Dark ll || Z.M

'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped.


66. Being Alone.

Brook's Pov.


“You look fine, would you just relax” I heard Liam say from the bed, he lay there flicking through TV channels. “Relax? Liam, I am going to tell Harry's family, who may I add, don't like me very much, that I am marrying him... Don't tell me to relax” I snap at him, clipping in my earrings. “Their opinion doesn't even matter, you love Harry, Harry loves you, they'll deal with it” he shrugged, “Wow what a way with words you have” I mock him, and he smirked up to me. “Look, all I am saying is, as long as you are sure it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks” he told me sitting up on the bed.


Today was practically the most nerve wrecking day of my life, telling the people who don't like me I was taking away their angel. It had been four weeks since Harry prosed, so it was late may. We were having the wedding in august. “Fuck” I muttered looking at the time, “I have to leave in twenty minutes, I am not ready for this” I told him, and he smirked at me. “I dread to think what your going to be like, on the wedding day saying yes to him forever, in for of his entire family” he smiled at me, “Liam” I groaned at him putting these thoughts in my head. “I really don't fine that at all funny” I snap at him, “Look, you look great, just smile, act happy, I mean your good at that right?” he asked me, “Wow that was a low blow” I rolled my eyes at him.


Not long after Harry proposed I had spent a bit of time with Liam, he made sure that I defiantly wanted to do this. I told him how I cried, how I faked smiles. “You know me, hit them where it hurts” he smirked, “Not your friends Liam” I snap at him, and he rolled his eyes. “Oh please, you know I am joking” he stood up, “Now would you like me to drive you to the restaurant, or will you walk?” he asked me, “Drive please” I spoke. Harry was already there, telling his family he had a big surprise, and 3, 2, 1. I walk in. “I am going to ask you one more time, your sure this is what you want?” Liam asked me, and I took in a deep breath, “He is the last chance I am ever going to get, to be happy... So yeah, I am sure” I told him.


We drove in little conversation. “Traffic” Liam muttered, “Liam I can't be late” I spoke, and he hummed something I didn't catch. “The traffic looks like it's backed up quiet a bit” he told me, “I am going to have to walk, they already hate me, it's best not to give them another reason” I told Liam, and he smirked, “Have fun” he told me, and I smiled at him getting out of the car. I stepped out and crossed the busy road, leading to the other side of the street. I began to walk; probably not as fast as I should have been, taking in the sights around me. Nothing new. I bumped into someone, and smiled a sorry at them, then realising who it was. “Riley” I snarled, and stepped back, “I take back my apology” I snap again.


“Nice to see you too” he smiled at me, and I went to walk around him. “Mind if I join you?” he asked me, “Yeah, I do” I spoke and walked, but he walked beside me. “So I hear you getting married again?” he asked me, “Your still here?” I seethe, and he laughed. “Don't give me the cold shoulder, I had nothing against you Brook... Your actually quiet wonderful in my opinion, but I had to save someone, and I would do everything again if I got the chance to save that person” he told me, I ignored his sincere voice. “Did you save her?” I asked after a small pause, “How do you know it was a her?” he smirked, “Just a guess” I shrugged, “No, I have to try another way” he told me, and I nod slowly.


“Zayn isn't a bad guy you know?” he asked me and I quickened my pace again, not needing to talk about him. “Okay” I spoke and tried to block him out, “Look, I shouldn't be telling you this” he took in a breath and pulled me around the corner, “Get of me” I told him, yanking my arm away. “Zayn didn't just leave, you really think he would without an explanation?” he asked me, and I looked to the floor, “I have to go” I told him, “You know I am right” he told me, and I looked back at him once more, “If you see him, tell him I know what the line was... and it doesn't change anything” I muttered, and walked away from him.


I walked down the restaurant where Harry would be. I walked in through the door, and Harry looked over instantly, wide eyed and looking slightly nervous. He walked over, smiling at his family. “Where on earth have you been?” he asked me, oh you know talking about my ex fiancée with the guy that has tried to murder me a couple of times. “I got stuck in traffic, so I had to walk” I told him, and he sighed, “Don't worry, your here now” he smiled lightly, and took my hand leading me over to the table where his family sat, and I smiled at them tenderly. “Hey” I sat down with them, and Anne was the only person who bothered to make conversation with me, so I took it sweetly and laughed with her.


So, Are you going to tell us why you made us come here, or what?” Gemma asked Harry, and I looked to Harry who sat beside me, and grasped my hand under the table, so I couldn't run. “Yeah” Harry glowed crimson, “So we...” Harry was cut of by a voice, “Brook!” I heard, we all turned around, and there was Safaa. I looked to Harry, and his jaw clenched tightly. “Safaa don't... Oh Brook” Trisha smiled at me, and I offered her a warm smile back. I turned to Harry, “I will get rid of them” I sighed, seeing the frustration on his face, so I pecked his lips softly, and stood up, and gave Safaa a hug, “Wow, you've grown again” I smiled at her. She was 11 now, but her blissful innocence to the world still shone through.


