Life's Melody

Elizabeth Satterfield has lived a life of misery thanks to her ever cruel and scheming step-sisters. But one chance meeting with Lord Robert Winston leaves Elizabeth hopeful of a life away from the shadows. A life filled with magic and love; nothing less than a fairytale.


8. Chapter Seven

The Polo match was unbelievable. Unfortunately, there were no Royals there but there’ll be other matches. I hope. Robert looked kind of like a knight when he was on horseback – just with a Polo uniform instead of shining armour. The people were nice as well, though I did get a lot of funny looks when I mentioned that I was from the North East but I actually expected that.

What I hadn’t expected was the lasses to glance over at me and start giggling to themselves. Seriously, if I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin I would have felt very self conscious. One of them came up to me and started asking me questions about where I went to school, was I a Deb, that sort of thing. I really wanted to go all Northerner on her and give her smack, but I wanted them to see that not all of us lose control of our tempers easily. So I stayed calm and answered her stupid questions. Aside from feeling like the newest attraction at a freak show, I was actually enjoying watching the match; which Roberts’s team won.

Once it was over Robert couldn’t wait for us to get away from there and, to be honest, I was only too happy to leave them as well. Robert told his mother that he would speak to whoever it was he needed to speak to later and got in the car next to me. We belted up and were on the road again.

It wasn’t too long before we arrived in a car park behind one of the most exclusive restaurants in London. I got out of the car when Robert opened the door, and we walked around to the front hand in hand.

The restaurant was so fancy, and I felt really out of place. We walked in and apparently Robert had planned lunch there, because the waiter looked at the book, picked up two menus and showed us to a table. It was a nice table; not too tucked away but not out in the open either, just out of the way enough so that it can just be me and him. In that moment I was beginning to wonder when all the fairytale romance stuff was going to end. I wasn’t wondering because I wanted it to, I don’t actually know why I was wondering I just was. “So,” Robert began once we seated and looking at menus. “Besides Shakespeare what else do you read?”

“The classics. Mostly, Emily got me into Game of Thrones. The books and the show.” I replied. “I’m also a huge Harry Potter fan.”


“Yeah, Mum always told me that everyone should have some magic in their lives.” He smiled. “She said that a life without magic is no life at all.”

“She was a smart woman.” I smiled briefly and hid my face behind the menu when I felt my eyes water. “Are you ok?” I nodded and wiped the tears away with my thumb before lowering the menu and lifting my head.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I just miss her.” Robert reached over and took hold of my hand. We stayed like that until the waiter came over and took our order.

“What’s the most magical thing that has happened to you?” Robert asked once we’d ordered.

“It hasn’t happened yet.” I said, “Anyway, enough about me. You’re trying to avoid questions about you.”

“Now why would I do that?” he put on a mock defensive tone.

“Your middle name is Weylin.”

“You heard that then.” He shuffled a little in his seat, and I couldn’t help but giggle slightly.

“I think everyone in New Zealand heard it. Your mum doesn’t have volume controls does she?” he shook his head, a smile playing at his lips.

“No, she doesn’t.” We spent the rest of the time swapping childhood stories. It was just the two of us – and the waiter when he brought our food out. He told me about how he and his brother had once tricked their mother into thinking that they had bought a snake; though all that they achieved was scaring their nanny away and earning a right bollocking from their mother. Then I told him about the walkout I staged in Year Seven, for less homework and the right to move around the school grounds freely at lunchtime. I ended up with a term’s worth of detention after school since it was the first time that I had been in trouble. Why did I do it? We had just learnt about the Peasants’ Revolt in History, and I thought we should fight the oppressors that keep us locked up in school for twenty five hours a week.

We were having a fantastic time until we left the restaurant. We walked out into a sea of people. Some of them were carrying cameras while others were holding out Dictaphones and asking – shouting – questions. Robert grabbed my hand and pushed our way through the crowd. Once we were in the car and on our way back to the flat I felt a little safer; in the sense that I no longer felt like I had five other people in my skin. “I knew they were a little too quiet.” Robert said, breaking the silence that had fallen.

