Where are you?

How could this happen? One day here and the next you were gone. What happened? We were just friends right?
Anna was just another girl,but after a one night stand she finds herself pregnant. She didn't even know his name. What happens when her son looks a lot like a famous singer? Has she found his father or will she be forever in the dark?


4. Chapter 4

Anna's POV


It had been six month since Hunter and I had gone to the doctor and found out that I was pregnant. Hunter and I had spent hours trying to locate the father but it was hopeless. I had contacted Josh and we had gone through every guy at his party or at least the ones we could locate. None of them could remember that night either, but none of them were the father. 


When I finally got the courage to tell my parents they kicked me out. Hunter got mad at them and went with me. We haven't been home since that night. Josh let us move in with him. I think it's cause he feels bad that I got pregnant at his party. He had been a great friend and it was great to be close to him like we weere when we were younger. Hunter says he likes me but I don't think so. 


"Hey Anna." Josh called from downstairs. "You ready to go?"

I let out a sigh walking down the stairs. Each step was slow and deliberate. I had to protect the life that was growing inside me. Josh was taking me to find out the gender of my baby. I turthfully couldn't wait. Hunter, Josh and I had sat up for hours planing the names. If it was a girl her name would be Riyan Grace Hayes. If it was a boy Ashton Gray Hayes.

At the bottom of the stairs Josh took my hand holding it lightly. I smiled giving him a hug. "Let's go."


~Skip the Car ride~

Josh kept the mood light-hearted. His light blonde hair flashing in the light. It was kinda strange how much we looked alike. Most people think that we are siblings, but we are like siblings. As we pulled up a familiar song came on the radio, The Best Song Ever. It was by this band, One Direction. I didn't listen to them often, but the songs I have heard are really good. 

I put my hand on Josh's and didn't let turn off the car till the song ended. 

"You like them?" Josh laughed as we walked up.

"No." I laughed. "I just think their songs are good."

Josh laughed taking my hand as we walked inside. 

The nurse sitting behind the desk smiled as we walked in. "What can I do for you today?"

I stepped forward. "I would like to know the gender of my baby."

The nurse nodded. "Sit down in the waiting room and we'll call you two when we're ready."

I nodded sitting down beside Josh. He took out his phone and looked up the band. He pulled up and image of five boys about our age. "This is the band One Direction." He said. "Pretty famous."

I looked at this my eyes looking over each one till I hit the blonde one and gasped.

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