Bad Boy Has A Baby?(Harry Styles FanFic)[slow updates]

Ariana Grace is the new girl in town, her mother past due to cancer and four months after the funeral Ariana's dad thinks its time to start fresh. Ari and her dad had just moved to Holmes Chapel Cheshire and Ari has to attend Holmes Chapel High School where Cheshires bad boy Harry Styles attends.

Harry Styles is the bad boy in town and he doesn't take now for and answer, he is willing to go to extremes to get what he wants. Yeah Harry is an ass but he does have a heart, a heart to only two people his mum and his daughter but will his heart be shown to a third person?


4. Chapter 4

Harry's POV

"Morning mum" I say before giving her a kiss on the cheek "morning Harry, have a nice sleep?" she asks "Yeah I guess" I say "you guess?" "I had to wake up a few time last night because Darcy(Imma call her Darcy in less her mum is in the topic as well as her then I will call the baby Darcy-Rae) kept crying, but you know, last night she wasn't as bad as she was when she was barely a year old" I say with a sigh. Just as mum was about to reply Darcy started to cry again, I silently groaned to myself before walking up the stairs to check on her. Once I made it up to my room where Darcy rests, I once again slowly walked to her crib to cradle her in arms and I think I could feel her skin hearting through her clothes. I touched Darcy's forehead with my bare hands only to find that she was burning up, burning up bad, I started to get worried so I decided to call mum.


It didn't even take a second for mum to come running up the stairs making sure that each step came with a load thump.

"What's wrong honey? Is Darcy okay?" asked mum.

"I'm not sure, she's heating up, feel her temperature" I say.

Mum brought her hand up to Darcy's face to feel her temperature like I had done not even moments ago.

"She probably has a bit of a flu" says mum. I'll make an appointment for her to have her flu shots today, okay?"

"Okay, but I have to come to" I say.

"You have school, Harry" says mum with a sad smile written on her face.

"I don't care mum, she's my daughter and I have to be there for her no matter what." I say with confidants trying to show my mother that Darcy come's first no matter what happens in life, Darcy will always come first.

Mum just looked at me for a moment, and then she sighed and said. "Fine, you can come with us but you have to go straight to school from the doctors. You can't afford to miss another day off school."

"Okay mum"

"I mean it Harry. You missed a lot of school because you kept skipping, to do what? to party, to get drunk, to get some and to smoke crack?" she stated but in way more of a question. "And then You met Darcy and you would skip school to spend time with her and then Darcy-Rae was born so you had to skip school to take care of her for the first couple of months, well no more excuses Harry! You need your education because if you don't have a good education then you won't get a good, well-paying job and if you don't have a good well-paying job then you won't be able to give Darcy what she needs. Do you understand me Harry? Do you see where I'm going with this?" Asks mum looking at me worriedly after her explanation as to why I need to attend school.

"Yes mum I get what you're saying, After I go with you and Darcy to the doctors I promise that afterwards I will go straight to school." I say before giving mum quick hug.

She looked at me with a small smile before softly rubbing shoulder and said." That's my boy. Now I'm going to go call Doctor Smith and make an early appointment for Darcy."

"Thanks mum" I say returning the small smile that was once on her face and now on mine.

* * * *

Right now mum, Darcy and I are in the waiting room at the doctors. we had been here for an hour, it is now 8 o'clock and our names have still not been called yet. As we waited, I held Darcy in my arms and used this time to explore the features that are on her face. She has her mother's bright blue, ocean sea eyes, she has my dimples, my nose and her mother's smile. You can't really tell because she is still young but by the looks of it she has her mother's blonde hair though she does have my curls. I after I finished admiring my beautiful baby girl's face, I gave a small smile to Darcy and she returned the smile back at me which made my small smile grow. Then Darcy did a rough cough causing her cry which made my smile disapear. I started to rock Darcy side to side trying to make her calm down but she only that only made her cry louder. After five minutes Darcy still wouldn't stop crying and I started to receive glares from the other patience, I just glared back causing them to look elsewhere. I started to softly sing a lullaby that my mother use to sing to me whenever I were to cry hoping that this would work on Darcy like it did to me.

