Life's Melody

Elizabeth Satterfield has lived a life of misery thanks to her ever cruel and scheming step-sisters. But one chance meeting with Lord Robert Winston leaves Elizabeth hopeful of a life away from the shadows. A life filled with magic and love; nothing less than a fairytale.


17. Chapter Sixteen

Dad was sat in the living room when I got home after the trip. The only light in the room was coming from the lamp on the table next to the chair he was sat in. I looked at my phone for the time; it was only quarter to nine at night. I took my bags upstairs before I woke Dad up.

 “Dad.” I said. As my hand touched his shoulder he flinched slightly before looking up at me.

“Oh, hi sweetheart.” He said picking the tablet up off his lap.

 “What’s that?” I asked.

“Oh, nothing.” He told me trying to put it on the table. “I managed to put all the videos of you on the tablet a few months ago.

“You did?” I asked, knowing perfectly well who actually put them on.

“Evie put them on for me.” I took the tablet from him. He had been watching a video of me when I was about five singing Maybe from the musical Annie. it was filmed a few months before Mum died and the video kept going from me singing in a school assembly, to Mum, who was on the verge of crying. I stopped the video and put the tablet down on the table.

I sat on the settee and Dad came over and sat next to me. “She’d be disappointed in me, wouldn’t she?” I couldn’t stop the words leaving my mouth.


“Because of everything that’s happened.”

“You don’t know what to do about the Robert situation sweetheart. Your mother would understand.” He said pulling me into a hug. “She’d probably be able to help more than I can.”

Dad and I were sat watching Supernatural when the front door opened; blasting us with cold air from outside and exposing us to the shrill voices that belong to…. Marti and Noelle.

I thought they said they wouldn’t be home this summer, I thought to myself.

“Oh, Beth.” Marti said. “Our things are in the car. Just bring in the suitcases tonight though.” Not wanting an argument at half past nine, I did go and get their bags. Afterwards I said goodnight to Dad and headed to bed.


The next morning didn’t exactly go as I had planned. For one, I had to take my step-sisters’ things from their car into the house. Then I got roped into helping out at the café because Janice was – and I quote – “too busy to do it”.  I hate her. I really do.

When she had me cleaning out the Summer House I found an open envelope addressed to me. The address on the front was written in perfect cursive handwriting, and it was on some pretty expensive stationary. The weird thing was that I hadn’t opened it. I pulled out a letter and a piece of card. Looking at the card, I saw that it was an invitation to a Charity Masquerade Ball – at Roberts family home. I placed it back in the envelope and read the letter. It explained that Robert married Isabella when they were eighteen, but that they hadn’t spoken for eight years.

The letter then went on to say that, Isabella had gone to a reporter with the story of them being married, when she saw the two of us on the cover of some magazine and that he was hoping to get the marriage annulled. I folded the letter up and headed back to the house, I needed answers – this time I would have to get them from my family.

I walked into the living room, and threw the letter onto the coffee table.

“What’s that Beth?” Dad asked looking confused.

“It’s letter.” I answered. “It’s a letter, that’s addressed to me and by the date it arrived the day before I went on the trip with Emily and Evie.”

“You think I read it?”

“No, Dad. Not you, her.” I pointed a finger at Janice. “You should have given it to me, instead of reading it yourself you nosey cow.”

“Elizabeth!” Dad had got to his feet and was looking at me with his serious watch what you say next face.

“He invited me to a ball on Monday night Dad.” I told him. “I should have been able to make arrangements, to pick out a dress -” I trailed off and picked the envelope up to give it to Dad.

“Shh.” He comforted me. “You still have your Mums dress in the wardrobe don’t you?” I nod and go up to my room to make sure it fit me.

To my surprise, the dress did fit me. It was a beautiful deep purple, strappy, knee length number that Mum had worn to Aunt Cecelia’s (Evie’s Mum) wedding. She’d met Dad there. She told me that she was sitting at one of the tables when Dad came up to her and held out his to ask for a dance. They knew from that point that they were meant to be together. The story of how Janice met Dad on the other hand, isn’t the slightest bit romantic.

I fell asleep thinking about the ball that night. About how Robert would probably ask for a dance, the way Dad asked Mum when they first met. Then I remembered that he had hurt me by not telling me that he was married, and my feelings were fogged over once again.


“So you’re definitely going tomorrow?” Emily said as she fiddled about putting my hair up. I asked her to come round and help me figure out what to do with my hair on Monday night.

“I kind of told Caleb that I would talk to Robert.” I responded.

“I just don’t want you to get hurt.”

“That’s why you’re my best mate.” I told her.

We spent the rest of the morning doing each other’s hair and make-up, feeling like we were back at school. After lunch we sat and watched every Disney movie that I own as we did a little DIY on the mask that I wore for our year eleven prom. Emily said that she would go back down with me, to help with my hair and make-up. I told her that she didn’t have to, but I have never actually been able to talk her out of anything. 

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