked down the lane a little more until I found a house that I was sure was Trisha’s. I could imagine a small boy, running around the front garden with a butterfly net catching them, saying sorry and letting them go.


I knocked on the door and a very weary eyed Trisha opened it. “Brook?” she asked wrapping her dressing gown tightly around her, “I am sorry its so late, but I need to talk to you” I spoke, “Right now... wait... what did he do?” she panicked, “Nothing, he didn't do anything” I whispered looking down. “You know he is a good man” I spoke, she sighed. “Don't argue with me now honey” she spoke, I stopped her. “I know you think he is bad, I know you think your son is bad... but he isn't... its all a front” I told her, she cocked her head. “Zayn keeps me safe, he looks after me” I told her, “You don't need looking after, I thought I did I ended up so unhappy” she sighed.


“I am not you Trisha” I looked up at her with glazed eyes, “He made a bet on you Brook, he lied to you, he fights when you tell him not too... he isn't good for you, I love him but your Zayn is my Drake” she told me, “Enough!” I shouted at her, she took a step back. “I did things like that too, I slept with his best friend...” I felt guilt sweep over me, “Because he wasn't loving you?” she asked, “No, not that at all!” I snap, she rolled her eyes. “Because I couldn't let Zayn get close to me” I told her, “I couldn't risk him hurting me, so I hurt him first” I told her. “What?” he asked, I couldn't keep this hidden forever.


“When I was younger, I met this man. He was a friend of my dad's from work, he was 25, had a lovely smile and deep blue eyes... I thought he was beautiful. I was only 15, and he told me I was pretty, and that is what ever teenage girl wants to hear isn't it... every girl gets caught up in the idea that she is going to find true love, and that she going to be happy with him, and maybe even in love with the idea of being with someone older, and this man... no matter how hard I tried I found myself being pulled in more and more, and then that was it... he tried it on with me... and he grabbed the small black school skirt I was wearing and tried to tear it away... but I wasn't ready... and this man who said he would wait for me, grabbed me and he hurt me, and he said it wouldn't hurt... then my dad walked in and he said it was all me, I was the one who tried it on... he hurt me” I slurred every word I said, as it broke me replaying it in my head.


“I hurt people before they can hurt me... and it took me this long to realise... he blamed me, I blame other people” I told her almost crying, she reached for me, holding a hand for me and a sympathetic smile spread. “No, don't!” I yelled. “I want to let Zayn in, and I want him to love me, and I sure as hell love him, and I am not going to hurt him any more, we are strong, and this whole idea of love and marriage terrifies me, but I know that I love him, and I know every second that I spend breathing I am going to love him, so tell me he is like his dad, tell me anything you want, I can go to sleep at night know that I love your son and no matter what we are going to love each other” I told her.


“You haven't told him that have you” she asked, I shook my head. “You know he will look at you differently don't you?” she asked again, I nodded slowly. “That's the thing about the men in his family, they are always going to look at you differently” she told me. “Stop trying to change my mind” I spoke, “You know, I think Zayn is like you” I sighed. “He tries to make me see like he does too” I spoke, “Like me?” she asked, I nodded. “I think that is a great thing, because right now we are talking... ten minutes ago we were yelling, you have the same effect on me that your son does” I smiled at her, “He hates me now though, doesn't he?” she asked me, I shook my head “He is scared, and mad... and he doesn't know what to think” I spoke, “Tell him I am sorry” she told me, I nodded.


I turned to walk way, “Make him happy” she called, I turned and nodded. “I will be trying for everyday for the rest of my life” I tell her, she smiled “Your not like me and Drake... you two are perfect, keep it that way” she smiled, I nodded again. “And Brook...” she called, I turned once more. “Tell him about it, that thing with your dad's friend” she spoke, “I will do one day” I told her, she nodded and closed the door. That was the first thing on my list done, the second thing was soon arriving. I was going to go and see Josh. I hadn't spoken to him since he came to the house, but I had his address and I sure as hell was going make things right between us again.


