Upon Your Fears.

Meeting her was a whole new feeling. Meeting her was upon his fears.


13. Thirteen.

Thalassa's P.O.V.

"I have a French test, tomorrow." He spoke quietly, sitting down at the dining table with me. 
"It's like your thousandth one." I groaned, opening his French textbook. "What's it about?" 
"Verbs." He whined, resting his face in his palms. 

I nodded slowly, flipping through the pages. I finally found the good one, leaving it so he couldn't see. I did know my French extremely well, but it's been a while since I've studied my verbs, it's not exactly something essential, right now. 

And so we studied, and studied. I didn't let him abandon, I forced him to answer correctly, and gosh was it complicated. 

Next thing I knew, it was already morning and both our faces were squished against the table, had we seriously slept here. I squinted my eyes at the bright sun rays, we definitely need curtains in the dining room. 

"Hey, Justin." I croaked, shaking his shoulder gently. "It's time to wake up." 
"What time is it?" He mumured, his voice was so raspy. 
"It's six in the morning." I sat up straight, my back cracking. "You can go take a shower, the towels are in the cabinet under the sink." 

He knew where the bathroom was, I didn't have to direct him there. I decided to go and wake up my brother, since it was his first day as the new him. I walked upstairs, my loud footsteps were probably being heard in China, but oh well, my mom is a heavy sleeper. 

"Sam, wake up." I cooed, sitting next to him on his bed. 
"Why?" He groaned. 
"Because I have to help you prepare." I said, getting a bit excited. 
"Fine." He whispered, sitting up. 
"Oh dear Martha Stewart, what in the world happened to your hair?" I cried out, looking at all the different pieces sticking out. "Go take a shower, and use mom and I's." 
"Why?" Him and all his questions. 
"Because Justin and I studied all night, so he's in your bathroom." I looked at him pointedly, pushing him out of his room. 

I went through his new wardrobe, looking for the perfect clothes. I picked out beige chinos kind of pants, his white bro tank and flannel button down, that he'll leave unbuttoned, which was checkered navy blue and red. 

I picked out his black Vans and black beanie, mentally patting myself on the shoulder. As I walked out of his room, he was about to walk in. 

"I picked out your clothes, don't put gel in your hair, just flip it to the side and let it dry." I rambled. 
"Okay, you can go now, Thali." 

I smiled slightly, going back downstairs to make us breakfast. I made waffles and bacon, since all I needed was the microwave and the toaster, I'm not much of a cook. Justin came out, looking refreshed. 

"For you." I pointed to the plate. 
"Are you acting nice, now?" He smirked, sitting down at the dining table. 
"You're so annoying." I sing sang, making Sam a plate. 

He came downstairs looking normal, with his glasses and all. I fist pumped, in my mind, obviously. He ate in the living room, watching TV. I mean, it's not like he's going to sit next to Justin and start a friendly conversation. 

"Need a ride to school?" I asked, my mouth filled with bacon. 
"I would appreciate." He answered straight after he gulped down a sip of orange juice. 
"Are you acting nice, now?" I mimicked, my mouth forming a fake aw'd expression. 
"I tend to act differently when I'm tired." He said sarcastically. 
"I think it's the other way around." I pursed my lips, putting my empty plate in the sink. "Sam, we're leaving in five minutes!" 

And so the loud noises begins, my mother finally wakes up after I hid Justin in the closet. She looked at my brother and I suspiciously, yawning. 

"I need my coat." She coughed. 
"I'll get it for you." I nodded once, smiling innocently. 

I rushed to the closet, opening it up. Justin was squished between shoes and clothes, a look of discomfort appearing on his features. As I pulled on the coat, it appeared to be under his fat ass, so I kind of almost ripped. 

"Get off!" I hissed quietly. 
"Don't you see I'm trying?" He said disbelievingly, shifting his weight. 

I finally pulled it out, closing the closet once again. I slowly made my way back to my mom, who was still standing at the bottom of the stairs, looking at me in the way someone would look at giant squirrel. 

"Are you okay?" She frowned, slowly taking the coat from my hands. 
"Mhhmmm." I nodded, and she sighed exasperatingly. 

She slowly started making her way back to her room, leaving both my brother and I relieved. We gave each other a look, fist bumping in a boss kind of way. I help Justin out of the closet, which due to my lack of muscles, took me more than effort. 

"Alright, children, let's get to school."



De todos modos...


-Audrey :]

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