Bad Boy Has A Baby?(Harry Styles FanFic)[slow updates]

Ariana Grace is the new girl in town, her mother past due to cancer and four months after the funeral Ariana's dad thinks its time to start fresh. Ari and her dad had just moved to Holmes Chapel Cheshire and Ari has to attend Holmes Chapel High School where Cheshires bad boy Harry Styles attends.

Harry Styles is the bad boy in town and he doesn't take now for and answer, he is willing to go to extremes to get what he wants. Yeah Harry is an ass but he does have a heart, a heart to only two people his mum and his daughter but will his heart be shown to a third person?


1. Chapter 1

Ariana's POV

I woke up due to my alarm clock going off and groaned. I just moved here to Holmes Chapel, this is a new town, a new town means a new school and a new school means a whole week where everyone is just starring at you and secretly judging you and I'm not looking forward to it one bit. I got up and out of bed and decided on what to wear today, I have to put tons off effort in my look today because first impressions are important. First impressions is when others decide your reputation. Once someone gives you a label, its stuck with you for the rest of your life and can never be erased or forgotten. I need an outfit that says I'm not a nerd but I have commonsense, I'm not a goody-two shoes but Im not one for trouble and most importantly it must say I'm kind but I'm not afraid to take a stand and fight back. After about 20 minutes of debating on what to wear I had found the perfect outfit. I chose my multicoloured galaxy leggings with my WILDFOX Veronica burgundy sweatshirt with a leopard face on the front. Going over my sweatshirt is going to be my blue Bass ball Applique jacket and as for my shoes Im going to be wearing my stars and stripes flag hightop trainers. I strip down from my pj's and go take a shower, when Im done I go and put the outfit I had decided on moments ago. Once I made sure my outfit look good together, I go to the bathroom to do my hair. I pondered for a minute or two, wondering what styles I should wear my hair but in the end I decided to curl my locks so that they are a bit bouncy and I chose to leave my hair down except for the two side braids I decided to add, that join together at the back of my head held neatly into place by three bobby pins. [outfit on the side](The outfit on the right but the hair do on the left but instead of brown its orange) I know my fashion sense is a bit strange but so am I. What I am wearing and the hair do I have chosen to go with it is not even the weirdest I can get. sometimes I wear normal clothing and sometimes people mistake as Lady Gaga's daughter. I had some people pick on me back at my old school in Ireland(shes from Ireland) but that's okay because I would rather look like a retard then a slut or a drug dealer. I looked in the mirror one last time before walking down stairs to eat breakfast. When I was six feet away from the kitchen I could immediately smell food, I ran into kitchen to see my dad cooking eggs and bacon on toast. "Morning dad" "morning sweetie, are you excited for your first day at your new school?" My father asks while passing a plate of this delicious looking breakfast. I just looked at him for a second before replying, "dad, do you know how many things are wrong with that sentence" he just chuckled and said "Oh come on, stop being such a downer. Today is not going be that bad" "easy for you to say, you were born and raised in Ireland. You didn't leave Mullinga until you and mums one year anniversary, and even then you didn't go alone because you had mum with you." I say frowning a little thinking about my mother "Ariana I think your over exaggerating, you should be happy that you get to live a new experience. and besides your not totally alone, your cousin Niall is going there as well" I just looked at and sighed before saying "that means nothing like seriously when was the last time I saw him, we were four?" "five actually" dad says cutting in "yes because that changes everything. And another thing, in less it involves a cute outfit, a car, a puppy or a kitten, the word new is going to be the death of me." He chuckles once again before saying "you better get going, you don't want to be late on the first day, now do you?" "actually yes, yes I do. That way it gives me time to avoid the other students while I think of a plan to make sure I don't die from humiliation and embarrassment" "what are you talking about? there's no reason for you to be humiliated or embarrassed" "I'm the new kid, something always happens to the new kid on the first day" "your're going to be fine, no go" he says before giving me a side hug then leaning down to kiss the top of my head "okay dad, c'ya" "good-bye sweetie, have a good day" "yeah yeah, we both know that's not going to happen. But good try though" I say walking to the door. I heard him chuckle and the last thing I saw was my dad smiling and shaking is head before I shut the door and headed of in the direction of Holmes Chapel High.