I went down the street feeling numb from the knees down. I sighed and looked around, finding his apartment. I walked up the three flights of stairs and reached his one, and walked into his apartment as the door was unlocked and no one answered. “Josh?” I shout, and he comes out of the kitchen, “Brook? What are you doing here?” he smiled and ran over to me taking me in his arms. “A better question is why are you cook at 4:45 am?” I smirked, he laughed and let me go. “I need to talk to you” I told him. “That sounds awfully serious for a reunion” he smirked, and I smiled lightly sitting down, slightly woozy from the amount of Alcohol, I had consumed.


“I want us to be friends Josh, I want to be able to go out with you on night and laugh with you about how our separate lives are going... but we can't do that” I told him, he cocked his head. “Why can't we?” he asked me, “Becasue I have a boyfriend who loves me too much, and will get jealous, I can't be in the same room with you for more than 20 minutes before you use some lame excuse to hit on me” I laughed at the last part, “I can change” he whispered, “I am not asking you to change, I want you to be you... you are perfect” I spoke, and took my hand to his cheek. “You are so perfect, and some girl one day is going to be so lucky to have you, and have your children, but that isn't going to be me... and as for Zayn, he isn’t going any where any time soon, we will argue if me and you are ever alone, and I have almost lost him once, I don't want to loose him again” I told him, he smiled, and touched my hand that still cupped his face, “Your perfect” he told me, I sighed and smiled “You proved my point” I tell him.


“I hope he makes you happy” he smiled, “He does, every day” I tell him. “This is it then, like never again” he sighed and rubbed the back of his neck. “I didn't want to just walk away and leave you with nothing, I do love you” I told him, he smiled, and wrapped his huge arms around me, “I won't ever forget you” he whispered in my hair. “You were there at the start and now the end, we have gone full circle” I began to cry, he stroked my back, “Its okay” he cooed. “You tried to rape me” I told him, he cringed. “Thank you for forgiving me” he whispered, “I would do it again in a heart beat” I told him, he hugged me even tighter.


“Your giving up so much to be with him” he told me, “He is my everything” I explained. “I have to give it up, because I can't expect him to sacrifice it all for me” I told him, he smiled an nodded. “Then why do I feel like I am letting you go to easily?” he asked, “Because you are, that's what I want you to do” I told him. “You know, I am going to tell my kids about you and Zayn?” he smirked, I laughed at the change of subject. “What will you tell them?” I asked him, “That I knew this girl, and she was amazing... she was free and he was bad... dark” he told me, “Tell me the story” I asked him, “Of what?” he asked, “How the lion fell in love with lamb” I spoke, he smiled “She changed him, and he changed her” he began.


As he told me the story, I laughed and cried reliving each painful memory. “She fell in love with him, and you could that in her eyes” he carried on. The way he spoke told me how he really felt, it felt more like he was saying. “He drained everything out of her, the light in her eyes slowly fell, but she took his took, they picked each other to shreds” but he went with someone better, “Though she fought to stay strong, sometimes I could see her breaking, him breaking her heart... but what I never told her was she was breaking his, I couldn't tell her the harsh reality, because it hurt me... to see her cry” he spoke, I smiled lightly at him. “I will miss you” I stood up and hugged him tightly, and kissed his cheek. “I always hate our goodbyes” he whispered, “Let's hope there is no more” I whimper into his neck at 6:35 am.


“That means no more hello's though... for good” he spoke, I shook my head, “Hello, I am Brook” I held my hand for him to shake, he laughed and wiped a tear from his blood shot eyes, “I am Joshua... it was nice to meet you” he told me, I never heard him say his full name before. “Maybe we will meet again someday” I told him, he nodded and smiled at me. “Goodbye Brook” he smiled and kissed my cheek, “Goodbye Josh” I spoke, my voice cracked as tears left my eyes. “I love you” I mouthed, he nodded and blew me a kiss as I left his front door the way I left it, unlocked with a key under the mat.


I had two more people to see. The next on my hit list was someone who was either going to skin me alive, or find some way to let me go. I didn't know if I would get out alive. Steve. He was next. ----------------



SHIT THE BED. I love this chapter for some reason, I love how she is revisiting her past piece by piece. I honestly can't wait for part two of this chapter. Too top it off, Zayn has to have his 24 hours. Then to top it off again. EXTRA LONG CHAPTER AFTER THOSE THREE COMING UP BECASUE IT GOING TO GET EMOTIONAL, DRAMATIC, ROMANTIC, DANGEROUS, TENSE, AND .... Dark.

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