*For Ever* [on hold]

Ever Crimsen, a girl who has sisters who were twins. They were directioners. She went to a signing to surprise her sisters that she has their autographs, but what if Niall gets interested in her? Will she fall in love, too?


12. Cute Fights

I was on the tour bus couch. Text: "Sis! I have a little side-line for you!" from Alison. Reply:"I already have a job" to Alison. Text: "Just come with me!" from Alison. Reply: "Mkay" to Alison. 


Alison arrived. She brought me to an office. A man was sitting on a chair. "You must be Alison, the girl who talked to me over the phone" the man says. "Yeah, that's me" Alison says. "So, I just need these two man to sponsor on the festival. Persuade them, ask them, and since you're pretty girls, it's going to be an easy 'Yes' from them" the man says. "Okay, but are they good-looking?" Alison asks. "Yes, they are in about 20 years old" the man says "Now you're talkin', where's their location?" Alison says. The man wrote down the address. We rode a taxi to get to the place. It was a coffee shop. We sat down on a table for four. Then, two handsome, neat guys sat across us. "We were told to look for two beautiful ladies to discuss the festival with, you're the prettiest around" the first guy says. "I'm Aaron by the way, this is my brother Alex" he says. "I'm Ever, this is my sister, Alison" I say "Wow, siblings, too" Aaron says. "Where do you find girls this pretty" Alex says as me and Alison smiles shyly, trying to make them like us so that we will be able to persuade them. "Ever?" I hear Niall's voice. Me and Alison face, he's with Harry. "Can't you see she's married? Leave, douche bags" Niall says. "I'll call you next time, Al" Alex says "Don't even think about it" Harry says. Aaron and Alex ran for their lives. We glared at them, they gave us a 'what-did-we-do?' look. 


They sat across us. "Why are you even here?" Niall asks, sounding a little mad. "Alison, what are you doing with my girlfriend in broad daylight?" Niall scolds. "Don't take out on her, Ever is not exactly Mother Teresa, she craves men" Harry says. "Hey! Stop making stories!" I say. "Don't yell at him like that!" Alison says. "Hey, you don't have the right to talk to her like that" Niall says "Don't talk to me, I'm not your girlfriend" Alison says "Then, stop seeing other guys" Harry says "You're damn right" Niall says quickly. "Okay, let's just call it 'Two singers getting jealous', what do you say?" Niall says.


We left the shop, I went with Niall and Alison went with Harry. We were walking on the side-walk. "I'm a jealous type of guy" Niall says. "What? Really?" I ask, quite shocked. "Yeah, I just wanna rip out the faces of those guys looking at you" he says, sounding a little annoyed. "I hate the fact that they're thinking about you!" he says, sounding really annoyed. I see a vending machine. "Wanna drink?" I ask "Are you saying that to make me forget what we just talked about? Or are you saying that to make me calm down?" he asks "Both" I say. I open my wallet. I take out a bill, but my phone rang, I clip my wallet with my armpit. I look at the text, but my wallet got snatched by Niall. "Hey!" I whine. "You have a message, check it out" he says. I sigh and read the message: "Are you being scolded? I'm not" from Alison. I think it's good day for everyone. "You should know that all men are the same.Except for me" he says. "Except for you?" I ask "Yeah, once I love, I love for life. My love is innocent. I have a white heart" he says "How are you going to prove that? Take our your heart?" I say, jokingly. "I was having a moment. I'm so disappointed in you" he says, not in a mad way. He turned around. "Hey! you didn't even give back my wallet" I whine. "Use it for now" he says and throws a small paper bag to me. "What's this?" I ask "A wallet" he says. I smile. "I'm glad that the little fights we're having is about us, not the circumstances. Let's have fights like these everyday" he says. "Bye" I say. "I love you" he says "I love you, too" I say. He waves and goes on his way and I go in my separate way. I open the wallet, his picture that he took by himself was there, then a note was there, too. "These are new credit cards. Buy anything with it, don't bother paying for them. I also added some cash, in case you'll need it" was on the note.

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