Life's Melody

Elizabeth Satterfield has lived a life of misery thanks to her ever cruel and scheming step-sisters. But one chance meeting with Lord Robert Winston leaves Elizabeth hopeful of a life away from the shadows. A life filled with magic and love; nothing less than a fairytale.


20. Chapter Nineteen

“I told you to stay away.” Isabella hissed as she moved closer to me. “Go back to where you came from.” Her face was in mine and I swear I could have choked on the smell of her perfume.

I didn’t move.

“Go home, now.”

“Beth, you don’t have to go.”

“Yes she does. She doesn’t belong here.”

They two of them argued with each other about whether I had to leave or not. I felt like I was being pulled this way and that, until I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to say something.

“You know what?” I said, creating a silence in the room. “You can have him all to yourself.” I told her as I stood up.

“Beth –”

“Don’t.” I cut Robert off. “I’m leaving, and in the morning I’m going back up North. I think it’s best if you don’t try to talk to me again.” I hurried out of the room and down the corridor. As I approached the grand staircase, I stopped in front of large rectangular mirror and looked into it. I couldn’t see myself; all I saw was a girl the same age as me who looked like she belonged in Robert’s world. But looking the part isn’t the same as being the part. Isabella was right I didn’t belong there, I wasn’t like them.

I headed down the stairs and out of the door. The cab driver that brought me was already sat outside waiting.

Thank you, God. I breathed, as I opened the door of the cab.

“Back to the hotel?” I nodded as I closed the door. My first thought was that the sooner I get back up North, the sooner I can move on with my life.


When I got through the door of the hotel room, I found Emily sitting on her bed reading. Instead of saying anything, I went to the bathroom and washed my face; breathing the deepest sigh of relief that I possibly could, when I saw myself in the mirror. The real me. The me that doesn’t need fifteen layers of makeup on before I leave the house.

“I take it; it didn’t go so well then.” Emily was stood at the bathroom door.

“Not really. No.” I said, turning round and leaning against the sink. I started recalling everything that had happened, as Emily stood and listened.

“Hey, it doesn’t matter anyway.” She told me. “You and me can be the crazy cat ladies that kids are afraid of.” I chuckled.

“As long as we can go home tomorrow.” I said. After what I had been through, curling up in my bed cuddling Bobcat was exactly what I needed just then. Emily nodded and left me to get changed into my pj’s. The night felt longer than it had been, and I was knackered.

The next morning, I’d woken up and had my things packed before Emily had even got out of bed. I needed to get home.

To forget about everything that had happened the night before.

As I waited for Emily to get ready, I turned on my tablet and found five updates from Wattpad, and seven notifications from Twitter. I checked out Twitter first, and found a picture of me running out of the Winston home the night before. The caption was; Cinderella runs away from the ball. I scoffed at the thought of my being Cinderella. It was ludicrous to think that I was getting the fairytale ending that I – along with every other girl on the planet – had always dreamed of.

Actually, now that I think about, I never wanted to be Cinderella. All Cinderella did was clean the house, go to the ball, and try on the glass slipper. I preferred Pocahontas. She was the first Disney Princess, to not need a man to save the day because she actually saved the man. Plus she was totally at one with nature.

Anyway, I ignored the comments (there were lots of horrible ones) about me and went to Wattpad. Five of my favourite stories had been updated and I was determined to take my mind of reading the articles that had been written about me. One of the stories, was about a girl who had this whirlwind romance with a guy at school but ended up coming crashing back down to Earth, when she realized that the one perfect guy that she’d been looking for doesn’t actually exist.

“Are you ready?” Emily asked. I turned the tablet off and put it in my bag before double, double checking that I had picked everything up, and we left the hotel.

I was miles away on the train. I just sat and watched out of the window until we got back. There were a few people who had obviously read the stupid articles about me, and recognized me while I was on the train. But for the most part, I was left alone. Emily saw to that. Every so often, I would hear her shout something like ‘Don’t you dare take a picture of her.’ Or ‘No you may not have her autograph.’ I was gratefull to have her as a travelling companion.


I headed straight to the kitchen when I got in. I hadn’t eaten anything all day and I was absolutely Hank. Luckily, there was a bowl of spaghetti waiting for me in the microwave, so I didn’t have to look very far.

“How did it go?” Dad asked.

“It’s over.” I told him. “Well, and truly over.”

“Never mind. There’s plenty of fish in the sea.” I cringed at the line. Why do people even say that? ‘There’s plenty more fish in the sea.’ How is that knowledge supposed to help people get over heartbreak? It makes no sense.

“What if I just made the biggest mistake of my life?”

“You’ll know if you have or not.” Gee. Thanks. Sometimes Dads advice is about as useful as bike is to fish. Seriously, why do I keep talking about fish? “I’m going to bed.” He got up and kissed me on the forehead.

“Don’t stay up too late.” He warned. I assured him that I wouldn’t and he headed upstairs. 

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