*For Ever* [on hold]

Ever Crimsen, a girl who has sisters who were twins. They were directioners. She went to a signing to surprise her sisters that she has their autographs, but what if Niall gets interested in her? Will she fall in love, too?


9. Broken

~2 Months Later~

So, I have been Niall's girlfriend for 2 months now, but I still act as their helper of course even though I am his girlfriend. I still need to do my job, though Niall tells me that it's fine, I still do my job. The boys were fine with the 'not-being-a-helper', but I owe them the money that they're giving me.


Niall was away for a while. The boys wanted me to stay in a hotel room for a while and they stay in the tour bus. I was fine, even though I miss Niall alot. I stayed in my room and scrolled for more news feeds about Niall and the boys, but I was unfortunate. I found a rumor that says: "Barbara Palvin and Niall Horan of One Direction are DATING?". I thought it was only a rumor, until I saw another one that says "Lottie Tomlinson spills the beans about Niall and Barbara's relationship!", I click it and read the article. I was in tears when the rumor was accidentally said out loud by Lottie Tomlinson. Suddenly, I can't feel my legs. I fall on the ground. More tears are falling down. Niall calls:

Me:Hello? *trembling*

Niall: Hello, luv, are you crying?

Me: Niall, I need to talk to you.

Niall: What?

Me: I read the news.

Niall:*pause* About what?

Me: Barbara Palvin

Niall: *silence* Uh...luv, I need to go, I'll talk to you later.

~End of Phone Call~


More tears even run through my cheeks. Is this the reason why he made me stay in a hotel room? TO be with Barbara Palvin? I am so broken. Then, a knock on my door. I peek, Harry? I open the door and quickly wipe my tears. "Oh, hey, Ever. Have you been crying?" he asks "You know that I'd be lying if I said 'no' to you. why don't you come in?" I invited him inside. "What brought you here?" I asked "Well, the boys wanted to check on you" he asks "They should have just called" I said "Yeah, but they wanted to make sure" he said. "Well, I'm all good now. You can go, Harry" I say "If that's what you want" he says. He walks out the door as I shut it close before he can protest. I ran to the bathroom. I filled the bathtub with water. I grab a razor. Yes, I'll cut. To let out the pain and the anger. I slice my wrist. One...for Niall Horan. I slice again. Two...for Barbara Palvin. I slice once more. Three...for being stupid.

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