Bad Boy Has A Baby?(Harry Styles FanFic)[slow updates]

Ariana Grace is the new girl in town, her mother past due to cancer and four months after the funeral Ariana's dad thinks its time to start fresh. Ari and her dad had just moved to Holmes Chapel Cheshire and Ari has to attend Holmes Chapel High School where Cheshires bad boy Harry Styles attends.

Harry Styles is the bad boy in town and he doesn't take now for and answer, he is willing to go to extremes to get what he wants. Yeah Harry is an ass but he does have a heart, a heart to only two people his mum and his daughter but will his heart be shown to a third person?


5. Chapter 5

Ariana's Pov:

Through out the whole class I could feel Harry's intense stare burning through my skin and it was making me feel very uncomfortable, I think that he thought that I didnt notice, oh I noticed. Second period was finally over and I am now walking to the cafeteria with El and Dani, As we walked in I saw my cousin Niall sitting at a table with that Liam guy Danielle introduced me to. The three of us walked over to the table where the boys are at, and the minute Niall saw me he stood up and gave me a massive bear hug.

"GRRRRR it's been so long, I've missed you so much Ari-Boo" Says Niall while pulling away from our bear hug and making sure to use that nick name he gave me so many years ago.

"I missed you to, my little Nialler-poo" I say speaking to him as if he is a baby while ruffling his brown, now died blonde hair. He gave me a look, you know that, that 'call me that again and i'll bite you' look. yeah. That one. It's really not a look its more of a glare. 

I just looked at him for a few seconds before saying "If looks could kill. I would be dead by now."

"Thats sort of the point" says Niall with a hint of sarcasm hidden in his voice.

"Oh ha ha. You are so funny Niall" I say with sarcasm.

"I know" was Niall's reply with a crooked smirk upon his face.

"wait." Liam interrupted. "You two know each other?" asked Liam with a confused expression written on his face.

I opened my mouth to speak but Niall cut me off. "Yeah, were cousins" says Niall as a reply to Liam's question.

"Ahhh never a dull moment with Niall Horan" says Eleanor with a smile on her face and Dani nodding her head to agree. Suddenly out of nowhere two arms had wrapped around Eleanors waist.

"Hey Babe" said a mystery boy with brown hair similar to liams and blue eyes like Niall's. The mystery boy leaned down and gave Eleanor a peck on the lips, so I am presuming the mystery boy is Eleanors boyfriend.

"Oh sorry, Ariana this my Boyfriend Louis," yep I was right, he is her boyfriend.

He took his hand out in front for me to shake and said "Nice to meet you" as I granted his friendly guesture.

"You to" was all I said as a reply.

"Well why don't we all sit down and eat, I already got your food Ari" says Niall while sitting down at the lunch table. We all followed Niall and sat down.

I looked down at my food and with one look I said "You call this food." Everyone just laughed as I starred at my plate with disgust.

Suddenly the door was slammed shut causing everyone in the cafeteria to look at the door to see the commotion. Standing there at the door were two boys. One had tan skin, a sleeve of tattoo's going up his right arm, ear piercing's and a quiff, he was a mystery to me. The other boy has bright, sparkling green eyes and curly hair. Harry.

"Who are they" I whispered even though I already know the answer to one of them.

"The one with the quiff is Zayn, he supplies the students drug's and other people who don't even attend Cheshire High. He has a party every Friday and they are wild." Says Liam looking over towards Zayn.

"The other guy is Harry" Says Louis, interrupting Liam."He used to be one of us, he was my friend, but then something tragic happened to him, he changed, changed for the worst."

"What was so tragic that made him change" I ask with curiosity clearly written all over my face.

The five of them exchanged glances towards each other as if they were speaking a language I didn't seem to understand. After they finished there secret yet silent discussion, Niall turned to me and spoke.

"There are only a few people that know what really happened, the real story and even then it is to be never spoken of." he says looking me straight in the eyes.

"Are you guys the few people that know what happened, the real story?" I asked them hoping one would give me an answer.

