Dark ll || Z.M

'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped.


63. Are we a thing?

Four Month's later.


Brook's Pov


“Harry come on” I nudged him beside me, and pushed his muscular arms of me. “I think you should just stay here” he begged me, and put his arms around my waist, and pulled me back under the covers with him. “We have to move sooner or later” I told him, “besides, the motel needs us out by ten and it's nine-thirty” I smirked at him, and he laughed softly at me. “Are you excited?” he asked me, and I hummed a yes. I was excited. I had been gone for three months. In the three months, I want to say a lot has changed but it hasn't. Just me. I changed. I got a new attitude, along with a new look. Harry's influence was a great effect on me, I was still me, but now I smiled, and I laughed at the bad things, because fear feeds on it's self, and I wasn't giving it the satisfaction. Sure on days I hurt, and I would be quiet because the odd thing would remind me of him.


However now I felt better. I had cleansed myself, I was a new person. I had scars that were hidden, and wouldn't be shown for a very long time. Zayn hadn't once reached out to speak to me, and I hadn't saw him since that night in the club. Harry whisked me away days later, and we had travelled around America. I called the boys every so often, but they were distant. However today we were going to see them. We were flying back to England, and we were going out. “Come on” I begged him. Taking his hand, and pulling him out of the bed seeing his chest glowing. I smirked at him, and he looked up to me, “How do you expect me to even focus on leaving when you stand there looking like that?” he asked me, and I smirked at him, and turned around, knowing he was biting his lip.


I had never been more thankful to Harry. He took his time with me. Helped the healing process along. Many nights he would sit and listen to me cry, and he would just hold me. He was persistent in making me try new things, and I was braver now. I was stronger. We hadn't confirmed anything though. Neither of us would, though braver, I wouldn't bring it up first. We had kissed, and slept together, but neither of us put a name to what we were. If felt wrong knowing it was only four months ago in which he was the one loving me, and now it was Harry. I hadn't moved on, I just told the world that I had. I was fine though, really I was. I was smiling. I could breath for the first time in a long time.


I looked into the foot long mirror in the bathroom. I saw my own scars, and I knew what each one meant. I looked at my now short hair. I had cut it to my shoulders, and it was still curly, but more waves were there now, but the blonde was still the same. I had gotten a tattoo. One night and a bottle of tequila told me it was a good idea. A double dream catcher with feathers and string was lay across most of my back, the dream catchers fell in the middle, with the string and beading at the top, feathers hung close to the bottom too. I pulled on a pair of black skinny jeans, and a loose grey crop top, with a black stud leather jacket over the top, and ankle boots, define my lips in red lip stick, and black eyes. I was no longer looking like the innocent little girl who nothing about sex, or drugs, or alcohol. I was the girl who taught those things. Well that is what the world would see.


Lovely” Harry smirked as I took a step out from the bathroom, “Hurry up” I tell him, and rush through the motel bedroom, and put my clothes into a my bag. I see the bright yellow summer dress that I once called mine, but the girl who wore that was dead. Though I did sometimes want to climb into my old clothes, and be that girl who could cry, and who could fight for who she loved. That girl needed a vacation, so I would just simply take her place for a while. Until I was ready to be me again. I pulled all my old clothes into the bag, and then some one my new ones that screamed at me as I tucked them away with the dirty old memories. “15 minutes Harry, or I am leaving with out you!” I shouted to him, and he laughed at me, and poked his head around the door with a tooth brush in his mouth, “Would you calm down” he smirked at me, and I flashed a grin at him. “I told you... I'm excited” I laughed, and walked passed him.


Ten minutes later we were out the door and in Harry's car going to the airport. “You shaking” he commented, “I can't wait to see them” I told him. “What are we going to tell them?” he asked me, “What do you mean?” I asked looking over to him, “Well, we've been alone for four months, they are going to be asking about... us” he spoke cautiously, “Is there an us?” I asked him just as nervously. “Do you want there to be?” he asked me, and I smirked looking down shrugging my shoulders, “Do you?” I asked him, and he laughed lightly. “Well you know how I feel about you, so I wouldn't exactly say no” he smirked looking over to me.


You know if you weren't driving, I would kiss you right now” I smirked at him, and he laughed pulling over to the side of the road, and turned to me touching my cheek with one hand, “Would you look at that” he began, I smirked, “I'm not driving anymore” he told me, and I laughed and pressed my lips softly against his, and he kissed me back even harder, I pulled back biting my lip. “We need to go” I whispered breathlessly, “We can spear five minutes” he told me, “No we can't” I told him, “But your lips...” he whispered, and kissed them once more, “On mine...” he paused kissing me again, “Feels so much better” he groaned against my ruby red lips, and I kissed him once more, pulling back rubbing my thumb over his bottom lip, to wipe away what I left there, my cold metal rings against his cheek, “You should drive” I told him, and he laughed softly.


