Life's Melody

Elizabeth Satterfield has lived a life of misery thanks to her ever cruel and scheming step-sisters. But one chance meeting with Lord Robert Winston leaves Elizabeth hopeful of a life away from the shadows. A life filled with magic and love; nothing less than a fairytale.


5. Chapter Four

At nine thirty we left the flat and headed to the tube station. I grimaced every time I found myself wedged between two fat sweaty guys either on the train or on the platform. At quarter to eleven, we arrived in Leicester Square and made our way to Kayleys favourite shop; Tokyo Toys. We browsed the shelves and I bought myself a pair of Pikachu slippers. Once we were done we headed over to the nearest clothes shop and began searching for outfits for the Summer Performance. The idea was that if someone found an outfit they liked then the rest of us would choose outfits in the colour or colours that they picked. Kayley found hers first; a black mini skirt and red top, so they rest of us scoured the rack and shelves for outfits in the same colours. Dan and John were the next to find theirs. Before I could find mine, Emily reminded me that it was half twelve so I put the dress I was looking at back and we left the shop and headed for the café.

       The café was a quaint little tea room down one of the alleys not far from Leicester Square. Em and I found it during our first year in London; we've tried to make it through whenever we have a chance. When we'd arrived outside, I spotted Robert Winston sitting in the corner at the back. I pulled away from the others "I can't do this." I told them. "What if the press find out and assume that we're on a date?"

       "You are on a date B." Dan said as he pushed me to the door. I entered Donna's Café and walked through the dimly lit room over to where Lord Robert was sitting. As I approached he looked up and smiled at me.

       "I was beginning to think I'd been stood up." he joked. I just stood there, unsure of what to do. Do I laugh? Do I sit? What the hell do I do? "You are allowed to sit down you know."

       I sat in the seat opposite him and placed my bag on the floor under the table. This was going to be a very uncomfortable lunch. I took a menu out of the stand and opened it up. "So… are you eventually going to speak to me or do I have to talk to myself on this date?" I froze. He called it a date as well. I had to do something to make it unofficial again.

       "This isn't a date," I began looking straight at him. "This is merely two adults sitting down to lunch in a traditional English café." Ugh. I sound like I should be in Downton Abbey. Why must I love reading all those classic novels?

       "Ok. Ok." he chuckled holding his hands in the air. "This isn't a date." he picked up his menu and looked through before closing it again, just in time for Megan; the waitress to come up to the table to take our orders.

       "I will have a milky coffee and a tuna melt." he said looking up at Megan, before turning towards me.

       "I'll have a cheese melt." I told her. "And a Coke." Robert Winston was probably used to girls who ordered salad and diet Coke, but I wasn't going to turned into one of those girls. My goal has always been to become an actress not a stick insect.

       "A girl that chooses actual food over water. I think you're rare species these days." I smiled, not knowing whether I should take that as compliment or an insult. I think he just referred to me as an animal. We chatted while we waited for our meal. The first time we were interrupted was when Megan brought our drinks over; when she'd left we went back to talking. We talked about him and then we talked about me, we talked about him having a degree in law - he told me that he wanted to study music rather than law - and then we laughed about how girls fall at his feet in the hope that they might actually have a chance with him. I even found out that it is his father who is judging the competition and I have to admit that he is kind of cool, though I won't go on record.

        After lunch, we walked round Leicester Square and through China Town just talking and as friends - remember, it wasn't a date - before he looked at his phone to see the time and had to rush off somewhere for a meeting. He was really polite about though; he turned to face me before he said "I have to be somewhere in ten minutes", I stuck out my hand for him to shake it and we said bye. Emily was the first to rush up to me afterwards and ask for details. "So," she started. "was he as bad as you thought?"

        "No, Emily, he isn't arrogant like I said last night." I told her. "If you really want to know, he's charming and sweet. Not to mention he possesses all the qualities I like in a guy." There I go again with the pretentious twaddle. I looked over her shoulder as the other three made their way towards us. They walked slowly, as if they were afraid that I might rip their heads off or something.

        Once we were reunited, we headed to Piccadilly where I found a red and black lace dress for a tenner, Emily said she couldn't be part of our final performance because she would be too busy reviewing it for The Daily Bleep her University newspaper, but I made her get an outfit anyway - just in case she changed her mind. She picked out red skinny jeans and a black vest top with black boots. We headed back to the tube and made our way home.


        Back at the flat, Emily dropped her bag on the chair and went to get started on dinner. She seemed very pleased with herself for setting me up on a….. for arranging for me to have lunch with Robert Winston. I know I just said it was a date, except I took the long way round. I admit it, it was a date and yes I enjoyed myself. Do I want a second date? No. At least not until after the Summer Performance. I hung my bag up on the peg, and headed to my room. I sat in there writing until the food was ready.

         As we ate, we chatted about my date. Emily was dying to here every last detail though I was still reluctant to talk about it. She did, however, manage to get a few minor bits out of me, but for the rest I kept schtum I have no intention of being a kiss and tell girl either. "Oh, Beth." Emily said as I headed back to my room once I'd eaten. "The Landlord says that we're welcome to stay here for our final year of college, but he needs our stuff out of the flat and keys handed in before the end of this month because he's renting it out to holiday makers."

          "Ok, sure." I told her. "We were going back up North after the Show anyway." I went back to my room and pulled out the boxes and baskets that I'd used to bring my stuff down here at the beginning of the year and began packing. As I still needed the essentials (clothes, makeup, shoes etc.) I only packed things like books and DVDs. I had just finished packing them when my phone rang; Kayley.

           "Hey Beth, I'm just calling to let you know that I have finished the song."

           "That's brilliant Kay!" I told her.

           "I've just e-mailed it to you."

           I opened a browser on my laptop and checked my e-mails. "Ok, got it. Thanks, I'll learn it tonight and work on the choreography as well and we'll meet here tomorrow afternoon."

           "Ok, bye." and the line went dead. I put my phone down and opened the folders attached to the e-mail and then printed the word document. As I took the print out off the printer, I played the audio file. I listened to it five times, before singing the lyrics to it. I ran through them another five times and then five more without the sheet. By the time I got into bed I was fairly confident I knew the words.


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