*For Ever* [on hold]

Ever Crimsen, a girl who has sisters who were twins. They were directioners. She went to a signing to surprise her sisters that she has their autographs, but what if Niall gets interested in her? Will she fall in love, too?


8. I Fell In Love

So, this is the boy that said I was his girlfriend in front of a crowd...the boy that I want to be with? No, I don't like him. Do I?


"Hey, what are you thinking about?" Niall asks, cutting my thoughts. We're in the mall, and Zayn already arranged a tutor time with me about DJ-ing. I'm really ashamed of my DJ-ing skills, cause I'm bad at it. 

I was playing with Niall's phone when a text came, it was from Alison. "Hey Niall, Alison texted you" I say "Can you read it for me, babe?" He asks. BABE? Oh this is good. I read it out loud "Niall, everything is ready. Where are you? Is her text" I say "Okay, let's go. Boys, me and Ever are going somewhere for  while. We'll be eating you can eat on your own" Niall says and the boys nodded.



The car pulled in a restaurant and Niall came down the car and opened the door for me. I went down and Niall leads me inside the restaurant. A lady came near us "Reservation for Horan please" Niall says "Right this way, sir" the lady says. The girl leads us in a private room. I sit down on one of the chairs "Niall, why are we here?" I ask "You'll see" he says.


We were eating until Niall whispered something to the waiter and the waiter nodded. The waiter went back with bread sticks in a basket. "Go ahead, eat it" Niall says. I take one breadmsticks and bite it only to find it hallow with a piece of paper inside. I read the paper:

Ever, will you be mine?


I look up at him and then to the paper and then to him and then to the paper. "Are you serious?" I ask him "I wouldn't bring you here if I was not serious" he says "Yes, I'd love to be yours, Niall" I say. He stands from his seat and carries and swings me around as I laugh "That is why I LOVE YOU!" he says. It has been clear to me on that moment that I am falling i  love...

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