We did drive then. Then we sat at the airport for a while, having one excited phone call from Liam. I couldn't wait to see them. Though I had sorted myself out, I wasn't completely sold on me being away from them forever. “Your thinking?” Harry asked, and I hummed “Just about the boys, and stuff” I shrugged, and he laced his fingers between mine. “Things only get better from here” he laughed lightly. I smirked at him, and then saw our flight was ready to be boarded. “What do you think the boys are going to say?” he asked me, “I don't know, and I really don't know what they are going to think of the new me” I smirked at him, “Your still the same person, your just fooling the world a little bit” he told me, and I nodded laughing slightly.


We sat on the plane for 11 hours and 16 minutes. We talked, slept, talked some more, laughed, joked and it was nice. When the plane eventually landed, I was quick to step off. I was glad we left at night time, then it was 7:30 at night by the time we got out of the airport. “The boys said they are almost here” Harry told me tucking his phone back into his pocket, “Okay” I smiled, and yawned lightly. “Your sure you want to go out tonight, I mean we haven't slept, your body clock is all over the place” he told me, “I want to go out with our friends, and just have a good time, maybe even get drunk” I laughed lightly, and he smirked at me, and threw an arm around me and kissed the side of my head.


There they are!” I point down the street and see three boys, smiling. I let go of Harry and I run to the boys, and it feels like it was the longest I have ever had to run in my life, but I know when I get there it will be worth it. As I reach them Niall is the first one I see, and he wraps in arms around me, and squeezes, so tightly I can't breath, but I don't care. I don't care that I can't breath, I have had four months of clean air, I will suffer. “Your home Princess” Niall mumbled into my neck, and tears of happiness want to fall, but I let go and hold his face in my hands, “Did you wait for me to get back?” I asked referring to the final conversation we had four months ago, “Well, I am here aren't I?” he smirked, and I hugged him.


Fucking share her mate” Liam nudged Niall, and took me up in his arms, and I laughed softly at him. He spun me and then put me on my feet, “You never fucking called” he chuckled, and I dropped my hand to his cheek then chin, “Since when did Liam have beard?” I laughed at him, “I thought I would try something new” he chuckled, “So did you by the looks of things, when did you go all punk rock on us?” Louis then pushed his way in, I chuckled and hugged him harder, “I'm not punk rock” I chuckled, “Really?” he asked, “Harry always found this...” Louis looked over my outfit, “Hot” he chuckled.


Speak of the devil” Liam muttered, and the boys then went to greet Harry, “So we are going out tonight, painting the town red?” Harry asked the boys, “You know it” Louis patted his back, “Babe?” Harry offered his hand for me, and I looked at confused faces. I took the hand and stood beside Harry, out fingers intertwined. “Well, what happened out there in America?” Niall asked half serious, half playful. “Now, that would be telling” Harry smirked softly, looking down to me.




I can't believe I agreed to do this” I spoke softly to Harry, “Why it's nothing dangerous” he told me. “I know I just, it feels a little bit dirty” I spoke to him, “Why?” he asked me, “Because, three weeks ago it was my wedding day, and now I am in the middle of a dusty road with a guy that is perfect, and I saw that too late” I spoke to him, “It isn't to late” he told me. We drove down the winding road. “Stand up” he told me, “Harry” I shook my head chuckling, “Come on just do it” he told me. I pushed back the sun roof of his car, and looked over to him once more and smiled at me softly, whilst still driving. “I must have a fucking death wish” I whispered, and stood up slowly. Spreading my arms letting the winds wash over me, “Turn the radio up!” I shouted over the wind, and I heard Harry laugh softly.




I don't know Harry!” I shouted pacing the floor, “What do you want me to do?!” I shouted to him. “I want you to say your over him!” he yelled back at me, “Harry its only been a month, I can't just move on!” I shout back to him. We had pulled over as the argument of Zayn, got more and more heated. “Look I understand-..”I cut him off, “Don't you dare say you “Understand” because you don't! You don't understand” I yelled at him. “I understand that you still in love with the same fucking man that ripped your heart out and threw it back in your face!” I shouted at him, “I understand every time you have fucking kissed me... you think of him” he seethed. “You know what... here” Harry ruffled through his pockets, and threw a scrap of paper at me, “What's this?” I asked bending down to the floor to pick it up, “That fucking letter that broke your heart” he seethed and got back into the car and slammed the door.




