Life's Melody

Elizabeth Satterfield has lived a life of misery thanks to her ever cruel and scheming step-sisters. But one chance meeting with Lord Robert Winston leaves Elizabeth hopeful of a life away from the shadows. A life filled with magic and love; nothing less than a fairytale.


6. Chapter Five

       They next few days were spent going through the song and the dance routine, between the three of us and Emily we had managed to find twenty people willing to help with our performance. We had a few struggle to get the routine and a few who picked it up no problem, but by Thursday I was fairly confident that we were going to win the bet with my step-sisters. Not that I would have admitted it to them though I think I saw them watching one of our rehearsals, so I hope they're shitting themselves.

       We had just finished Thursdays rehearsal when my phone rang, it was my cousin Evelyn she was calling to see what was happening about the holiday we'd talked about for the week after she breaks up for summer. I told her that it had already been booked and that Emily was joining us. I would have let her sister Jess come, but neither my father nor theirs would allow it since she's only twelve years old - and that's with me reassuring them that there would two adults there. Some people get parents who are really relaxed about this stuff, me and Evie got parents who keep hold of their young until we turn eighteen. Once we'd sorted the holiday out Evie hung up. I walked towards Emily who was holding the dance room door open for me. "What was that about?" she asked.

       "That holiday we booked for the third week of July."

      "Oh." Emily understood that I had been talking to Evie and didn't seem to want to talk anymore about it. She had been reluctant to come on the trip with us; she's under the impression that my cousin doesn't like her which is absolutely ridiculous. 

     We were walking down the corridor towards the foyer when Emily grabbed hold of my arm. "Prince Charming at twelve o'clock." I looked ahead and there was Robert standing in the main entrance.

       "Oh no." I whispered.

       "What's wrong? I thought you had a good first date."

      "You know the saying if something's too good to be true it usually is?" Emily gave a slight nod. "Well the little voice in my head keeps saying it to me."

       "Well you'd better stop listening to it because he's on his way over." I looked up and he wasn't just on his way over he was right in front of me. I gave a nervous smile and said hello before looking for help from Emily. "I will see you at home." she told me and left me there with him, so much for my best friend being there for me. I turned back to Robert.

       "I thought that you might want an energy boost after rehearsal."

       "Thanks." I said, taking the coffee that he held out to me. We walked out of the building and towards the bicycle racks and I unlocked mine before we headed towards the park. We talked about the performance tomorrow and my fear of ballsing it all up came into the conversation.

       "I'm sure you'll be fine." he told me as he put his cup in the bin and led me towards a bench. We just sat there watching people walk past for couple minutes when we hear music coming from the right. There a dance group putting on an afternoon show for the public, I looked closer and spotted Jaime Danston, a third year so I figured that they were there to get in some extra practice. “I bet you could do better than that."

       "I'm really not that good." I told him. "If you want to join them be my guest." I didn't think he would take me seriously but he actually got up and danced with Jaime and his friends. I was surprised, I mean he had told me that he wanted to study dance I just hadn't pictured him being a good dancer. The more I watched the more I could see how passionate Robert was about dancing, I also thought he was an idiot for not standing up to his father and telling him that he wanted to study dance rather than giving in and going to University to read Law. I was enjoying watching him dance with Jaime's group until they all looked and called me over to join them. When I refused Jaime came over and dragged me into the centre which meant that I had no choice but to dance with them. I was surprised that people watching were applauding me; I didn't think that I was as good a dancer as Jaime or Dan, but the applause certainly proved me wrong.

        When we'd finished dancing the crowd that had gathered dispersed and Jaime wished me luck for tomorrow. It was fun to dance even if it was in the middle of a busy London Park, and my confidence had grown so much that I was a little less nervous about my performance tomorrow. He walked me back to the flat; we stopped off at an ice cream van on the way and talked about his dance skills. I told him that he should audition for the Performing arts course to start next September, but he told me that his father would never allow it. When we arrived at the building he offered to carry my bike up the stairs for me. "I know you can't go out tomorrow, what with the performance and everything, but how would like to grab a drink on Saturday." he asked.

        "I would love to, but I have to pack up." I told him watching disappointment creep onto his face.

        "Pack up? Where're you going?"

        "Back home for the holidays. The landlord says we can stay on next year but he wants to rent it out during the summer."

        "Ah." he seemed relieved to her that I wasn't moving to a different country or anything. Is that a good or a bad thing? "Well, you have my number if you change your mind." then he leaned in and placed his lips on mine, and kissed me. I was completely taken by surprise, but I found myself kissing him back. The only reason I pulled away was because I heard the door to the flat open behind me. "I'll see you later then."

         "Yeah. S - See you later." I told him as he began to walk away. I turned to the open doorway and found Emily

there with a smirk on a face. "What?" I pushed by bike into the flat and stood it up against the wall next to the front room window, Emily's eyes burning holes in my back. I didn't want to face severe questioning from her so I walked hastily towards my bedroom. I had a hand on the door handle when I was yanked away.

