Bad Boy Has A Baby?(Harry Styles FanFic)[slow updates]

Ariana Grace is the new girl in town, her mother past due to cancer and four months after the funeral Ariana's dad thinks its time to start fresh. Ari and her dad had just moved to Holmes Chapel Cheshire and Ari has to attend Holmes Chapel High School where Cheshires bad boy Harry Styles attends.

Harry Styles is the bad boy in town and he doesn't take now for and answer, he is willing to go to extremes to get what he wants. Yeah Harry is an ass but he does have a heart, a heart to only two people his mum and his daughter but will his heart be shown to a third person?


2. Chapter 2

I walked down the halls until I saw a door with the Eiffel Tower on the front and standing next to the door was a girl who I'm presuming is Danielle. She has brown curly hair with blond highlights, tan skin and brown eyes. She is beautiful I feel a little self-conscious. I slowly approached Danielle hoping that I'm not mistaking her for another person considering I don't know what Danielle looks like.

When I walked up to her she turned to look at me. "I'm guessing your Ariana?" Says Danielle with a smile, I returned the smile and said "yeah, thanks for waiting for me" " Its no problem, so are you ready go in?" says Danielle while gesturing to the door. "Oh uh, yeah" I say just before I entered the class slowing with Danielle following close behind.

Once again everyone turned to look at me, like seriously people, I'm the new kid not an alien. I didn't know where to sit so I just stood there awkwardly, Danielle walked past and sat down which I'm presuming is her seat, well obviously. I slowly approached the spare seat next to Danielle which I was hoping was supposed to be vacant, but of course it was taken because just as I reached the seat some boy with brown buzz cut hair and brown eyes sat down next to her. The boy was wearing a plaid cowboy shirt and white jeans with some red converse. "Oh Arianna, this is my boyfriend Liam" says Danielle while grabbing Liam's hand "and Liam this is Arianna, the new girl" She says gesturing me to Liam. "Hello, nice to meet you" say Liam, taking out his other hand for me to shake, I accepted his friendly gesture and shook his hand and with a smile I say "thank you, like wise" he smiled back. "So uh" Danielle begins " There is a spare seat in front of me so you can sit there" she says while pointing to the empty seat in front of her. 

Our french teacher walked into the classroom so I decided now would be the perfect time to take my seat. She was young, about in her twenties, she was short about 5'6 no bigger then me and she has golden brown hair thats cut in to a bulb so her hair went as long down to her chin. "bonjour classe, comment sont vous tous ce beau matin?"[Hello class, how are all of you this fine morning?] asked the teacher who I am presuming that her name is Ms Heartnett because that's what it said on my schedule, "good" the class moaned dragging out the word good "quoi? Je ne vous comprends pas. Je ne parle pas anglais rappeler"[ what? I don't understand you. I don't speak English remember] Says Ms Heartnett while leaning foward and holding her ear hinting at the fact she would like the class to reply in French, "bonne" says the class "merci" says Ms Heartnett, happy with their response "Okay so, I'm sure we are all awar--" Ms Heartnett was cut short by the classroom door opening then closing again. I along with Ms Heartnett and the rest of the class turned our heads only to see a boy with brown curly hair and bright green eyes, he was wearing a plain black v-neck shirt along with black jeans and black high tops, wow this guy must really like the colour black, he had tattoo's on his left arm, tattoo'd on his left arm was a ship and there was a bottom half of a heart which suggested that the top half was obviously was covered by the short sleeve of his shirt, in fact there was probably more than one tattoo hiddin under that sleeve, there was also two matching tattoo's of some sort peeping through the vee of his shirt and they were mirroring each other, he had other tattoo's on his right arm but not much and they are only small.

"Ah, nice of you to finally join us Mr Styles" says Ms Heartnett while giving him a look of disappointment, "yeah uh sorry, I got caught up with something at home" says the boy not directly looking Ms Heartnett in the eye but enough to look at her face as to show he is fully taking this seriously as he spoke, " Okay Harry but I do have to inform Principle Jones about you skipping first period, now please take your seat" says Ms Heartnett pointing to the vacant seat next to mine. This Harry Styles boy hassled over to the seat next to mine and sat down as Ms Heartnett continued her rant "now as I was saying before I was interrupted, I am sure that we are all aware that as of today we have a new student, Ariana Grace" everyone suddenly turned to look at me...again, what is up with these people? I just slyly smiled and did a little awkward wave with the sleeve of my coat covering half of my hand, oh Ariana you are so confident and you are totally not at the bottom of the food chain and you definitely wont be a target in this teen eat teen world(note the sarcasm -_-).

"So Ariana, have you learnt French before?" asked Ms Heartnett "Yes I was doing French for lote in my old school" I reply "Oh that's lovely but you will be getting some extra homework based on what we have learnt last semester so that way you can catch up to the rest of the class" says Ms Heartnett "great" I say dragging the word great that I mumbled sarcastically under my breath. I heard a chuckle coming from next to me and that's when I realized that the boy sitting next to me known as Harry had heard me "Do you speak a second language at home?" once again asked by Ms Heartnett "uh yeah, I used to speak Italian at home" I say used to because my mum is Italian and she taught me how to speak It ever since I was little, we would always talk Italian to each other, my dad on the other hand is Irish so he would have no bloody idea on what mum and I would talk about. Ever since mum died there was really no point in speaking Italian if nobody could understand what I was saying so I just stopped. "Could you possibly say something to us in Italian?" oh my gosh why does Ms Heartnett ask so many questions "oh um sure, erm. vivono felici e contenti" I say. "what does that mean?" asked a random student sitting at the front of the class "they lived happily ever after" I earned a few chuckles from my class mates but I honestly don't get why that's funny.

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