*For Ever* [on hold]

Ever Crimsen, a girl who has sisters who were twins. They were directioners. She went to a signing to surprise her sisters that she has their autographs, but what if Niall gets interested in her? Will she fall in love, too?


14. Before We Met

~Ever's POV~

I wake up in a white room. I was on a bed and a bandage was around my head. I saw Allison. "Al?" I speak. They all gathered around me. "Ever...I"m here. I'm so glad you're awake" Alison says. I touch my head as I felt a slight pain on it. "What happened?" I ask "Well, first things first. What do you remember? What day is it?" Alison asks. "Today is when I'll go to the mall...for the signing of One Direction, I was going to let them sign the things I bought for you and Courtney, but I really didn't know that I'd end up here" I say. All of them gathered on the other corner, whispering things.

~Alison's POV~

We gathered in the other corner so that Ever couldn't hear our conversation. "So what does she remember?" Niall asks me "Her memory stopped at the day she was ABOUT to meet you guys" I say. Niall ran out of the door. "I'll talk to him" Harry says as he follows Niall outside.

I went back to Ever who looked at me confused. "What happened to Niall?" she asks "How do you know him?" she asks "He's the only one I know" I say "Okay, moving on.

Well, he was devastated about his girlfriend" I say. "What happened to his girlfriend?" she asks "Well, she is suffering from Amnesia" I say "Too bad, so glad I don't have a boyfriend" she says as she giggled. She has no idea.

~Ever's POV~

I woke up with a loud noise. What the?!? All of them were bringing balloons and all those things. It's not my birthday. "What that for?" I ask weakly. "GET WELL SOON!!!" they all said happily, but someone is missing. I just couldn't figure out yet...hmm...oh! Niall! Where is that guy? "Someone's missing" I say, they all looked at each other. "Yeah, Niall got some food" a curly one said. "Oh" I say. Alison whispered something to them. "I'm Harry by the way" the curly one says "Ever" I say "Don't worry we know you" Harry says as the Indian guy elbowed him "ow" Harry complains "I'm Zayn" the Indian says. "Are you Indian?" I ask as they all laughed and Zayn chuckled "I came from Pakistan, but I lived in UK" he says. I nod. "I'm Liam" dude with the arrow tattoo on his arm. "Oh, you're chubby" I say as all of them laughed again. "HELLO, I'M LOUIS!" the other guy with the messy hair says, loudly. "Hahahaha...loud mouth" I say and all of us laughed. "I'm Perrie from Little Mix, I'm Zayn's girlfriend" a blonde, beautiful girl says. "I'm Eleanor, I'm with Louis" the brunette girl says sweetly. "I never knew you guys had good taste in girls" I say as the door bursts open. "Even Niall has a good taste in girls" Harry says.

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