"Darcy-Rae Styles?" Says Dr.Smith as he walked into the waiting room.

My mother stood up and said "That's us, we are here."

"Right this way please" says Mr.Smith as he turned on his heels and started to walk in the other direction, which I'm presuming is to his office.

The four of us walked into Mr.Smiths office and we each took our seats, Mr.Smith in his big, rotating chair behind big desk, mum sitting in an average sized chair in front of Mr.Smiths desk, me sitting next to mum and Darcy is sitting on my lap.

"So what seems to be the problem" says Mr.Smith with a slight sympathy smile, he knows everything, he has been our doctor for many years as well as Darcy's(Darcy-Rae's mother) doctor. He has seen and lived through what he had to over come, he was there for us trying to help us but failed, it's not his fault though and honestly we don't blame him.

"It seems that Darcy here has her first flu and we were wondering if you could give her, her flu shots" mum replies while looking at be realising that I am not going to respond because I'm to busy replaying every single memory that I have had to live through in room.

"Very well, that can be done right now" Says Mr.Smith with a smile on his face.

* * * *
The doctors was over before we knew it. Darcy has now had her flu shots, she cried a little but after she received a lollipop from Mr.Smith she wall bright and smiles.

"Harry...." My mum began, intensely starring into my eyes.

"I know, I know. Go to school. I'm going" I say while giving mum a dull look.

"Go now, I'll take Darcy home" says mum before giving me a kiss on my forehead.

"Okay mum" I say with a small smile. I give Darcy one last kiss before giving her a smile and to say "bye baby, be a good girl for nanny." Darcy just looked at me and smiled reaching her hand out to smack me in the face causing me to laugh and her to return a giggle.

* * * *

I am now at my locker getting my books for French class. This my second class for the day, I had already missed first period for taking Darcy to the doctors and I'm already late for lote.

I headed to French, Ms Heartnetts class. I walked in to class and everyone had turned to look at me. So pretty much the same as every day. As I walked in Ms Heartnett turned to me.

"Ah, nice of you to finally join us Mr Styles" says Ms Heartnett while giving me a look if disappointment.

"yeah uh sorry, I got caught up with something at home" I say not looking Ms Heartnett in the eye. 

" Okay Harry but I do have to inform Principle Jones about you skipping first period, now please take your seat." Say Ms Heatnett while pointing to a vacant seat next to a girl I have never seen before. As I was walking to my seat I was carefully checking this girl out, she was hot and I was already getting horny just by looking at her. I would love to get her in my bed for a shag.

I sat in my seat next to the hot red head as Ms Heatnett started to introduce her. Ariana Grace? Such a cute name for a hot girl. Ms Heartnett was telling Ariana that she was going to have to do extra homework to catch up with the rest of the class and Ariana just quietly whispered a sarcastic great causing me to chuckle.
She started to speak a bit of Italian which I thought sounded hot coming from her mouth.

As class went by, in stead of doing my work I just used this time to check Ariana out even more. 

She had a nice pair of breast. She started to stand up to hand her work up to the teacher and I took this opportunity to take look at her ass, damn she has a nice ass as well as her rack. She turned around to walk back so I put my head down to make it look like I wasn't checking her out. Once she sat down I started to think about what she would be like in bed, I would love to have her naked and wet under me, fuck Im getting hard. 

Soon the bell had rung and I was still hard that I could feel myself against my jeans so the first thing I did when I walked out of class was that I searched for Tammy. Tammy is the biggest slut in school and I needed her in my pants to calm me down, I saw her talking to Becca, her sluty friend and just grabbed her hand and pulled her into the nearest janitors closet and immediently started to make out with her, I tried to slip my tongue in her mouth and she accepted, and from there we just went with the flow, a flow of pleasure.

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