Time Traveller

Zeriso and Azelia, two star rebels of Chalson. Jake and Meggie, two normal teenagers of Basingstoke. Two worlds will collide in a battle of love and freedom...
Book 3 in the Chalson Chronicles. All rights reserved. Cover designed by Alicia Keyes.


3. Three- Jake

"Jake, up!" I could barely hear my mum from under my bedwhatevers. My attempt to reply turned in to more like a groan thing and I burrowed furhter in to my bed. Never again would I stay up till midnight playing Minecraft. My phone was screaming out Taylor Swift (she's a good singer alright!) from the other side of the room; I must of looked like a zombie thingy as I trudged over to pick it up. Crap, I was late! I yanked on my school uniform and a hoodie and was out the house before my mum could say anything. It was normally better if she didn't anyway. We hadn't really spoken since she sent Hailey off to boarding school for 'anti-social behaviour'. She just wanted rid of her. Just like I wanted rid of the rocks being chucked at me and the strong stream of words coming from the other side of the world. With a hatered bascially. I flicked up my hood and began searching for the one person that would make my day loads better. I heard and smelt her before I saw her, as usual. Ink, strawberry and mandarin gum so strong it should be illegal and heavy rock music so loud the listener will be deaf by the time they're twenty. Nothing ever changes. Rounding a corner, they came in to my view and I immediately felt happier. I jogged up to them and quickly fell in to step with them.

"Morning Meggie." I smiled across at her.

"Morning Jake." She smiled back at me through her heavy brown side fringe, taking out one of her headphones. Despite my best intetions, Meggie will never turn her IPod down to a volume normal people have. She's going to deaf by the time she's twenty, I swear to God.

"Greenday?" I nudged her slightly, trying to get the IPod and turn it down.

"Black Veil Brides actually." She moved out of my way just in time, making me nearly fall over. Something was up. She was never normally this quiet or reclusive around me. Around everyone else, sure, but not me.

"How did the date go last night?" It had to be something to do with that. It was the only thing that could of set her off.

"We broke up." She replied, yanking out the deafener and switching songs. I glanced down at the little screen. Now playing: I Don't Love You by My Chemical Romance. Crap, this really wasn't good.

"And?" I could see the offender on the other side of the road, chatting wth his mates. If he's done what I think he has...

"He cheated on me with Georgina." Her voice was almost a whisper now, her eyes trained on the ground. I couldn't do anything but pull her in to a hug. She buried her head in my shoulder, her hair tickling my cheek. When we parted, I began to make my way towards her ex, my hands already curling in to fists. Meggie grabbed my arm just before I could cross the road and yanked me back.

"Leave him, Jake. Remember the last time you tried to beat someone up?" I grinned ruefully.

"I floored him."

"You ended up in A&E," she corrected a small smile crossing her face. I smiled back and hugged her.

"Fine. But we need to find you a new guy. How about him?" I pointed to a cute guy walking alone along the street. She popped another piece of gum in her mouth and shook her head.

"No way am I going out with Nathan," she gave me a look and started fiddling with her IPod. We moved off the pavement and ducked to avoid a new shower of rocks coming our way.

"I might ask him out then. He's kinda hot," I said, giving the middle finger to a group of boys shouting insults at me as we passed them. Everyone either tried to get in our way or moved out of our way like we had the plague or something.

"I'm pretty sure the guy's straight, so I wouldn't recommend it. It wouldn't exactly help your rep," I sighed and looked over at her. Her grey eyes had that 'don't think about it' look in again. I swear, she could be my manager if she wanted to. She knows everything about me, from my family issues to the problems I have to deal with because of my sexuality. The school bell went as soon as we stepped inside the school grounds, so we hugged and went our seperate way. Meggies tutor was down in Drama and I had the tutor group from hell up in Maths. Fun, fun, fun. That school day was just as normal as any other day really. Getting hell in lessons because of me being gay, spending break times reading Meggies first drafts over her shoulder in the library, more hell and ducking from rocks as I walked home with Meggie. We'd decided to take the wood way that day, weaving through the trees and stopping sometimes to watch a deer or squirrel. Until it got a whiff of Meggies gum and scampered off. We'd chosen to head to the tree house after that, neither of us really wanting to go home. It was high up in a oak tree, hidden from view of the ground by leaves and camofulage paint (painted by Meggie), but the inside was anything but camofulaged. It was full of posters, mainly things that we both adored like Lord Of The Rings and superheroes, and lit by fairy lights in all different colours. A battered acoustic guitar was propped up in one corner next to huge, fluffy bean bags and a cardboard box housed many cans of Coke and bars of chocolate. I flopped down on one of the bean bags, Meggie taking up the guitar and started playing. I sat there for a while, listening to the forest and Meggies guitar. It was the most peaceful place I had, the only place that I had left that I'd shared with Hailey. We both missed her, me and Meggie. She had been like Meggies younger sister, they were so alike. They would bounce story ideas off each other, write songs together and tease me no end.

"How's your book going, Meg?" I said, poking my head up from a comic.

"Slowly. I'm never going to complete NaNoWriMo," she moaned, plonking herself down next to me. I slipped my arm around her and hugged her close.

"NaNoWriMo's the 50,000 words in one month thing right?" she sighed and rolled her eyes.

"Ya know, you really need to work on your memory, Jake." I was about to protest when we heard a loud bang coming from outside. We both bolted up and sped to the window. Two people were lying unconicous on the forest floor, one boy and one girl. Racing down the ladder we were soon kneeling next to them, looking for injuries. There was non, apart from the boys leg being fractured. They both looked around our age, fifteen, but didn't look very similar. They boy had short black hair and was wearing a brown leather trench coat over a black t-shirt and black trousers. You could see a six pack through the top. The girl had long blonde hair, all spread out beneath her, and a knee length, green dress. She looked a bit like a pixie.

"Shouldn't we call 999 or something? They don't look like they're from around here," she said questioningly, looking at me.

"Where did they come from?" I looked up at the sky, half expecting to see the Enterprise or something. Meggie shrugged and lifted up the girl.

"Come on, we'll take them back to mine."

"Is that such a good idea?"

"You got a better one?" Meggie said over her shoulder as she made her way down the path with the girl in her arms. I sighed and picked up the guy, following after my friend.

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