Life's Melody

Elizabeth Satterfield has lived a life of misery thanks to her ever cruel and scheming step-sisters. But one chance meeting with Lord Robert Winston leaves Elizabeth hopeful of a life away from the shadows. A life filled with magic and love; nothing less than a fairytale.


18. Chapter Seventeen

“Dad!” I shout from the top of the stairs to my bedroom, before heading down to find my father. “There you are. Have you got Mums dress?” I ask as he climbs the stairs from the living room.

“Why would I have it?”

“I can’t find it in my wardrobe, so I thought that you might have taken it as a way of re-”

“Remembering your Mum.” He cut me off. “I didn’t take it, sweetheart. But I’m sure it’ll be around here somewhere.” He kissed my forehead before going into his room. Then I thought about who else could have taken it, and headed to Marti’s room.

As walked through the door, I found Noelle asking Marti what they were going to do. I looked at what she was holding and saw that my hunch was right; they were the ones that took my Mothers dress. And they tore it.

“You ripped my Mums dress!” I screamed, making them both jump.

“I only tried it on.” Marti told me. “It’s not my fault it’s not high quality stitching.”

“Don’t play all innocent, you knew you could never fit in it and you tried it on anyway.” I spat.

“Are you calling me fat?”

“Definitely.” I knew that I shouldn’t have said it, but she had just torn the dress that I was supposed to wear that night.

Marti threw herself across the room and tried to smack me, but I’d moved to the side and watched as she hit the wall instead. Dad came in to see what was going on and told me that Gran was waiting in the kitchen to speak to me.

Just what I need, I thought. I really didn’t need to see the look of utter disappointment in her eyes.

As it turned out, I had absolutely nothing to worry about. Gran didn’t give me the look or a lecture, she just understood. It was weird.

Too weird.

“Let me see the dress.” Gran said to me holding her hand out to take it from me. Examining it carefully, she looked at the tears in the sides.

“It’s ruined isn’t it?” I asked, and Gran nodded her head. But then I saw a glint in the corner of her eye. I recognized it in an instant. It was the same glint she used to have when I was younger, and told her that I was saving up to buy material to make my Barbie new clothes.

“Get your shoes on Elizabeth.” She told me. “We’re going shopping.”

“I don’t think we’ll be able to get a new dress in a couple of hours.” I said.

“Do you remember my friend Esther, and her daughter Rebecca?”

“Vaguely, Gran. I think the last time they saw me I was six.”

“Well, Rebecca has opened her own dress shop and I’m sure we can find something to wear.” She explained. “When do you leave?”

“In four hours.”

“Right, you go and get ready.” I did as she said, and we headed to her friends shop.

Rebecca’s shop was called Becca’s Ball Gowns. It wasn’t exactly the best looking shop outside, but I definitely had to give it ten out of ten for the inside. The main shop had laminate flooring, and rows of gorgeous dresses organized by colour and a small round table with a vase of white roses in the centre. The fitting rooms were decorated with a cream coloured carpet and white walls. The walls had photos of models dressed in wedding dresses, prom dresses or evening gowns.

It didn’t take Rebecca long to find a couple of dresses to go with my mask. Once we’d found them in my size, we headed to one of the fitting rooms, and I tried them on. I picked my favourite; it was this deep purple colour and flowed as it made its way down to my knees, and Gran paid for it as one of the assistants put it in a box. By the time we’d left the shop, we needed to hurry to the train station to meet up with Emily.


We made it to the station with just over ten minutes before the train arrived. Gran said goodbye to me at the entrance and Emily and I made our way to get tickets. By the time we’d actually got onto the platform, our train was already waiting so we had to sprint to it – and let me tell you now, that there is no way to look attractive while running to catch a train. We made it though; the doors almost cut our bags in half, but we made it.

We headed for the only seats free and sat down. It was a table seat and luckily the seats both sides of the table were empty so that we could actually look at each other while we talked on the way down South.

Feeling really bored, we decided to sing Fantastic Baby by Big Bang (in Korean) at the top of our lungs. We got a few funny looks from people, but most of the other passengers, applauded our performance. Not wanting the carriage to sit in silence, we continued with Super Junior’s Mr. Simple and other songs until we arrived at Kings Cross. 

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