Baby Skylar

Sierra is a 18 year old, who had a baby with Justin bieber but is to afraid to tell him, he's comeing back to Canada and she is forced to tell him but does he remember and if so will he believe her


8. Time to go..!!

4 weeks later


justin: are you ready babe

me: Yurp. Let me get skylar on the bus

justin: I'll be waiting for you

i went upstairs and Skylar was sleeping in her crib I grabbed her baby blanket and wrapped her in it, got her diaper bag for when we got the the concerts and walked downstairs, out the door, it was sunrise when we got on the bus. 

Justin: I'll hold her 

he took sky out of my hand, while I put her stuff down. 

Me: where will she sleep, I don't want her to fall out when the bus turns. 

Justin: she won't I have a play pin in the living area for her to sleep in.

me: awe thank you, will you go put her in there. 

Justin: yeah, will you go tell the bus driver we can leave now.

me: Yurp and I walked to the front 

driver: hi, r u justins girlfriend 

me: yeah, I'm Sierra and were ready to leave

driver: we'll hello there and I'm JR" 

me: nice to meet you JR 

JR: we're leaveing now, so have a nice ride

and I walked back to were Justin, ryan, Chaz, Kayla, and my brother were.

justin: there my lovely 

I smiled and went over there and sat next to him, I cuddled up against him and wrappers myself in his arms cause I was cold.

justin: are you cold

me: kinda 

justin: here

he handed me a purple blanket and I cuddled up against him and that the last thing I remember I feel asleep, Justin is very confterable

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