We don't mean to interrupt, we are just picking up dinner” Trisha smiled at me, and wrapped her arms in a warm hug, “No it's no problem, it's great to see you again” I smiled and let her go. I glanced back to Harry, who's eyes were on me. “No it's fine, the girls in the car?” I asked her, and she nodded, “How about I come and say hello” I smiled, she nodded beaming back at me. “I will be right back” I turned to the table, of people that didn't like me, excluding Harry. Trisha picked up the bag of food that she was picking up, and we walked outside. “The girl's aren't here?” I asked her, slightly confused, “You looked like you needed a breather” she told me chuckling slightly, and I nodded back at her. “I have to tell those people that I am marrying Harry, and they hate me” I told her, and she was wide eyed. “Your getting married?” she asked, and I blushed.


Yeah” I spoke, and she looked at the ring on my finger. “Congratulations” she smiled at me, “Your happier now?” she asked me, and I gave a weak smile, “I wouldn't say happier” I told her, “What would you say?” she asked me, “I don't know, now I can breath?” I smirked slightly, and Safaa sat there in the car, just smiling out at us. “Can I come to the wedding?” she asked me, and I nodded “Oh yes!” I exclaimed, “I didn't get to see you after.. the whole thing with Zayn... What happened, he just left?” she asked, and I took in a breath. “Yeah, he said it didn't feel right” I spoke, not wanting to explain the whole story, “Didn't Zayn come to see you, at all?” I asked her, and she shook her head, “Not even a call?” I asked her, and she shook her head again, “I lost him once, and now I have lost him again” she told me, and I sighed hugging her.


I miss him too” I told her, and she hugged me softly weeping into my shoulder, and I fought back the tears, this time they were going to stay in my eyes. “Can I ask you something?” she pulled back and wiped her eyes, and I hummed a yes. “Why are you marrying Harry, if your still in love with my son?” she asked me tenderly, not in a horrible way, in a concerned way. “What makes you think I still love Zayn?” I asked her, “Because I saw your face when you heard his name” she told me, and I looked down with a sad smirk on my lips, “Well no one else is going to have me... Harry loves me, so someone should get what they want out of all this shouldn't they?” I told her, “That's no reason to marry someone” she told me, “I know, but I don't want to be alone, because when I am alone I think about it, I think about him. That's not what I want to think about, but when I with Harry it feels better, you know?” I told her, and she hummed a yes. “You'll call me okay? Let me help you choose this wedding dress?” she smiled, and I nodded hugging her. “Bye Safaa” I tapped on the window, and she smiled at me and waved. I couldn't help but see Zayn in her.

I saw it then. I saw what Zayn was. Zayn, he wasn't dark like I thought he was. In fact he never was. Fear. That's all there was. He was so frightened to fall in love, and frightened that he would hurt people. Like the shadows around him would pull him back, and he would fall into himself. He wasn't the solar eclipse that never ended, or the broken street light out side. He was the boy that lost his family, and the boy that loved a girl so much, he feared for her life like it was his own.


It was the unknown in his eyes, that he didn't know how to fight, he didn't know what path would lead him where. That he didn't know if the girl he so desperately clung to like a breathing machine, to keep his heart beat going at a steady rate, would choose him or the safer choice. The point of no return, the point of betrayal from his friends. That they touched what belonged to him, and what would only ever be his, it was the unknown of where he would be with out her. Not even the brightest of colours have colour in the dark, but she did. She was his light, she brought out his darkness that was never there. The shadows that would taunt him in the dead of the night, the voices that would make him feel so small, the love he could of shown from the start. .


We complete each other. The drowning feeling we always felt, of being anchored to the sea floor struggling to breath. Now we stand here. In the burnt down house, its ashes at our feet. I pray that it is finally over. Just a spark was enough to set us a blaze. The moment, his hand touched mine in that run down old pub, almost two years ago, that was the spark and we had been a growing fire ever since. I looked to the restaurant window. Here I was declaring my love for Zayn in my mind, but marrying his best friend. I looked back to the car Trisha had now started and waved, she smiled at me.


I saw Trisha off, and then braced myself to walk back inside. “Sorry about that” I smiled sitting back down, “Old friend” I told them all, Gemma muttered something I didn't quiet catch. “So where were we?” I asked smiling at the not so friendly faces. “We were about to tell them we are engaged” Harry spat out, I frowned at him. “Harry?!” Anne Exclaimed, “You could of told us sooner, how long have you two had this proposal for?” she asked, “Almost a month, we were waiting to tell you, but it doesn't really matter now” he snapped, “Come on Brook” Harry stood up, “What your leaving after dropping a bombshell like that?” Gemma asked, “Yeah” he stood up throwing his jacket on, well he really was mad.


Harry!” Anne almost yelled as he nudged me a little to move, “Go” he told me, “Wait by the car” he finished, and I nodded slowly. “It was nice to see you all again” I tried to smile at them, “Brook, go” he told me, and I rolled my eyes slightly. Stepping outside, to wait by Harry's car. I thought then, Harry got what he wanted didn't he. All along he wanted me. He had been the one to warn me about Zayn the most, to tell me loved me at any cost, to bring me into his life, and most importantly make me fall in love with him.


