Baby Skylar

Sierra is a 18 year old, who had a baby with Justin bieber but is to afraid to tell him, he's comeing back to Canada and she is forced to tell him but does he remember and if so will he believe her


5. Everything's goona be alright

Sierras P.O.V

" SIerra" I heard someone yell it was Kayla. " Kayla, what's wrong", " he's not comeing back, he just texted me and said he loves me and wishes the best for out child", ' KAYLA, he'll come if he truley care hell come back, right now you have me" I said hugging her, she started to cry " why won't he just comeback", " I don't know let's it out this is what you need" and I let her cry. " I know what will cheer you up" I walked out and got Skylar, she always cheers up Kayla. " look who wants to see you" I said showing her Skylar. " Hi baby girl", " here take her", skylar started smiling showing her gums and her small bubble gum pink tough poped out. " you'll have one soon" I said. " why, dosent he want to stay with the baby" " he's afraid of my mom" well I think Imma take a shower love ya skylar see ya soon Sierra", " ok take your time" I took Skylar and walked back in my room. " Justin do you think when she gets older that she's goona get made fun of or hate" I asked while him, Rayn, and Chaz " why do you think that now", " she's my daughter I'm her mom it's kinds hard not to think about these things"  " everything will be alright", my phone started to ring " hello" 

" hey sweety my friend and I are goona go to Minisota for alittle, see ya soon", ' why should I care and I hung up. " what was that about", " my brother if afraid of my mother and won't come back", " call him and tell him she's not here", I got to my contacts and called my brother. " hello", " moms gone please come home, I'm worried and your girlfriends worried too", " are you sure this is not a trick", " I swear on my and Skylara life", ' ok I'm comeing home",  " thank you". And I hung up " what are you're fans goona day about this", " why don't you see yourself, there were hate comment and love comments one hate was " what a whore, it dosent even look like Justin it's a ugly baby, that one made me wanna cry " you're fans don't believe me", " keep scrolling" I scrolled down some and his fans were protecting me from the hate

the baby is beautiful if you were a true bieber fan you would be happy" that what all them said, there was even a Facebook page " stop the hate towards Skylar and Sierra" is what it was called. They were on the news " bieber fan sticking up for girlfriend Sierra and baby Skylar, yet again Justins fans are the best", ' wow you're fans are amazing" 

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