Bad Boy Has A Baby?(Harry Styles FanFic)[slow updates]

Ariana Grace is the new girl in town, her mother past due to cancer and four months after the funeral Ariana's dad thinks its time to start fresh. Ari and her dad had just moved to Holmes Chapel Cheshire and Ari has to attend Holmes Chapel High School where Cheshires bad boy Harry Styles attends.

Harry Styles is the bad boy in town and he doesn't take now for and answer, he is willing to go to extremes to get what he wants. Yeah Harry is an ass but he does have a heart, a heart to only two people his mum and his daughter but will his heart be shown to a third person?


3. Chapter 3

Harry's POV


I woke up to the sound of Darcy's cry, I groaned but I knew no matter how much I complained she wasn't going to stop crying. I got up and out of bed and walked to the crib at the end of my bed where Darcy is placed, I looked at Darcy for a minute before picking her up and cradling her in my arms. Little Darcy-Rae is two years old going onto three, she was born on the 27th of September 2009(its 2012 in this story). I named her after her mother, Darcy. We were young and just wanted to have some fun, but it doesn't matter how you decide to have fun there will always be precautions. Precautions we didn't...I didn't follow, I didn't use protection and that's how Darcy-Rae came about. Even though I was young and stupid...and I still am young and stupid, I was smart enough to know that I had responsibilities to take of, I was smart enough to know that Darcy needed my help to raise the baby. Little did we know at the time that we were not going to be raising the baby, it was me, just me. Darcy was only 15 when she got pregnant, and 15 when she gave birth, she was young and it was to much for her to handle. She wanted to be able to handle it, I know she did, but giving birth to Darcy-Rae was what pushed her over the edge. Darcy was young and she was fragile, the pregnancy was already making her weaker as the months past and we noticed that, we noticed that something was going to go wrong. We knew that it was obvious that if Darcy was going to keep growing weaker and weaker over the months then we figured that she wouldn't be strong enough to give birth, and we were right. When Darcy reached the fourth month of her pregnancy both me and my mum suggested that she would get an abortion but Darcy wouldn't have it, because of her golden heart she was willing to risk her own life to save another, especially if that life has barely begun. During the pregnancy Darcy always said that if we had a boy she wanted to name it Michael and that if we had a girl she would have loved to name it Raevin(Raven, you 'that's so raven' like that but spelled differently). On September 27th 2009, I found out that Darcy had passed, what I also found was that before she had left, she had left me a baby girl. I wanted to name the baby after mother because her mother was so young, yet so passionate and she was pure and had a heart of gold, she was an angel, which is why I think she had to pass. I am a strong believer of the sain 'Everything happens for a reason' and I believe that Darcy had died because she was an angel, an angel that had to return to heaven. I wanted to name our baby after the Angel that brought her life, but I also wanted to for fill Darcy's wish to name her Raeven and so I named her Darcy-Rae, Darcy-Rae Anne Styles. Anne is my mums name, I also named my child after her because my mum had done a lot for Darcy and I. When Darcy's parents found out that she was pregnant they were so disappointed in her, they were going help her until they found out that I was the father, not only then were they disappointed but they were disgusted and they were utterly devastated and distraught because their beautiful and Innocent daughter was involved with a delinquent like me. I thought that it was understandable that they were disgusted, devastated and distraught that Darcy got involved with me, I always wondered what she saw in me, but what I didn't understand was as to why they completely shut her out of their lives. They were going to help Darcy out because they understood that she was a teen, and they to had Darcy at a young age while still in high school but they thought because it was me she got involved with that they thought she had lost her innocents, which was not true because as long as she had her heart of gold she would always be innocent. When Darcy's parents shut her out, my mother being the good hearted woman she is let Darcy come and stay with us, when my mum  found out that I got a girl pregnant, she wasn't angry, she was disappointed but not angry, and she supported me every step of the way which was more then I could ever ask for.

After a few minutes Darcy-Rae had finally stopped crying thank god, don't get me wrong I love her so much, I really do but its just hard, though I could never blame her and even if I could I wouldn't have the right to because its my fault that I'm in this mess in the first place, but this little girl right here, asleep in my arms at this very minute is one mess I don't regret.


I put Darcy-Rae back down in her crib and turned my head to look at my digital clock and saw that is was now six a clock in the morning and realised that it was time to get ready for school. I went across the hall into the bathroom and took a nice warm five minute shower. When I was finished I grabbed my towel and walked back into my room. For today I had decided to wear my plain black v-neck shirt along with black jeans and black high tops, nothing to drastic, plain simple, exactly how I liked it.

I walked down stairs into the kitchen and that my mum was already up, of course she was up, when I go to school she has to look after Darcy-Rae while I'm gone, another reason to thank my mum. My mum spends eight hours of her day taking care of my child then when I come home which isn't until four considering I walk home from school as to walking there in the first place, she gets 30 minutes of rest until four thirty because that when her shift starts at work as waitress at a small little cafe, she has to do that same routine five days a week, then on Saturday she watched Darcy-Rae for three hours from 11am to 12pm because those are my shifts at work. I have a job at the local bakery called W. Mandeville Bakery(yes that is the bakery Harry worked at before the XFactorUK), its also like a small grocery store. I clearly wouldn't make allot of money but with the money I earn and what my mum earns is just enough for Darcy-Rae, my mum and I to live on and that's really all we need for now.

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