You've been staring at that fucking piece of paper for a week, would you please just say something?” Harry begged me. “I'm just thinking, okay” I snap at him. “Don't push me away” he begged me, “I am not, I just... Harry let me breath” I snap at him again. “I'm sorry okay, I just... look I was out of line the other day, and I just.. Brook please don't be fucking mad at me, I just can't … I can't have that” he begged me, “I'm not mad Harry, I am just thinking okay, leave it alone” I told him and stood up going to leave. “Have I ruined everything?” he called his voice breaking a little in the middle, I turned around slowly looking at him, “There was nothing left for you too break” I told him, squeezing the letter in my hand.




We walked into the motel room for the night, laughing a joking, highly intoxicated on what ever free booze the bar man offered us. I lay on down the bed, laughing as the white sheets surrounded me. I looked up to see Harry trying to balance himself. “Come here” I smirked patting the bed beside me, and he walked over kicking off his shoes. Harry lay beside me, and I moved close to him, laying my head down on his chest. “I can hear your heart beat” I smirked, “Remember I said it only beats that fast when I'm with you, I was telling the truth” he smirked back at me, “Your very drunk” I laughed, “I don't have to be drunk to say things like that, I didn't have nearly as much as you” he smirked and brushed a curl out of my face, “You should cut your hair” he told me, “I think so too” I told him, and he laughed at me. “Maybe this is the three bottles of vodka talking, but would it be a crime if I were to fuck you right now?” Harry asked me, and I smirked blushing heavily, “I wouldn't exactly say no” I grinned, and rolled over on top of him, and kissed him firmly.




Just do it” I closed my eyes and waited for him to pressed the scissors together, “I can't believe your trusting me to do this” he frowned with a smirk on his lips, “Just don't fuck it up” I tell him and he laughed. Then he began cutting, and my head felt far to heavy, “Keeping going like that and I am going to be bald” I warn him, and he laughed at me softly. “You don't give me enough credit” he smirked at me, “done” he mumbled, and turned away. “Are you sure?” I stood up and looked to the floor where much hair lay, “When you said “Let me cut your hair” I didn't think you meant it so I had no hair” I smirked but I held seriousness in my voice, “Just go and fucking look” he laughed, and followed me to the bath room. I smirked seeing myself, “Okay... so your far too good at this” I smirked, “It just means very easy access to here...” he whispered, and placed his lips on my neck, where very little hair now required to be moved.




We sat in the back of his car, the rood down, one pot of ice cream two spoons, looking up at the stars. “Do you remember the deal we made?” he asked me, “Which one?” I smirked over at him, “The one where, if we couldn't find away one else we would marry each other... you know that still stands... right?” he asked me, and I smiled at him, and grabbed his hand. “I know” I smiled, “And who knows maybe one day it might be us getting married, you know I take every deal very seriously, but for now... I like it like this” I tell him, and he nods. “That offer is always going to stand though, however long you want it too” he smiled at me, and I nodded kissing his cheek. “I do love you Harry, okay?” I told him, and he smiled and kissed me back.


End of flashback.


So … is this like... a thing?” Niall asked, and we looked at each other “We think so” Harry smiled lightly at me. “Well, let's get going then” Louis changed the slightly uncomfortable subject. Liam, Louis and Harry grabbed our bags, and I stayed back to talk to Niall, it would take a good ten minute walk considering they had parked the car rather far away. “You and Harry, I suppose we all kind of knew that was coming” Niall had his hands dug deeply into his pockets. “We only decided hours ago that we were together” I confessed, “It's been building up though, I presume?” he asked me, and I nodded lightly. It had been, hadn't it. “This isn't just you trying to get over Zayn still is it?” he asked me, I shook my head quickly. “It's been four months” I spoke, “Exactly, it's only been four months” he repeated.


You might be able to lie to Harry and the other boys, but you can't lie to me” he spoke, “I do love Zayn” I spoke, “But that doesn't mean I am just using Harry” I told him. “I didn't say you were, but this, this look... it isn't you” he told me, “You can't lie to me, your not fine” he continued. “How long are you going to go on pretending that your mine with out him? How many more lies are you going to tell me, your best friend? You keep faking a smile and all you do is cry! How much longer before you can't do this anymore?” he asked me, and I looked down. “When I say I am fine, I mean it” I snapped at him, “Just one question” he spoke, stopping turning to face me. “How many texts have you sent his old number, just hoping for one more I love you?” he asked me softly, and I let one tear drip from my cheek, “I have text him three times” I whispered, “Hey, you two coming?!” I heard, and looked up wiping my tear, “Yeah, I am ready for a drink!” I shouted back turning away from Niall.


I am ready for dark three now! So I can't ready to finishY this. 

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