         "Oh no you don't Elizabeth Haley Satterfield." she said sitting me down on a chair. "I just caught you playing tonsil tennis with Robert Winston." Of all the best friends in the world, I had to get the one that appeared to have a sixth sense. Last time Emily had one of her 'feelings' she told me that Thing One and Thing Two would pass the application process for Hyde Park School of Dramatic Arts - which they then proceeded to do.

          "How is it that you always know when something news worthy is going to happen before it happens?" I asked jokingly.

          "That doesn't matter. I thought you weren't sure about him? What happened to if something's too good to be true then it probably is?" She started quoting me.

         "I stand by it. It's not like I planned to kiss him anyway."

         "You didn't exactly look like you wanted to stop it."

         "I know. I know," Now I had to find the words to explain it. "I do like him… I just… I can't see myself growing old with him. At least not at the moment anyway."

         I was so confused. On the one hand I did really like Robert but on the other I just couldn't see a future, maybe this is what love is; being with someone just to take a step at a time. Maybe I was destined to be with Robert Winston. Throwing myself back into the chair I threw a cushion over my face and pushed it down, why did it have to me that got hit on the head with a football?

         I sat screaming into the cushion for five minutes before Emily came over with two bowls of everything-but-the-kitchen-sink stir-fry noodles; she was determine to clear the cupboards and we sat and watched TV for a bit. By the time the ice cream came out we'd put Maid In Manhattan on and the blankets were out. The rest of the day was definitely a cheesy Rom-Com day.


         As I stood backstage waiting for our turn to go on and perform, my mind was elsewhere. I kept thinking and Robert and how a relationship with him would affect my career. Would his family let me act or sing? I don't think that I could be a house wife, what if his parents hate me? What if - "Beth?" I was brought back down to earth by Dan. "Beth, we're up next." I nodded with a slight smile and walked over to the edge of the stage ready to go on. Marti and Noelle were wrapping up their mediocre performance; it was a cover of Cheeky Song by the Cheeky Girls. I have to say that the originally is definitely better than their version. My step-sisters only applied to the school because they knew I wanted to and I am sure that they must have scraped through the audition and got in because there is room for improvement, because their singing is a little pitchy, their acting is mediocre at best and they can't dance for toffee. 

          When they'd finished, they bowed and ran off stage it just so happened that they ran off in my direction. "I hope that you and you're friends are prepared to lose," Marti began.

          "because it looks like we're going to win our little bet." Noelle finished. I hated it when they did that, it really annoyed me. They couldn't finish their own individual sentences, no; they had to finish each other’s. They walked away from me laughing, and I headed out onto the stage. I stood, microphone in hand in the centre. The spotlight was beaming and blinding me, though I could still feel the eyes of every member of the audience on me. I hesitated for few seconds and then I remembered yesterday when I was dancing in the park, I thought about how free I felt and I found the confidence I needed to start singing. I stopped singing for the instrumental and then Dan came in. We began dancing when we started to sing the chorus and once again I felt free, I felt like nothing could hurt me while I was up on stage performing. I had done the Summer Performance last year but I hadn't had any where near the confidence I had at that moment.

           We were a hit. Especially when our dancers came down through the audience and began dancing with us, including Emily. Once we'd finished we took a bow and left the stage, only to have to go back on because we were the last act to perform, we were stood between Jaime's group and Marti and Noelle. Robert Winston senior, along with the Dean of Admissions for the School; Miranda Steadman, walked onstage with the trophy and within a second of seeing it everyone's eyes were fixed on the three foot tall trophy. "Well done to everyone that took part in the Hyde Park School of Dramatic Arts Summer Performance two thousand and fourteen." Miranda told the room. "Now is the moment of truth. Only one group of students can win." a student handed her a golden envelope, and she handed it to Winston Sr.

           "This years winners are…" he paused for the drum roll to be heard. As he took a deep breath, I closed my eyes and gave Dan's hand a squeeze and then I heard "Elizabeth, Daniel and Kayley!" I couldn't believe it. We had won the Summer Performance, two second years and a first year won actually won it. The third year streak had been broken and all because we had taken a chance and put everything that we'd learned to good use and come up with our own original song. I looked at Marti and Noelle who appeared to be regretting the bet, since they had to become slaves for two whole days, though I could have them as slaves all summer if I wanted.

         Emily ran up to me and pulled me into a congratulatory hug to celebrate that we'd won. "How does it feel to have broken the third year streak?" she asked.

         "It feels really good." I told her as Dan and Kayley grabbed the two of us for a group hug. Then I heard someone behind me clearing their throat. The others backed away leaving me standing on my own so I had a pretty good idea of who it was. I turned around and found Robert standing there, back straight and hands in pockets.

         "Congratulations." he said, a smile playing at his lips.

         "Thank you." he got closer to me and lifted me into a hug and I kissed him again, I don't know if it was because I really wanted to or if it was the adrenaline running through my body at that precise moment but it happened. He put me down again. "Well… now the press are going to know my name." I chuckled. We were interrupted by Emily who wanted to ask a few questions for her article. I had promised her that Dan, Kayley and I would give her an interview if we won, and one thing about Emily is that she has the brain of an Elephant and doesn't forget anything. Which is more of a curse than a blessing.


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