He was the dark one. Not Zayn. Thought Zayn couldn't control what he was feeling. Harry was the dark one, he was the one lurking in the background. Ready to snap like a prowling panther, in the dead of night. Harry was the one who stuck around, ruining what Zayn and I had fought so hard to keep hold of. Harry was the one who pulled him back to the shadows, using us like his puppets, so he could have me. Playing us the way he wanted, and that made me question if he ever did love me at all. Then I know he does, because then when I saw him, his eyes reminded me of a warm summer day when he said my name. The darkness was him though, he was sneaky, hurtful, dismal, wicked, and concealed, all the things that a dark thing is.


Though, I did love him. Yes, in all the faults, I did. He was the one that kept catching me when everything else knocked me back. I know I am over thinking this. Maybe my mind was hazed from seeing Trisha, maybe I was wrong. I really hoped I was, but there was a nagging feeling that made me knew, I was far too right.


Harry stepped out side, and looked at me with a stern glare. “Your unbelievable” he snarled at me, and unlocked the car for us to get in. “I am sorry, I didn't know she was going to turn up” I told him as we got inside the car, and he put his keys in the ignition.”No, but you could of just smiled and then stayed with me, she isn't your family anymore Brook, Zayn isn't a part of our lives anymore okay?! My family are going to be yours, from the minute you say “I do” … Do you even want to marry me Brook?” he yelled at me, and I just kept my head bowed to my hands, “You don't do you?” he asked me, I looked up and in that frightful moment, ever fear of being alone dropped onto my shoulders, and I didn't like it. “Of course I want to marry you” I tell him, and he sighed looked in front of him both hands on the wheel.


I have just been through a lot with her, and she is like my family Harry, I know you feel uncomfortable because she is Zayn's mum, but he doesn't even talk to her, he has... he has vanished from the face of the earth” I told him, “I just, I don't understand why you still talk to his family, it's weird Brook” he told me, and I rolled my eyes at him. “I just get on with them okay?” I asked him, he grumbled something to himself. “Your such a piece of work” he muttered, “Hmm.. are you sure you want to marry me?” I say a little sourly, “Childish” he told me, “Really? Harry, your the one getting jealous over Zayn's mother of all people!” I yelled at him, and he didn't expect it.


It's not her at all, you know exactly what it is!” he shouted back, heaving the speed of the car. “No I don't, what is it?” I urge for him to speak, knowing with each word he is just getting more and more mad. “Your not over Zayn, Brook! Your never going to be, your lying to yourself, your lying to me, you are the one who is telling the world your this brand new girl who isn't scared of anything, but the fear of loosing him is still there, even though he isn't even yours anymore!” he yelled, his words were like a knife to the chest. From anyone else they wouldn't of hurt, but they did from him, because I did love him. “I'm yours now Brook, what more do I have to do, to make you see I am not going anywhere?” he asked more softly this time, sounding defeating.


Nothing” I whispered, “You don't have to do anything, I know your mine Harry, I do love you okay? I am going to marry you, I promise, I am not lying when I say any of this... You are mine, and I am yours” I told him, and he glanced over at me, the car slowing down to a normal rate again, much like my heartbeat. “Your promising me now, okay? Don't break that promise” he told me, I shook my head “I won't” I tell him. “What did you tell your parents?” I asked him after a moment, not missing a beat he said, “I told them I love you, and that I didn't care what they thought of us, or you or even me, I was going to marry you with out their blessing or not” he smiled over at me, and the mood in car changed from blood boiling anger, to butterflies and rain bows.


Zayn's Pov


Two more” I tapped the bar for the barman to fill up my drinks, “You've had enough mate, sorry, I am going to have to cut you off” he told me, “Fuck off, I am paying” I spoke, “Your not having anymore” he frowned, “Don't have somewhere to go?” he asked me, “Give me one more, and I will tell you” I told him, and he rolled his eyes pouring another drink of whiskey into my glass, “Go ahead” he told me, and I nod sipping the drink. “I was engaged to this perfect girl, and she was just... the most beautiful girl you would ever have seen” I spoke, and flicked a picture of her out of my wallet, “Very pretty” he smiled at the photo, and I took it back, keeping it safe. “What happened?” he asked me, “I fucked up, walked out on the wedding day because I had to help these fucking douche bags, the ones in the corner?” I point, and he nods, “They said it was stay with her and have her hurt, or leave with them and she was safe” I chuckled softly, “Bull shit, it was all bullshit” I snapped bitterly. “Where is she now?” he asked me, and I looked up to him in the dim light, “She is about to marry my best friend, and I can't stop her, because when you break something... it won't ever be the same again” I told him, “Why don't you stop her?” he questioned, and I smirked up at him.


Stop her?” I paused, “Yeah, turn up at the wedding like they do in the movies” he told me, wiping down the bar as people left, “This isn't a movie” I told him. “You know it hurts a lot more than I ever thought it would” I spoke, “What does?” he asked me, “Being alone” I whispered taking the whiskey down my throat. 


8 Chapters left and I want to have them all done by friday, or saturday :D x

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