Upon Your Fears.

Meeting her was a whole new feeling. Meeting her was upon his fears.


12. Twelve.

Thalassa's P.O.V.

Closing my book, I wiped the tears that were flowing down my cheeks endlessly. It was now the sixth time I read The Fault In Our Stars, but Augustus Water's death gets me every time. I guess it shows to expect the unexpected. 

It was close to three, and I knew I had to get my brother from school. I was in pyjama checkered shorts and my usual black, dry fit long sleeve shirt. I liked it because it clung to your body during the night and didn't move in angles that made it uncomfortable. 

It's not like I was getting out of the car, anyways, right? I put my hair into a side fishtail braid because I had time to lose, and it was kind of pretty. I then put my black Vans on and left in our freshly fixed car. Repaired window and painted perfectly. 

I drove to High School, knowing I wouldn't have to go through this in a few months. It was only matter of time before I was off to Harvard, and I simply couldn't wait being out of here. I parked in the school's parking lot, waiting patiently for my little brother. 

He stepped in the car, looking kind of down. I frowned, it wasn't like he normally looked ecstatic of coming back from school, but he was abnormally depressed today. It was noticeable in his blue eyes, which only he inherited from our unknown father. 

"Now what is going on?" I asked teasingly. 
"I don't want to speak about it." He blushed, and I immediately knew it was girl problems. 
"Spit it out, I've got all night." I smirked. 
"Fine." He breathed, readjusting his glasses. "There's this girl I really like, but she's a senior and I'm kind of a loser, if that isn't noticeable enough, and I don't know what to do. I kind of wanted to ask her to go to her prom because she doesn't have a date and she's beautiful and even though it's not mine I still want to." 

He said it so fast I barely caught a word he said. I understood senior, girl, like, loser and prom. I think it's all I needed to know, after all. 

"Well, I think it's time for a makeover." I said teasingly, wiggling my eyebrows at him. 
"Where are we going?" He frowned, noticing I didn't take the road home. 
"The mall, now stop asking questions, little man." I pointed out, giving him a stern look. 
"Well, you're in your PJ's." He shrugged, as I did too. 

They looked like shorts, well at least, they were supporting the debit card I was about to use, I wouldn't be complaining if I were him. I parked outside the mall, dragging him inside. I was going to get him so much things, some chance I had saved the money from my old job. 

"First of all, hair." I pointed to the mess on his head, which made him frown. 

I asked the hairdresser for thatkind of old Justin Bieber look, you know, the hair flip, and I asked it kind of messy because neat isn't exactly my thing. Maybe his, but not anymore, oops. I almost swear I saw Justin walking, but ever since the textbook incident, I have been hallucinating a few things. 

When Sam was done, I think I fell off my chair. He looked extremely cute, if we ignore his orange polo, knee socks and pants up to his belly button. I clapped my hands happily, like the typical girl I am, and dragged him out of the salon. 

"I'm now dressing you properly." I grinned. 

I basically bought him a whole new wardrobe, because I had money to spend and I wouldn't find a better way to use it other than on charity, which I would do after finishing with Sam. I decided to keep his nerdy kind of look, but in a hotter way, you know? 

I also bought him three pairs of Vans and thousands of beanies because they fit him well, I think I spent over a thousand dollars on this little dude. His bug nerdy glasses were coming in handy, they would fit well with his new appearance. 

"Thanks, Thali." He smiled, hugging me sideways. 
"No worries, little dude, I know you wouldn't have went shopping with mom." I smiled, making him laugh approvingly. 

The power of an older sister. 

As I was walking towards the car, I bumped into someone, almost flying seventy yards back. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a little, but still, ouch. I quickly looked up, and an unsurprised look appeared across my face. 

"We had tutoring, today." He snarled, crossing his arms over his chest. 
"Calm down, we can still have it." I groaned, continuing my way towards my car, Sam nervously following. 
"Can I come with you?" He asked loudly, making me sigh. "I don't have my car." 

I nodded nonchalantly, wanting to stop talking. It was a difficult task. He sat in the backseat, as I instructed him to whilst I placed Sam's shopping bags in the trunk. I was so annoyed with him, Justin that is, I could rip his head off, which hopefully, will be possible one day. 

Let's just see how this goes...





De todos modos...


-Audrey :]

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