Time Traveller

Zeriso and Azelia, two star rebels of Chalson. Jake and Meggie, two normal teenagers of Basingstoke. Two worlds will collide in a battle of love and freedom...
Book 3 in the Chalson Chronicles. All rights reserved. Cover designed by Alicia Keyes.


1. One- Zeirso

I sprinted through the forest, the trees a blur all around me. I couldn't let them catch me. It would the end of it all if I did. My chest was burning up as I scaled a gate and raced off down a path, but I didn't care. I was nothing but fear and adrenalin but I still wasn't going fast enough. Their voices were loud and sharp behind me and the arrow rain began. I swerved in to the undergrowth and, loading my own bow, returned fire. A couple of screams reached me through the dense trees, making me smile slightly. At least some of the bastards were dead. What I didn't see though was the river. I was face down in the water before I could even shout, my leg tucked under me at a unnatural angle. Grimacing with pain, I hauled myself up and carried on. If they catch me, I'm more than dead and the rebels will be crushed. And it would be my fault. More arrows whizzed past me, one finding their mark in my shoulder blade. I bit back a curse and ran on. Blood was oozing out of the wound, leaving my ripped shirt wet with sweat and blood but I didn't care. All I had to do was get to the camp and I was safe. But I had to kill my pursers first. I risked a quick glance over my shoulder and, thank God, I couldn't see them. I vaulted up a tree and lay in wait. They were soon directly below me, grumbling about losing me. There was five of them, all armed to the teeth. For the love of Saulaf, why is it never easy? I loaded my bow. They were just about to move on when I pounced. Jumping from the tree, I shot one of them in the chest and grabbed his knife. That was soon sticking out of one of his mates. My foot connected with another nose and, grabbing some string from my pocket, hung him from a tree by the neck. One grasped me from behind, the other punching me in the stomach. I sunk my teeth in to my capturer and ducked as the other shot at me. The arrow hit his mate in the head. My foot wedged itself in the last ones nuts, my fist to his face, leaving him crying on the ground. Pathetic. My bow soon silenced him. I ran back to the camp, not stopping until I reached it. I had it. I had the plans.


The camp was crowed when I got back. Everyone had heard my fight and had taken up their battle stations. Rasco, the rebel chief, stalked towards me. He reminded me of thunder, trying to be scary but failing.

"You could of tried to keep them away from here, Zeriso. They could of seen us." He tried to be frightening but I could tell how eager he was for the plans under my arm.

"But they didn't. And they're dead anyway." I grasped at the paper but I could feel them being pulled away from me. Rasco smirked and patted the thief on the head. I flashed the kid a look and he sprinted off.

"Follow me, Zeirso. The others will be back soon." We set off in silence, the camp relaxing after the little scare. Rascos tent was full of lavish furnite, per normal, and I leaned heavily against a chest. My leg was killing me and the shoulder wound had stopped bleeding, now just a mound of crusted red stuff. Xanthe and Alessio soon joined the party, with my sister, Amity and Cassia the bastard soon walked in.

"Sit." Rasco gestured towards two seats and the non bitchy girls perched on them. I placed the sheet of rolled up parchment on the table in the middle, limping a bit as I did so. Rasco unrolled it with care and held it up for us to see. There was a sketch of a hole on it, surrounded by scribbles and calculations. Amity looked at it confused and Rasco sighed.

"This is a plan for a portal. The Black Wings have discovered the existence of another world, running alongside ours. If this plan is correct, we'll be able to crossover to it. If this remained in their hands, we wouldn't stand a chance of getting rid of Opeh," he looked around at all of us with a excited look on his face, "But we can use it. We can get more fighters and better technology than they have. We could really win."

We all exchanged looks and turned back to him.

"What if it didn't work? And, even if it did, the other world might be too different to want to help us. No one knows what it's like over there," Azelia stared at him intently, waiting for him agree. She does have a point. A crestfallen look swept over is features and he put the design down.

"We've got to at least try though. If they won't help though, we can send the most vulnerable people over so they'll be safe. Any ideas on who should go over first?"

We all looked at each other, nodding in a silently agreement.

"Jago should go. He'll be a main target of the Black Wings, since Amity's his sister," Cassia spoke up. He might be a complete bastard, especially after what he did to my sister, but he did have a point.

"Fine. We don't the resources to build the portal here, but it's being built in Death Canyon. Amity, you'll take your brother there, get him through the portal and then break the thing to pieces. We can't risk them using it against us. You'll leave tomorrow morning."

"She's not going on her own! I'm going to," Azelia jumped up, her soft features suddenly scary. Bloody hell.

"If your going sis, I'm going to." I moved over to them and looked defiantly at Rasco. Cassia came to stand next to Amity and slipped his hand through hers. Rasco sighed and glanced at Xanthe. Her eyes wandered over us and nodded at him.

"Ok. Go and start getting prepared. You'll be on your own from the moment you leave the camp," we made our way outside and turned to each other. The same look was on all of our faces. A look of terror and excitement.

"Me and Azelia will go and get some horses sorted. You two start getting the supplies." I nodded and we disappeared off to the stables.

"I don't trust Cassia," Azelia muttered to me as we prepped four horses, "He better not do to her what he did to me."

"He might. Cassia's a complete bastard, I wouldn't put it past him." Azelia grinned slightly.

"Says you, Zeirso. If I remember rightly, if he had said no when I asked him out then you would of asked him." I looked down at the floor, embrassed.

"Well, you've got to admit that he's quite cute."

"Yeah, yeah. You just wanted him as your first boyfriend after you came out," she smiled at me and made her way out. I tied up our horses and jogged after her, my hands in my pockets. She was right though. No one had taken my coming out seriously, saying I was too manly to be gay. There's no such thing as that. Everyone had learned to accept it now, but I still get some shit from the new recruits. I was suddenly pulled in to a gigatic hug by a group of crying woman and I glanced over at Azelia, who was recieving a similar treatment. We were hustled in to a tent and the woman weighed us both down with bowls of stew. I should of guessed that the elders wouldn't let us go without something like this. By the time we could escape from the folds of the tent, we could barely move because of the amount of stew bowls we had. The other two gave us some very starnge looks when we joined them at the armoury.

"We ran in to the elders," I grimaced and managed to place some on the bowls down. Amity smiled and took one of the bowls.

"Good, I'm starving."

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