"Like I said, it is never to be spoken of" says niall who is once again looking at me straight the eye except this time was different, he had a stern look on his face and his bright blue eyes turned to a really shade, almost brown. The look on Nialls face told me to leave it alone, that its a touchy subject and to just go back to eating what look as if it could be dog food, and honestly I think it really is dog food.

* * * *
School had just finished and I was now walking home alone. As I was walking I could feel like someone was watching me, as if I was being followed. I turned around and I was right, there was Harry Styles walking behind me watching my every move.

"Are you following me?" I asked

"Maybe" He replies with a smirk plastered on his face. Smart Ass.

I just scoffed, turned back around and started walking in the direction towards my house again.

"Hey wait up" Harry says while jogging trying to catch up with me.

"Why are you here?" I asked with confusion written on my face.

"What? Cant I talk to a pretty girl like you" He says causing be to look down and blush. "and besides, my house is this way as well."

"Well okay then." I say.

"Are you new here?" He asked. What a stupid question. pfft, am I new here? Of course im bloody new here.

" Oh well nah shit." I say sarcastically while giving him a sarcastic glare before continuing my smart ass remark. "What gave you that idea? The fact you have never seen me around or the fact that im in almost every one of your classes and all our teachers have introduced with 'We would like to welcome our new student....' "

He just chuckled and said. " A feisty one. I think thats super sexy on a girl....especially if that girl is already genually sexy as you."

I just gave him a look of disgust before walking off only to have him chase me again.

"Hey...Why do you keep running from me?" He asks.

"Because your annoying" I say in reply to only have him talk back with a asshole remark.

"You may find me annoying now but once you get to know me I'm a fun guy." He says generally with a sparkle in his eye but that sparkle disappeared when he continued his sentence. "In bed"  He says with a all to familiar cocky smirk written on his face.Wow. First day and his cocky smirk is already familiar to me. That's not good. Not good at all.

"HARRY!" I scream annoyed with asshole, cockiness.

"See, you are already screaming my name" He say with that stupid smirk on his lips which is once again taunting to me. I could slap him, I honestly could....but because I am a nice and kind person I wont. Yet.

"So, You're Niall's cousin yeah?" he asked.

"Yeah, what's it to ya?" I ask back.

"Just wondering how someone so hot could be related to someone so fucking ugly." Says Harry with that sly smirk. 

"excuse me?"

"you heard me, how could you be so hot and he be so ugly....and annoying...and stupid!" Oh that's it he has officially crossed the line now.


I could feel my face going red.

"Who the fuck do you think you are? like seriously who are you to insult Niall when your this guy trying to have this bad boy rep just to look cool! Well news flash Harry, its not cool, bad grades, late for school and drugs? Its not cool and I know you are on drugs because I smell it on you, its lingering on your clothing, in your breath, all that its going to do is ruin your life. At least Niall is smart enough to know that." I say fuming with steam coming from my ears.

Suddenly Harry pinned me up against the wall and was firmly gripping my wrists so I couldn't escape.

"I don't care if he is your cousin, you don't know him as well as you think." says Harry with a stern look on his face. His eyebrows were furrowed and his lips were in a thin straight line.

"Oh is that so?" I ask trying to hide that little bit of hear that's wanting to be released.

"Yeah. it is. Don't think Niall is some goody goody because he's not." He says.

"How would you know?" I asked.

"How would I know? How would you know? I have been in this town with Niall for about nine years now, give or take a few and then there is you, this is the first time you have seen Niall since when? since when you were about six?" 

I didn't say anything. There was nothing to say. He was right, not that id ever tell him that. I just looked up at him not saying a word.

"Yeah. That's what I thought. And another thing, you don't know me, you don't me at all. So don't judge me or assume things because you never know what happens behind closed doors." Says Harry, not only does he have that stern look on his face but he was looking me straight in the eyes, It was more like he was looking through me, trying to read me, I started trying to read him but all i could see in his eyes were anger and frustration and to be honest it scared me a little.

And within a blink of eye he was gone, just like that.

I took one step forward, away from the wall and looked down at my wrist. They were slightly red from his firm grip.

I wonder what he meant about me not really knowing what Niall is like?

I just shook head releasing my mind from those thoughts and continued on walking home before my dad could have heart attack.

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