Living A Life Without You

Today I sit at the table and write to you again, I know you are no longer with me, you moved on. You will probably never read this letter and it will end up in the trash but I’ll still write, I may sound over protective or like I want you back. I really do, but how can you get someone back after what I did? I am writing this letter to you to say sorry, it’s all my fault. I should have been with you, not with him. Over the other side of the world, I told you I was sick but in reality I just needed to be with him for another day before seeing you. Yes, I was visiting my brother’s grave. But Now I’m visiting yours.


4. Here's To Never Growing Up!

Hey guys!

I've got a new Movella coming out called 'Here's to never growing up'

It is a One Direction Fan-Fic about 18 party freaks including One Direction, I've got all except for 5 and I was thinking of adding in some other people. So all you have to do is tell me

Your Name: (Yes you can use a fake name)

Your Age: (Or the age you want to be, the One Direction boys will be around 16)

What You Look Like:

Your Personality:

Your favourite colour and food:

and additional details:


Yes you can skip one or two of these but I would love if you could help me on this. You can even make a fake character!

As Many Entries as your hears desires and until I get the 5 people I want I'll keep this contest open. cheers big ears!

<3 Ya's

Ps. Any gender as well!!!

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