*For Ever* [on hold]

Ever Crimsen, a girl who has sisters who were twins. They were directioners. She went to a signing to surprise her sisters that she has their autographs, but what if Niall gets interested in her? Will she fall in love, too?


3. The Party

I hung up and went back to where the boys were…in the sofa watching…Disney? “Um…okay, aren’t you boys young adults?” I ask “Yeah, but we like watching kiddy shows” Liam says “Oh…that’s nice” I say sitting down with Niall. Harry already went to fetch Courtney and Alison, everything was already ready, but the boy’s girlfriends aren’t here yet. I really want to meet them, but I’m scared they won’t like me. I sat there and ding…dong. I went to open the door and saw Harry, Alison and Courtney. “Hey sis” they both greeted me and hugged me and I led them to the boys. Then a few minutes later, three girls came inside. “Hello, guys and you’ve got company…well…we’ve got company, too” A girl with purple hair said…wait I know her! Perry Edwards from Little Mix, Alison told me that she’s Zayn’s girlfriend. The other one had brown wavy hair. The other one had brown curly hair. “Um…girls I want you to meet my friend here, Ever Crimsen” Niall says “Ever this is Danielle, Liam’s girlfriend, Danielle this is Ever…” he said and pointed to the girl with curly hair “…Ever this is Eleanor, Louis’ girlfriend, Eleanor this is Ever” he pointed at the girl with brown wavy hair “…Ever this is Perry Edwards--” I cut him off by whispering to him “Yeah, I know her, I love Little Mix” I say “Looks like you’ve got a fan here, Perry” Niall says “Oh, so glad to meet a very pretty fan” she says “I love your songs” I say “Thanks, I hope you’re satisfied to see only me” she says “Very satisfied, you’re actually more pretty in person that what I see in pictures…and you look more realistic than in pictures” I say as she laughed and the party began…I’m not such a party girl, since I’m home-schooled. I stayed alone at the terrace as the loud music boomed at the house, so no one would ever notice me. I just looked at the sky and thought about the tour with the boys, I wonder how busy I would get…I need to watch over five boys! But being with them isn’t awkward at all, it’s actually fun…I’ll just see how this goes soon. Then, the song changed into “Kiss Me” by Ed Sheeran. Then, Niall came to me “There you are, I’ve been looking all over for you” he says, I just nodded “Wanna dance?” he asks “I don’t know how to dance” I say “I’ll teach you” he says and held my right hand with his left hand and took my other hand up to his right shoulder and he placed his right hand on my left waist. “Move your left leg backwards and then your right leg forward…” he taught me as we danced. After a few minutes, “That was a hard dance” I say “Was I a fine teacher?” he asks “Yup, you can be a dance instructor” I say “Wanna go inside?” he asks “Yeah, sure” I say “I’ve noticed that you’re not so socialized” he says “Yeah, that’s because I’m home-schooled” I say “Say what?” he asks “You heard me” I say “You’ve never been in a real school before?” he asks “Yup, never been” I say “Well, I am home-schooled, but I only started getting home-schooling when One Direction started, because we don’t have time for school, our schedules are always busy” he says “Wow, best of both worlds” I say “Yeah, let’s go” he says and the others were dancing. I sat on the couch and Niall stayed beside me. He leaned his head on my shoulder and I leaned my head on his. I fell asleep.

~Alison’s POV~

I was looking for Ever every where, then I though about one place I didn’t search yet, the kitchen. I went to the kitchen and found Harry sitting on the counter with his punch in hand. “Harry?” I ask “Alison” he says, he’s drunk. “Harry, you’re drunk” I say “I’m not, you’re just blurry” he says as I laughed and we both sat on the floor. “Why are you here?” I ask “Because I’m confused” he says “Why?” I ask “I like this girl…” he says, ouch, “…she’s very pretty, smart, easy-going, fun, noisy, talented, perfect…” he says, ouch, “…how do I tell her how I feel?” he asks “I don’t know… I can’t help you with that.” I say “Well, how do you want a guy to tell you how he feels?” he asks “Um…I don’t know…I never tried to have a boyfriend before” I say “What?” he asks, shocked “Never even had a kiss” (except you) I say “Yeah, but I kissed you” he says “I know, but that wasn’t even real, right?” I say “That was real” he says, say what? “Hahaha, stop joking around” I say “I’m not joking, but I really need you to help me open up with this girl I like” he says “Is she very pretty?” I ask “Um…I don’t know, but in my eyes, she’s very pretty, I was caught in love-at-first-sight with her” he says “Okay, I need to go” I say as I was about to walk back to the living room, but he stopped me “It’s you” he says “What?” I ask “Yup, heard me, I liked you ever since the day I saw you with us, I wanted to make a move, but I was afraid that you already have a boyfriend” he says “Oh…that’ll be fine with me” I say “See, you don’t even make a big deal about it, Alison, I love you” he says. I looked at him, shocked look on my face “But I thought you were just making fun of me” I say “That’s one thing that is annoying about you, you think all guys are playing with girls, but not all, most of them are even sincere” he says “Fine, then prove it to me” as I said those words he pressed his lips to mine…I was wondering what kind of kiss it would be, because my friends back at school describes so many thing like fireworks, bombs, and so many things that I don’t even know which one is the most popular, but this kiss turned out to the beautiful kind. It was calm and peaceful, all the loud music were fading and it was all quiet and just very peaceful. We just held our lips together and…kissed. Then, he looked at me and…went back to the rest of the group. I just stood there, dumb struck.

~Ever’s POV~

I woke up on a lap…Niall’s lap. “Oh, I’m so sorry, I slept on your lap” I say “No, that’s fine, you looked cute when you slept anyway” he says “Yeah, right” I say as I tried to stand up, but can’t since I was dizzy. I fell, but Niall caught me, that is when I realized how gorgeous he was. Oh who am I kidding? He’ll never like a girl like me. I quickly got off him and started walking zigzag. What happened to me? I didn’t drink anything, not even a glass of beer. I got out of the house and walked on the street alone, “Ever!” Niall called out, “Oh…yeah…what is it?” I ask “Um…I’ll drop you off your house and we’ll be the one to drop your sisters off later, you need to go home, you’re not feeling good” he says “No, I’m not going home yet, I would just sit here on your front lawn and wait for the party to stop and we can all go home safely” I say “Me and the boys won’t do anything to them” he says “I know, that’s not what I meant, Niall” I say “Yeah” he says “Look, I’m just over protective of those two” I say “I understand” he says. I lay down on the grass and closed my eyes…

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