Click - A Harry Styles Fanfiction

Shia punishes her father by going out partying all the time but how will she react to a mysterious boy wanting to whisk her away from all of her worries?


1. The Boy In The Corner

^Shia's outfit^

^What I listened to while writing this^

Enjoy : )


Looking around the club I'm beginning to wonder why anyone would call this 'fun'. Whithering my liver away with Vodka or punishing my septum with cocaine is something I do all the time but it doesn't mean I enjoy it. I do it because I hate my dad. He's a successful businessman who wants me to be as vain and upperclass as he and his parents are so I do the opposite. It really doesn't benefit me but I like the rush of feeling like I'm floating or discovering music I've never heard before and dancing like it's the best thing I've ever listened to. So yeah it's a 'love hate' kind of feeling.

Being like Tarzan, I climbed up onto a speaker twice my size with the help of a fat stoned guy with long hair tied in a pony tail. I felt like God hovering above everyone. The club was crammed with sweaty, drunk teenagers rubbing up against each other, fisting the air and jumping up and down. The vibrations of the music zig zagged through my body as I noticed quick, bright flashes at the corner of my eye. Not having the attention capacity to care I continued to sway to the beat with the occasional jumping session when it picked up its pace. Suddenly the music became too much and my head felt very heavy. Gasping for air I began to panic. Skimming through the crowd, I searched for a bouncer or someone who would be sober enough to call an ambulance. My heart was in my throat, beating a million miles an hour as my legs gave way and I fell to the floor. Expecting to be crushed to death by the crazy dancers, someone caught me. Black was closing in on my pupils blocking my sight for this person was must have been watching me. "Stay with me" a distant voice echoed around my hollow head. "I'm going to get you to..." black. I was unconcious.

As I slowly opened my eyes I had no idea where I was. I gave my brain time to adjust and realised I was in a hospital but had no recollection of how I got there. What if my dad finds out? He'll probably ship me off to a boarding school in somewhere like Germany! Stopping my panicking, a rather attractive, middle aged man strided into the room, sitting himself by my bed. "Glad to see you've finally woken up! I'm Dr. Simmons who's been monitoring your health through last night don't worry it was just a slight overdose of alcohol. I think when your brother comes up from the food bar you can leave, thanks Abigail". Before I could say anything he jumped up from his seat and left. Has he got the right patient? My name's not Abigail... and I don't have a brother.

Suddenly, I heard another set of footsteps coming towards the room I was in. Was this my 'brother'? Should I be scared? Maybe. A quiffed, brown, heavy head of hair popped round the door with a deep dimple on either side of a wide, toothy grin. "Morning sleeping beauty" he giggled entering the room, a camera round his neck and a bouquet of flowers in his hand. My mouth gaped and my eyes opened more than before. He was amazing. Sitting, not beside my bed but on it with his free hand resting on my thigh he dipped his head to the side staring at me. "You're pretty" he mumbled sweetly, "and confused" I replied making him chuckle. "I'm Harry" he smirked reaching out a hand revealing a gold Rolex watch, "Wow that watch is amazing! How did you pay for that?" I ooh'd and aah'd admiring it. Pulling away he quickly murmured, "I'll explain later". I smiled confused but dismissed it casually, "Who's Abigail by the way?" I questioned him still curious about that, "the first thing that popped into my head when that doctor guy asked for your name" he giggled mischeviously handing me the flowers. "Get dressed we're going for a coffee" he commanded getting to his feet and leaving the room to let me have privacy. Looks like I'm getting coffee with a stranger called Harry.

^Harry's outfit^




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