Love (fifth harmony fan fiction)

8 guys audtion for the x-factor USA as Wonderland. They get treu to the live shows. Simon Cowell thinks it would be good for them to meet fifth harmony. But what happens when 2 of them fall in love? Will they be together? Or is it just a lie?
Wonderland does not egsist.
I'm sorry if the story sucks.
I'm sorry if my English sucks.


2. 2

Jeremy’s pov

After the audition we went to get some pizza (Harrison’s idea). “Can we party later?” Liam said. I stared at him with a pleasedon’tmakemedothis look. He pouted and I groaned. “Fine, but the other guys can’t join.” I said. Morgan pouted. I sighed. “Fine. But if any of you under aged boys gets drunk you will regret ever partying.” I said. They nodded. “Even Kevin. That disappoints me young boy.” I said joking. He laughed. “You are joining right?” Liam asked. I sighed. “Do I have to?” I asked. “Yes.” They all said. “Fine.” I said.


3 weeks later.

“Good morning Jer.” Liam said. “You annoy me more and more every day.” I said. He chuckled. I got up and walked to the pail of clothes. I grab a shirt and jeans and got ready for rehearsal. Morgan was still sleeping. I chuckled. “Please tell me this is not true.” Liam said. “What is it?” I asked. He gave me his phone and I laughed. “What’s so funny?” Nick asked. “Liam is freaking out because there are rumors that Camila Cabello is dating Austin Mahone.” I said. We all laughed at Liam. He gave me a death glare. I gave him his phone back. “No one said this is true.” I said. “But what if it is?” He asked. “Then your dreams of marrying Camila are in BIG danger.” Harrison laughed. He looked angry. “Look, Liam. It’s not because there is a keeper you can’t score.” I said with a smirk. “I can’t beat Austin Mahone.” He said. “Trust me you can.” I said. “Who can’t?” Harry said. “Okay, we get it Harry.” Sawyer said. “That guy annoys me. A problem with that?” Harry said. “Of course not.” I said. “I hate that guy to Haz, he can’t sing or dance and he’s SUPER arrogant.” Morgan said in his morning voice. “GOOD MORNING MORGAN.” We all yelled. He chuckled. “And thanks for agreeing with me.” Harry said. “C’mon lets go.” Nick said. “What? Why?” Morgan said. “Simon wants to meet up with us.” Nick continued. We all walked to Simon’s office. “Ready boys?” I asked. They all nodded. “No, wait. I’m not ready.” Liam joked. “I’m sorry Li.” I said and knocked on the door. “Come in.” We heard Simon say. We all took a deep breath and I opened the door. We all walked in. “Sit down boys.” We all sat down. “I want you to spend the day with fifth harmony. They can teach you some things that can help you on the show.” I smiled at Liam and mouthed: “It’s not because there is a keeper you can’t score.” “It would be our pleasure.” Nick said. “Good, they’ll be here in an hour.” Simon said. We all looked at each other. “Great.” I said. We got up and walked out of his office. “An hour he said?” Liam said. “Yes.” He screamed. I laughed. “I need to get ready.” He said. “Are you being serious?” I asked. “YES!!” he yelled. I chuckled. “I remember the time you were joking about that.” Morgan said. I laughed.  “Let’s get him ready before he gets a panic attack.” I said.        

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