*For Ever* [on hold]

Ever Crimsen, a girl who has sisters who were twins. They were directioners. She went to a signing to surprise her sisters that she has their autographs, but what if Niall gets interested in her? Will she fall in love, too?


11. Party

I was sitting on my bed. Then, a text came: "Hey, there's a part tonight, only for famous people, but you could come. You're Niall Horan's girlfriend!" From: Allison. How does she know about this? I text back:"Hey, Al. How do you know about this?" I reply. A text: "Duh...Harry asked me to come with him...you know, we have 'chemistry', well, if you wanna come, let me know. If you won't...let me know, too" From: Allison. "I'm going with you, pick me up" I reply. "Hey, they needed a DJ and Harry is asking if you wanna join in" From: Allison. "I'm not even that good yet" I reply. "Don't worry, Zayn will be there to guide you!" From: Allison. "Mkay" I reply. "Okay, we'll pick you up at 8 sharp" From: Allison. The time is 7:30! I only have 30 minutes! I quickly got my clothes. I changed into them. I just let my natural hair fall. I want out of the building. I leaned on the wall, waiting for Allison and Harry:

Then, I saw Harry's car pull in front of me. I opened the back seat door and off we go. Harry parked his car in one of the empty parking slots. "So, sis! You have to DJ there!" Allison says, she needed to shout to be heard. She pointed at a part of the place where there was a man DJing. "There's already a man!" I shout "Yeah, Zayn is not yet here. He said he'll be late. The man will help you temporarily!" Allison shouts. "Mkay!" I shout. I went to the DJ area. "You must be Ever!" the DJ shouts. "Yeah!" I shout. "You are as beautiful as what they say! It's a pleasure to meet you!" he shouts. "You, too!" I say. He helped me out with some problems, but fixed the problems quickly. I had  the headphones on. My head was going with the beat of my music. Then, a guy came and sat on one of the side chairs. The bartender poured him a drink, the DJ area is right beside the drinking area. He placed a ring in his glass and drank. He left out some of it, including the ring, and handed it to me. Is he letting me keep his junk? I could see Harry pointing at me, whispering something to Zayn. Thank goodness he's here! I grab the glass and handed it to the bartender. He wiggled his pointer finger back and forth, signaling me to come closer to him. I ducked my face and he kissed my cheek! He turned around and walked away. I stopped the music. Everybody turned to my direction. "Hey!" I shout. He turned around. I walk to his direction and...SLAP HIM ACROSS THE FACE!!! Then, a girl grabbed my hair. I saw Zayn, Harry, Perrie and Allison run to my direction. Harry held the girl's waist, pulling her away from me. My head hurts! Zayn curled the collar of the guy. "Do that again and there'll be punches all over your face. You get it, assh*le?!?!" Zayn growls in his face. Allison and Perrie helps me get up. "Thanks for catching me, handsome" the girl, who pulled my hair, said. "Get away from me!" Harry says and pushed her. It was as if she flew! She went a long way. "Dick!" the girl says "Slut!" Harry shouts back. "Let's go, guys. Party's over. They terminated the DJ" Perrie says as we laugh and went home. They dropped me off with Allison. 


We went up to my hotel room. "Can I sleep here for today?" Allison asks "Of course" I say. Knock...knock...knock. I peek though the hole, Niall. I opened the door. "Oh my god! Are you okay? Are you hurt?" he asked, worried tone. "Yes, I'm fine" I say "I heard the dude kissed you" he says "I had to slap him across the face" I say "Why?" he asks "What would you want me to do? Just let it go? I'm not Demi Lovato...just kidding...Duh...I don't like him and I don't even know him" I say. He nods. "Is anyone else here?" he asks "Allison, she's fast asleep" I say. He closed the door. "I'm staying here tonight. And check out tomorrow, stay with me in the tour bus...it gets a little lonely having no one staying with me" he says. "Really???" I ask, shocked. "Yeah" he says. I jump into his arms. "Thank you, for everything" I say, "Anything for Ever" he says and kisses my shoulder.


I'm so sorry for the VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY late update. I was diagnosed for dengue. Then, my asthma attacked few weeks after and I had to rest. So sorry!


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