Upon Your Fears.

Meeting her was a whole new feeling. Meeting her was upon his fears.


6. Six

Thalassa's P.O.V. 

"Look, not to start an argument, but Rio?" I whined, sitting on a chair in our small house. "It's too hot-"
"Don't push me, Thali." He said sternly, making me sigh. 

We had flew to Rio, and the heat was unbearable. We were presently in the smallest house/apartment thingy in the favela. Basically, a favela is a pile of houses, and there's way too many in Rio. 

I didn't get why we came back here, but as soon as we were standing in a restaurant, and his eyes rested on a girl, it was pretty accurate how desperate he seemed. He looked at her intensely, probably forgetting I even existed. I felt somewhat hurt, I just didn't have a specific reason to explain my pain. 

He walked over to the girl confidently, leaving me standing in the entrance, shifting my weight form leg to leg awkwardly. The girl smiled giddily as she saw him, wrapping her frail arms around his neck, squeezing him. 

She pulled back and pointed at me, raising her eyebrows at Justin. She frowned as he spoke, making me wonder what they were talking about. As I realized they weren't going to abandon their conversation for a while, I sat on a small bench outside, sighing as the heated breeze brushed against my exposed skin. 

I had been sitting out here for a long time, enough to see the sun starting to set. He was the one dragging me across the world, to... leave me stranded? It's kind of what it is, I think. I hated being left alone so much, it was insane how offended I could easily get by it. 

He came out of the restaurant with a darker shade of lip colour, and I could barely make out the small stain of lipstick on the corner of his lips, but I still did. I stood up as we walked quietly towards the favela, many questions bubbling inside of me, but none coming out of my mouth. 

"Who was she?" I broke the silence, awkwardly rubbing my hands together. 
"Just a girl I know." He shrugged. 

I scoffed disbelievingly, not that I was expecting something more. But in a way, I was. We were going to be stuck with each other for a while, and he had to gain my trust somehow. I had no choice but to trust him with my life, but I didn't get much reassurance out of him. 

I felt disgusted. I had a crush on him, in such a short matter of time back home. Speaking of it brought me back to the fact that I wasn't home. I was stuck with a jerk, who supposedly knows we're going to stay alive, but in the back of my mind, I had thoughts that differed. 

We reached the favela, climbing the cement stairs to reach our house. He unlocked the door easily, making me immediately walk to my room, slamming the door shut. I took a shower which was related to both our rooms, making sure to lock both doors. 

I then dressed in one of his t-shirts with a pair of short pyjama shorts. We had been shopping in Argentina. I flipped my hair around to make it dry a little, but still didn't do much more as I sat on my single bed. 

From: Mom.
To: Thalassa.

How's everything?

To: Mom.
From: Thalassa.

Fine, I guess. I wish I could come back home.

To: Thalassa.
From: Mom. 

I know sweetheart, but you'll be home as soon as it's safe. Love you xx

I didn't bother replying as I simply laid back in my bed, sighing. My door creaked opened, revealing Justin. I raised my eyebrows, he simply sat on my bed. I was confused at how he was so at ease after quite the tension when we were walking. 


And I couldn't help but accept as my eyes became watery. I snuggled into him as kept me close, rocking us from side to side. He smelled fresh, and all I could think was the situation, how I felt horrible when he came out of that restaurant, or the fact he could be sweet and annoying at the same time. 

He finished by laying us down, and I found myself resting my head in the crook of his neck. He breathing became slower and deeper, making my eyelids drop slightly. We were tossed with each other, when half an hour or so earlier, I was literally hating him. But here I am, limply laying in his arms. Definitely me. 


As I woke up, I found myself alone, snuggled in my sheets. I walked in the kitchen, seeing a small piece of paper on the dining table. I picked it up, turning it around to find messy handwriting I recognized as Justin's. 

Be back at noon. 

Nothing more. I had an idea of where he was, but I couldn't get myself to believe it. I had a feeling he was with the same girl as yesterday. But the thing that scared me was that, it was already noon, and I was by myself. 

I pulled my hair in a loose ponytail, looking through the cabinets. Nothing. I had to eat, and the only way I could do that was by going out to get something. So I decided to go do some groceries at the small market, two minutes from here. 

After filling the fridge and cabinets, I smiled in content, eating some noodle soup. You know, those Mr. Noodles. Anyways, I was in front of the T.V, watching an old movie that happened to be in black and white, eating my soup. 

I heard the front door open, and I didn't even bother looking to see who it was. I knew it wasn't some dude who came to captivate me, since he would've done it already. The couch dipped, and I melt his aftershave, definitely him. 

"You know, I can't believe you did this." I stated calmly, placing my bowl on the small coffee table. 
"What do you mean?" He creased his eyebrows in confusion. 
"No matter how selfish this sounds, I thought you were supposed to protect me." I murmured sadly. 
"And I am." He said firmly. "Why would you think otherwise?"
"You came here for the girl, Justin." I raised my voice. "You think I didn't notice? She's much more important in your eyes than I am."
"You left be by myself the whole day, Justin!" I snapped. "I know you probably don't care about me, but I am aware that my brother is one of your best friends and you're only doing this for him. You're only doing this because you don't want to see him devastated, crying. You could've made it less obvious though." 

"The only reason we came here is for the girl." 



De todos modos... 


-Audrey :]

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