Baby Skylar

Sierra is a 18 year old, who had a baby with Justin bieber but is to afraid to tell him, he's comeing back to Canada and she is forced to tell him but does he remember and if so will he believe her


4. The hate and the love

Sierras P.O.V

We let her old sky for a little longer then we had to leave, " why did you say your my girlfriend". " I want you to be my girlfriend" he helped with the bags and out Skylar in the car. " want to come and hang with us", " can I bring Ryan and Chaz" , ' yes but only them" . He walked away and got in his car and followed me we pulled up and Ryan and Chaz were already there , they ran up to my car, " can I see her", " who", " silly the baby" . " yeah, she's in the backseat", they got her out and walked in my house my mom must have left. I walked In to Kayla she was crying. " what wrong Kayla" I sat beside her " you're mom yelled at us and said that I hade to get an abortion", " and" " you're brother yelled no and she slapped him and ran off and said he's never comeing back" . , " he will I promise, I'd he dosent I'll help you", " we will help you Justin said"  we don't date yet I have to get to know him better " why don't you go get some sleep" " ok, see ya soon". It walked her upstairs while Chaz and Ryan played with Skylar, I'm afraid to leave my baby alone even if she's in the samehouse as me. " can we talk " Justin asked me. " yeah, I said walking in my room to get Skylar some night cloths. " I wanna be more".. " we barley know each other, I don't know about you.. " " get to know me" we sat down and talked.  Were just alike favorite colors purple we love babies oveoulsly . " I have to go get the baby" I said . " can I change her" " sure id you wanna change a dipper" I said laughing. " how about you change that and I change her cloths" we walked downstairs and I got Skylar " you guys can come up here with me" ok they walked up there with me before I went in my room I checked on Kayla. " what wrong with her" Ryan asked. " her and my brother had sex last night now she's pregnant she's only 13 he's only 14 get it", " how does she know she's pregnant so fast", " oh I mean a week ago" I laughed

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