I knew who he was who he was talking about. Roberts part of one of the most notable families there is, and therefore in the press for things he’s done or is doing. I mean there had been a few articles, the ones that made assumptions when we first met in the park. Other than that, there was nothing. I’d just put it down to me being the most boring person on Earth, but at that moment, I knew that they’d been waiting like lions ready to go in for the kill. “I’m sorry.” Robert interrupted my train of thought.

“It’s ok.” I reassured him.

“No it isn’t. You shouldn’t have to put up with all this.”

“Robert it’s fine. I mean, I’m not exactly thrilled by the idea of being chased by cameras, but I can get used to it.” I was saying I could get used to it, but my mind had turned into a mess of words that I just couldn’t say in front of him.


It took a little longer to get back to the flat than it should have. Robert must have driven around all of London trying to lose the paparazzi. We stopped at a supermarket once we were sure that we’d lost them, and by the time we did get back, Emily was livid and doing her best Molly Weasley impression. I guess I should have left a note saying that we’d gone out. “Don’t you ever answer you phone?” she asked following me into the kitchen area. I put the carrier bag I was holding on the side and took my out of my bag.

“Sorry.” I said, trying to turn it on. “The battery must have died.” I headed into my room and plugged the phone into its charger. “We brought ice cream and popcorn.” I told her as I headed back to the kitchen. If there is anything that can get Emily to forgive me, then it’s Ice Cream.

I chose a movie whilst Robert dished out the ice cream and Emily put the popcorn into bowls. “I’m not surprised the press are curious about you.” Emily said as she placed the popcorn on the table and sat down. “I mean you’ve been a couple for a week and the longest relationship Robert’s been in is two days. They want to know if you’ve managed to tame him.” I still wasn’t entirely sure I was comfortable with the idea of being in the spotlight, but I did know that I was starting to fall in love with Robert.

“In other words you’re just going to have to put up with it.” Robert told me as we sat down.

“Why would you say that when she has me? Beth knows that I’ll gladly throw a book at them.” Robert smiled.

“She’s actually serious about that.” I told him. “She’s done it before.”

“Year nine English and Desiree didn’t dare treat me like a piece of dirt again.” Emily jumped in reminiscing. It was true. When we were in year nine, Desiree Macmillan’s regime of popularity came crashing down when she said something to Emily. I didn’t hear what, but it upset her enough to make her throw a hard back copy of Of Mice and Men at Desiree.

Robert looked at me, as if hoping I’d turn round and tell him that it was just some kind of joke. But all I could do was take a sip of wine as Emily pressed the play button on the remote.

When the movie finished, Emily turned the TV off and headed to bed, leaving Robert and I in the living room. When her bedroom door was closed I picked up the remote from the coffee table and we started flicking through the channels looking for something decent to watch. We sat there for an hour before my eyes began to droop.


I woke at six the next morning in bed, and couldn’t remember how I’d got there. I remembered sitting on the settee, cuddling up to Robert and nodding off. But I couldn’t remember getting into bed. As I sat up the door opened and Robert came in with a cup of coffee and a plate of toast. “Morning.” He said.

“Morning.” I replied. “Did you bring me through last night?”

“You fell asleep watching some low-budget, straight to TV movie.” He told me. I kissed him as he sat down next to me.


We talked while I ate my toast and then headed out to the living room to help Emily pack everything into the car. Once we were done, I had time to change out of yesterday’s clothes and run a brush through my hair before we locked the door and put the keys through the letter box. “I’ll come up when I’ve done what I need to do down here.” Robert told me. He gave me a goodbye kiss and shut the car door once I was in. he stood and waved us off until we got to the end of the street, and then got into his own car to do whatever it was he needed to do. 

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