Baby Skylar

Sierra is a 18 year old, who had a baby with Justin bieber but is to afraid to tell him, he's comeing back to Canada and she is forced to tell him but does he remember and if so will he believe her


12. The Break Up! 😢

Sierras P.O.V

I lay on the ground crying, ready to get my baby girl and leave. There was a knock at the door " Sierra! Open the door!" Justin yelled. " No! Why should I open the door for you Justin!." I yell back. " Because I love you with all I have and I love our daughter" he said so sweet. " No! Justin no! You always say that and then I end up getting hurt! Nice try but no!" I open the door crying! " I'm getting Skylar and were leaving, Me and you are done! I'm sick and tired of your bullshit you pull, go be with Selena! The one you really love!" I walk on skylars room and Pack her bag. " no I love you! Not her! Please stay! Don't take my daughter from me!" He cried. " why so you can abandon her like you did she was a little baby!". " I didn't abandon her, you never told me about her". " I never told you because I know you wouldn't have cared!" I get Skylar and my stuff, and her and go say good bye to the others. " Hey Chaz, I'm leaving bye" I hug him. " Bye Sierra, text me some time or call me, I wanna see the little cutie sometimes" he said looking at Skylar. " Of course :)" I say smiling. I walk to Ryan and tell him my last goodbyes. " goodbye Ryan I hade so much fun with you, I wish I could stay but I can't. I'm sorry" I hug him. He hugs me back. " bye Sierra, I'm sorry this happened. Stay amazing and raise Skylar to be like her mommy". " of course. Well I must go now, I'm sorry that this happened this way Justin! I thought you were different but it seems out that your exactly what they say you are! I hate you Justin Bieber!" I say walking away. He pulls out a box and opens it inside is a ring, he lays in on the table and said " But I love you Sierra Bieber :("

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