Time Traveller

Zeriso and Azelia, two star rebels of Chalson. Jake and Meggie, two normal teenagers of Basingstoke. Two worlds will collide in a battle of love and freedom...
Book 3 in the Chalson Chronicles. All rights reserved. Cover designed by Alicia Keyes.


2. Two- Zeirso

It was raining like crazy the next morning. Everyone was soaked through before we'd even left the camp. It had taken half an hour to get our charge, with Evelyn pleaded with his carera to let him go. He was now nestled close to Evelyn and was drier than the rest of us put together. Alessio and Rasco had wimped out of seeing us off when we rode off in to the forest. I could tell Evelyn was in pain with every move, but we couldn't slow down or stop for even a minute. I'd made sure Azelia stuck with her for the journey, just in case she needs help or something. I led the pack, having done this journey the day before, and Cassia rode behind me.We rode in silence, not even looking at each other. We both hadn't forgiven each other for his relantionship with my sister, him being mad at me fore beating him up and me for what he did to her. It was obvious to us all that Azelia wasn't ok with him and Evelyn being a item, but she sure as hell wasn't going to say anything and the Evelyn wasn't going to mention it. It would only anger Azelia like normal. We had reached the canyon in a few uncomfortable, both emtional and pyshically, and had set up camp with Death Canyon spread out before us, the trees surrounding it offering us some cover. It looked like a leg without a foot, made of stones and war prizes inside of flesh and bone. The Black Wing base blended seamlessly in to the walls of the canyon. Unless you already knew where it was. On the way there, we'd passed through a druid village. When I'd gone with Evelyn to get supplies, they'd asked us where we we going and freaked out when we told them. Told us tales of werewolves and beops coming from the canyon and stealing their children. I'd rolled my eyes and walked out.. It was probably just the Black Wings trying to expand their army or for experiments.

"The canyons clear. Move out," I handed Evelyn the telescope I'd been using to spy on the base and started prepping my weapon. Evelyn made her way down the steep track, my sister jogging beside her. Me and Cassia followed after them in silence, and were just about to enter the canyon when Evelyn pulled us back. A Black Wing stalked past with his sword pointed. Damn guards. When he'd gone, I slapped Evelyn on the back and we walked into the canyon. We had barely made it twenty steps before we had to hide again. Run, hide, run, hide. That was it the whole way until we reached the base entrance. We were all bubbling with excitement as we entered and crept along the corridors. We eventually reached a open door ad were to cross it when voices came booming out.

"I don't care that the rebels have got the plans for the portal, we still have to go ahead!"

We all moved closer to the door and listened.

"The plans might not even work, Supest. We can't be sure that Rasco can even build a working one."

"But what if it does work? They'll be able to get a army larger than ours and we'll both lose our heads, Lar."

"We're about to test ours anyway and it will take them forever to build their own one. Come watch the test."

We all hid from the men and watched them walk away down the corridor. I recongized them both from my last visit. Lar was wearing a long, black lab coat with glasses balancing on the end of his nose. He was the scientist in charge of the portal project and kind of nice, for a Back Wng. I'd had some dealings with him in the past. The other one, Supest, was a complete opposite. He had greasy hair, combed back in a ponytail, and a crisp black suit hung from his wrinkly body. To say we hated each other was a understatment. He was the one who had killed mine and Azelias parents. We trailed after them, following them down corridors I recongized. The two eventually treached the portal room and we watched through the door. Lar moved over to the operating machine, turning lots of dials and flicking switches, and Supest sat down next to the guy I recongized as the head of the Black Wings, Yillb. The world jumper stood in the middle of the room, surrounded with scientists like Lar. I could see a cage on the fartherest side of the room, brimming with kids around Evelyns age. They were all bald and had on stained, grey shirts. Most of the stains were orange and brown. I didn't want to think about where they had come from. Flicking my gaze away from the kids, I watched as the portal started up and a purple whirlpool formed inside it. Evelyn turned and nodded at us all. Time to rock and roll.

We all ran in and started stabbing anyone who came near me. Someone punched me in the stomach and I doubled over, but not before plunging my knife in to them. I kept fighting all the Black Wings that had come rushing into the room and only caught a glimspe of Azelia chucking Jago into the portal. Thank Saulaf for that. I could see Evelyn freeing the kids on the other side of the room and Cassia talking to her with her face cupped in his hands. She seemed to nod and ran out of the room, followed by the kids. I caught Azelias eye through the fighting crowd and we both seemed to be thinking the same thing. What the hell?


Cassias voice rang out loud and clear over the noise of the fight. Everything came to a halt and many weapons clattered to the floor. Supest stepped out of the crowd and sauntered over to Cassia with a small smirk.

"About time. I was starting to worry that Opeh's trust in you was a mistake."

Cassia the bastards eyes narrowed at him and he spat out, "I would never betray Lady Opeh. No more than you would tell your wife about your girlfriend."

Supests beady eyes snapped back to Cassia and followed him murderiously as he made his way over to us. I drew Azelia behind me and looked him square in the eyes.

"Aw, how sweet. Protecting your sister are we, Zeirso?" He smirked.

"Yeah, from the bastard right infront of me." That wiped the smirk off his face.

"Funny. Now, he's what you're both going to do. You-"

"We're not doing anything you tell us." Azelia glared at him and moved out from behind me. Cassia barked out a laugh.

"You will. Or he dies." He flashed out a knife and held it to my neck. I starightened up and held my gaze with him. Cassia knew Azelia would buckle at this.

"What do you want us to do?" I could hear her voice shaking as she said it.

"Go through that portal and bring Jago back."

"Why?" I asked. It only made the knife press closer to my throat.

"He's the only way to get Evelyn on our side. If we offer her her brother back and come up with some dumb shit reason for Rasco wanting him gone, she'll have no reason not to join Opehs side."

"That's bullshit."

"Zeirso's right. Evelyn would never fall for it."

Cassia shrugged.

"We'll see."

"We won't see. Because we're not doing it." Azelia folded her arms and narrowed her eyes at her ex.

"Fine by me. You'll need to sort out your brothers funeral then." The knife pressed even closer to my throat and I could feel a small trickle of blood crawling down my neck.

"Come on Zeirso." Azelia grabbed me by the arm and pulled me towards the portal.

"Mind games. They always work, huh Azelia?" I was the one pulling her this time, her face burning red. Cassia just laughed and smirked. I pulled her behind me again, my fist connecting with his face. Before he could even look up, me and Azelia had disappeared through the world jumper.

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