Baby Skylar

Sierra is a 18 year old, who had a baby with Justin bieber but is to afraid to tell him, he's comeing back to Canada and she is forced to tell him but does he remember and if so will he believe her


11. Chapter 11

Sierra's P.O.V

i heard it all, me and Justin aren't perfect. We love each other but were not perfect. She can't hurt my brother, he loves her, me may not show it but he does. " I'm goona go check on Sierra and Skylar to make sure there ok" as soon as I heard Justin say that I ran into Skylars room, and picked her up. Skylar started to cry screaming bloody murder, " Aww Shh it's ok baby girl, mommys here" I pick her up and held her as Justin walked in " Hey babe is everything ok..?" he asked coming up behind me, and hugging me from the back. " Yeah she just had a bad dream everything Will be fine, she stopped now" I said to him putting her in her crib and turning around to him, I kissed him and took his hand to his bunk, " You know I love you right" I said to him, " Yeah of course I do, I love you too" he kisses me. " I love you till infantry runs out" I said to him " But that's never", " Exactly I will love you forever and ever untill we die" I take of his shirt. " Aww I love you so much, but we can't" he said stopping me. " why..?" I said. " Because last time we did this skylar  was made", " Well yeah but that's the reason they have protection" I said. " We dont have any". " Fine!" I go to the living room upset, " Babe wait!, Im sorry I didn't mean to upset you" he ran after me. " Why, why don't you wanna have sex with me!, is it because I'm not Selena..?". " Babe no!, I love you so much, I don't wanna have sex because skykar is only 6 months, I don't wanna take a chance to get you pregnant again". " Ok., whatever, I'm not goona argue with you!", " if we're goona argue so much , maybe we need a break!" he yelled crying. " Maybe we do!" I run to the bathroom crying. " Maybe we do!"

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