Upon Your Fears.

Meeting her was a whole new feeling. Meeting her was upon his fears.


2. Two

Thalassa's P.O.V.

That boy. He's the definition of hot. He's been around a lot lately, and you didn't hear me complain for sure. He was quiet, I never heard him talk. He had this whole bad boy look, mysterious, deviously gorgeous. 

Tonight, Perses decided to throw a back-to-school-party. I was kind of in the mood to party today, I just hope that Justin kid is there. Yeah, hot name for a hot boy. It's not like I'll ever date him, but a girl can fantasize. 

But for now, it's Friday morning, the day of the week I've been anticipating the most. As I knew Perses is supposed to wait for me, I took a bit more time to get ready, to look the absolute same way I did all week. I wore a marine blue man's Hipsta Please t-shirt, short jean shorts and marine blue TOMS. I tucked the shirt in my shorts, looking at my reflection in the mirror. My hair was straightened and I only had eyeliner and mascara on today. 

I rushed downstairs, half a piece of toast in my mouth as I walked outside. My brother was impatiently tapping on the steering wheel, throwing his head back and biting his lip frustratingly, ah. How I loved to get him angry. 

I walked in the passenger seat, smiling at him. He gave me a cold look, staring the the car and reversing out of the house's parking. We drove with the radio on and a couple of small arguments, nothing unusual here. 

We finally pulled in the school's parking lot, Perses rushing out to go see his friends, leaving me in the car; again. 

"Creepy Steve!" I shouted after him. 

He quickly turned around, rushing to my side of the car. He glared at me and opened the door, locking them as I was fully out. I gave him one last sarcastic smile and walked into the school, seeing him rush to Megan, school's slut. Nothing new here. 

"You coming to the party tonight?" Jessie asked me as she popped out of nowhere. 
"You know it's at my house....?" I trailed, chuckling. 
"I'm so dumb." She groaned, face palming. "Well, just to let you know, I'll be there." 
"M'kay." I smiled. "Well, see you tonight. I've go Calculus with Mrs Chang. Rumors say she slept with Mr Klaus." 
"Dude, that's so wrong." She scrunched her nose up in disgust. "I always thought it was weird that he has that Vampire Diaries name." 
"Yeah...." I laughed. "See you!" 

And the rest of the day is ahead. 

After School. 
(A/N: I know I always skip school, let's pretend there's nothing interesting for now, later on, I'll keep going on with the school day!)

Perses actually waited for me this time, which I was thankful for. But on the other hand, I was stuck in between his two pervert friends in the backseat. Trust me, I'd rather walk in the pouring rain, get hit by a bus and stay in the hospital for three months. Okay, maybe not but you get my point. 

"Thali!" My brother shouted, using my nickname. "Can you get the cups in the booth?" 
"Sure." I coughed awkwardly, sliding out of the backseat. Finally. 

I grabbed four hundred red cups out of the booth, which kind of ticked me off. This is going to be one of the biggest party we've ever hosted. The house is so small, I don't get why people want it to happen here. Oh, wait. Creepy Steve and mom aren't there. 

"Justin'll help you with the punch." Perses stated, grabbing multiple boxes of beers. "Right Bieber?" 

He simply nodded. I motioned him to follow me, not a single word said from him. It was kind of frustrating, but I guess I'll live with him. I took the big punch bowl out of the fridge, placing it on the counter as the others set the living room. 

"Here, fill a couple of cups." I smiled. 

He returned a ghost of a smile, I took it as it was. I mean, it's getting better. We both used two spoon thingy, filling many cups. We filled them all, it took about thirty minutes. I thanked him, receiving another nod. He's a silent treatment person. 

I headed upstairs to go and get ready. People were already arriving, so I'm guessing it's not going to be long until the whole thing gets started for real. As the floor started shaking and the loud music ringed in my ears, I'm guessing it's started. 

I didn't change, just checked my hair and fixed my makeup a little. I walked downstairs, being met by I don't know how many people. I decided on getting some punch, a little drink never hurts. As I reached out for the cup, a hand brushed against mine, sending a weird feeling through my body. 

My eyes met the honey-brown ones I love dearly, making me smile and pull my hand back. I motioned for him to take it but the only thing he did was hand it to me. I gladly accepted it, seeing a girl walking around with her phone. 

"Hey!" She shouted after us. "Get together, picture time!" 
"Oh-" I cut myself off as Justin's arm wraps itself around my ribcage. 

I placed a hand on his chest looking at the camera. I laughed as she snapped the picture, his arm slowly moving back to his side. I handed him the cup he handed me, sending him a wink as I walked to the dance floor. 

I danced with strangers and Jessie, who I found drunkly Gangnam Style'ing. It was pretty cool to watch, but I made her stop before she could make a fool out of herself. We pretty much danced through the night, my eye catching Justin's from time to time. 

At five, the party was over and everyone went home. Except him. He helped me clean everything since Perses was half dead on the floor, snoring loudly. I told him he could sleep in my brother's room, which he nodded, again. 


I dressed myself in a grey long sleeve shirt and red tie-dye short shorts. I pulled my hair in a ponytail, washing the leftover makeup from yesterday. I pulled my grey TOMS over my feet, walking downstairs. 

"Hey, I'm going to the park." I told my brother. 
"Bring Justin, he can't be alone." He grumbled quietly. 
"What?" I asked, stopping mid-way to the door. "I can't-"
"I'll call Creepy Steve myself if you don't." He raised his head towards me, narrowing his eyes. 

Groaning, I grabbed Justin's sleeve, his eyebrows creasing in confusion. I grabbed my backpack under the deck in the backyard, pulling one of the straps over my right shoulder. We walked for two or three minutes and we finally arrived. 

"By the way..." I trailed. "Are you going to speak?" 

He shrugged, following me as I made my way to an empty cement white wall. I gave him a are-you-serious look, an innocent smile spreading across his face. I shook my head, taking my spray paint out, the masks and big black pencil marker. 

"So, we're doing your tag." I  smiled confidently at him. 

I turned around, but something took me aback. 

"What's a tag?" His deep, raspy voice made me snap my gaze towards him. 
"Did you just speak?" I smirked, playfully pushing his shoulder. 
"I asked you a question." He sing sang. 
"It's kind of... your signature." I said unsurely. "Alright. Red, orange and yellow or purple, blue and green?" 
"Uh, the first one." He nodded. 

I showed him how, and it looked... like a kid's painting. I tried to fix it, but it still looked like a project you made in kindergarten. He looked at it, frowning in concentration. His jaw clenched and unclenched, as he examined his artwork. 

"I wanna see yours." He finally stated. 
"I'm doing graffiti, my tag is over there." I pointed to my name on the wall beside. 

I drew a tiger, signing in the bottom. 

He had spoken today, and let me tell you, I'm ready to hear more. 





-Audrey :]

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