*     *     *

I had just arrived at my locker, the walk to school took a little longer then I expected plus it took me a while to find my locker considering this school is huge and its my first day attending. So I'm a little late and missed homeroom and first period has already began. Luckily all the other students have already gotten there stuff and went to class so they didn't see me struggling to find my way around, that would have been embarrassing. Now. Speaking of struggling to find my way around.....where is Mr Jones math class? AD AD AD, where is room AD. Gaahh this map us useless. I walked a little further down the corridor hoping that I was heading in the right direction, ahh room AD. Finally. I walked into class and immediately everyone turned to look at me and just after one second of my arrival they have all ready started whispering to one another and glancing at me while doing so. "Ahh nice of you to join us Ms Grace, your late." says Mr Jones while giving me a disapproving look "sorry sir, I had some trouble finding my way around" I say, I heard a few snickers from the other students....lovely. "Well please go take your seat next to Eleanor" he says pointing to a seat next to a girl I'm presuming her name is Eleanor. Was she not only gorgeous but she looked flawless, sometimes I wish I could look like that, its not like I'm not happy being me because I am and I'm proud to be myself from both my looks and personality but I do have insecurity's. What girl doesn't? And even though I try to make sure my Insecurity's don't win, sometimes I just let them get to me because I'm to tired to keep my guard up. Once I finished envying the girl I go take my seat. "Okay class I'd like to start off by welcoming our new student, Ariana Grace" the whole class turned to look at me once again. Its not like I'm already not getting enough attention. Great. Just Great. The pretty girl turned to me and said "Hi, I'm Eleanor Calder. Nice to meet you" she says while sticking her hand out for me to shake(in the story pretend that shes 17 going on to 18). I accepted the gesture and said "Ariana but you can call me Ari for short if you'd like?" "well okay...Ari" says Eleanor with a flawless smile planted on her face. I can just tell we are going to get along great.

*      *      * 

Nothing much really happened in the maths, it was quite boring but then again when is maths ever fun? The answer is never and I will stick by that statement until the day I die. "So what do you have second period?" Eleanor asked while heading in the direction of my locker with me by her side, "erm...Lote. You?"(for those who don't know lote is its a second language class). "Oh, I have Humanities. What language did you choose?" "French" I say "cool, I wanted to learn french, but apparently there was already to many students" shes says in frustration with a sarcastic look on her face which caused me to giggle. Eleanor asked me another question "Who is you lote teacher?" "It says here I have Ms Heartnett" I say replying to her third question(I actually once had a teacher with that name and its funny because she was such a kind hearted person) "Omg you are in the same class as my friend Danielle, Ill text her and tell her to wait at the door for you" she says while grabbing her phone from her handbag "Oh no, that's not necessary" I say "Oh nonsense, I was once the kid and it wasn't that fun on the first day because I had nobody. I had to eat my lunch In the library for a week because eating in the cafeteria was to humiliating considering I was such a loner and I refuse to let the same thing happen to you" I smiled at her generosity and said "Thank you, I really appreciated it" "Its no biggie--" she was cut short by her phone quickly vibrating, she looked down at her iPhone 4s then looked back up at me smiling and said "that was Danielle, she said that she will wait for you" I didn't say anything I just smiled in return. I grabbed the stationary I needed for lote and as I closed my locker the bell rang indicating that its time for class. "Oh shivers, I would go walk You to class but me being the silly girl I am I forgot to get my books so if I don't leave now I'm going to be late" says Eleanor with a frown upon her face. I smiled at her and said "its okay El, but could you please direct me to where the class is?" she returned the smile and said "sure, just walk straight down the hall, turn right into the third corridor and on your left look for a door with the Eiffel Tower on the window" "Okay thanks Eleanor" "Bye Ari, see you at lunch" she replies walking to her locker. I smiled and headed in the direction Eleanor had described. I'm just so glad I made a friend on the first day.


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