Where are you?

How could this happen? One day here and the next you were gone. What happened? We were just friends right?
Anna was just another girl,but after a one night stand she finds herself pregnant. She didn't even know his name. What happens when her son looks a lot like a famous singer? Has she found his father or will she be forever in the dark?


8. Chapter 8

Anna's POV

~About 3 years later~

"Mommy, Mommy." Ashton cried. I rushed over to him to see him pointing to the TV. One Direction stood on the TV singing. 

"Yea Ash." I laughed. "That's a band."

"I'm part of the band." Ashton cried standing up in front of the TV. Suddly they did a close up on Niall and my heart stopped. I paused the show. "Josh come here."

Josh came rushing in, eith only a towel around his waist. Josh and I had moved in together about a year and a half ago. He had been like a father to Ashton and I don't think I would have been about to afford this house without him.

"What's the problem Anna?" he asked worry in his voice. 

"Look." I whispreed pointing first at Ashton then at Niall. He gasped. 

"They look ao much alike. Could he be..." 

I shook my head fiercely. "You'll always be Ashton's father."

Josh sighed. "But not his birth father. You have to find his real father."

Ashton ran over and grabbing Josh's leg. "Daddy." 

"See." I smiled picking up Ashton. "Your his dad, the only one he has ever known. Don't tell yourself anything different."

Josh sighed. "I'm going to finish my shower."

I watched him go back into our room. "Is Daddy ok?" Ashton asked.

I nodded, my eyes slowly looking from Ashton to Niall.

"Maybe Josh is right."


Ashton now:


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